Lords of the Fallen Comic-Con gameplay trailer
posted on 07.23.14 at 02:57 PM EDT by (@salromano)
See CI Games' upcoming action RPG in motion.

Lords of the Fallen

CI Games has released the San Diego Comic-Con gameplay trailer for its upcomign PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC action RPG Lords of the Fallen.

The game is due out on October 28 in North America and October 31 in Europe. Watch the trailer below.

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  • Unretributed

    I can’t watch it Until much later, How is it?

  • Six

    I want to say that this game is going to bomb something fierce, but the developer is Polish, and if The Witcher 3 can be made for less than $20 million then this probably cost peanuts by AAA standards.

    From what I’ve seen from gameplay demos, it looks pretty damn solid.

    • BossTuff

      But it’s also published by Namco, so it has a higher than normal probability of sucking.

      • Six

        Maybe. I probably won’t be buying it anyway. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        Fall is already too crowded, and I want to get everything wrapped up before the insanely brutal one-two punch of The Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight in February that’s followed shortly by The Phantom Pain.

        • Unretributed

          Phantom Pain has a release date?

          • Six

            It’s rumored for March 17th.

            • Solomon_Kano

              I highly doubt that one comes to pass. Unless Kojima absolutely DEMOLISHES TGS, we still haven’t seen the slightest hint of TPP’s MGO, so I can’t imagine we’re that close to release.

              • Six

                If it came out in March that would be 8 months from now. That’s plenty of time.

                • Solomon_Kano

                  In actual time perhaps, but how many events are there between now and then? SDCC this week, TGS, and… the VGAs, if that’s even still a thing. Pending Kojima starts throwing out things without events, there aren’t too many opportunities left between now and March.

                  • Six


                    That’s plenty. And it doesn’t always have to be shown off at an event. Metal Gear Solid can easily stand on its own.

                    • Solomon_Kano

                      It certainly can, but the pattern in how they’ve gone about showing GZ and TPP as of now has been that they were strictly shown at events, so I’m inclined to believe things are going to continue along those lines. That being the case, SDCC is typically heavier on games than NYCC, but I certainly did forget Gamescom.

                      I dunno. I think that if we were seeing TPP in March there would have at least been a release window of Q1 given by now. Maybe it happens anyway, but I just can’t see it.

                • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

                  Not when they took so long to get Ground Zeroes done. And Phantom Pain’s map is supposedly 200x bigger. That one’s gonna be awhile. I wouldn’t seriously expect Phantom Pain to release in 2015 at all, personally.


                  That tiny little red spot in the bottom right of the image of that article? That’s all of Ground Zeroes. The rest of that map is what they still have to create. 8 months is not enough development time, man.

                  • Six

                    “The rest of that map is what they still have to create”

                    Do you think the game just started development or something?

        • Dark_N11

          Arkham Knight are going to release in February? no way ..it won’t happen.

          • Six

            I’m just going off of what I’ve heard/read. Even if it’s not February 25th, I can almost guarantee it’ll be out by the end of March.

        • BossTuff

          Destiny is probably going to steal my soul, so all of the games I have for the fall will languish…

    • Comandante Bushido

      Avatar’s bewbs…. sold

    • krokounleashed

      Deck13 is a german developer.

      • Six

        CI Games is Polish. So I guess it really depends on who is doing the most work.

        • krokounleashed

          I see. Well that makes everything worse. CI is a developer not know for great games…
          Not that Deck13 is any better…

          • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

            I’m relatively sure that CI Games is just acting as publisher for this. Though not in NA.

            Since they have practically 0% presence in North America though (shocking, when you consider they have released *hit* titles like Enemy Front and Sniper: Ghost Warrior), they have a partnership with Namco-Bandai to release games in the US and Canada. Maybe elsewhere too. Not Europe though; they have their presence there.

            So City Interactive, I’m pretty sure, is not developing this at all. It’s all Deck13.

            • $115594939

              LoF is developed by CI Games and Deck 13. It is also produced by Tomasz Gop (producer on Witcher and Witcher 2)

              From the LotF offical webpage “Developed by Deck 13 Interactive GmBH and CI GAMES S.A. Published by CI GAMES S.A.”


  • Guiliano

    Honestly for me this trailer looks awesome. I wait to this game so much and in October is one of this game which I will buy in release day.

  • Solomon_Kano

    For the longest time, I thought this was already out, because I’d confused it with Bound by Flame. Now that I’ve sorted that out for myself… eh.

    Supposing they’re demoing it at SDCC, I hope they show something interesting.

    • Budgiecat

      yeah initially I mixed up the two as well. Both dark and dreary desaturated looking medieval rpgs with gruffy neanderthal looking European characters so who can blame us..

      • Solomon_Kano

        I dunno about desaturated. There seems to be a good deal of color in Lords of the Fallen.

        • Budgiecat

          okay well its gloomy doomy

    • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

      They have plenty of videos out of gameplay right now though. Like this one; just googled, “Lords of the Fallen Gameplay”:


      It’s still looking pretty meh personally. Just doesn’t look too interesting to me. It definitely echoes Darksiders and Dark Souls, but just looks… uh, boring. The enemy variety and threats are not up to the standards of Dark Souls to keep the tension up, and keep exploration exciting. And the combat looks monotonous when those elements aren’t there; all the enemies are so boring-looking to fight. At least in the previous demos they showed off.

      I don’t think they’re gonna show something that’s going to change that. But let’s hope. World doesn’t need more forgettable, bland or bad games, right?

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, I’d already seen that preview before. It looks rather barren, in terms of enemy frequency and variety, which is why I’m hoping they show something that doesn’t look so lame at SDCC. Can’t imagine they will, but hey, hope.

        • Budgiecat

          here’s my song about this game:

          of the Fallen..
          heed my callin’
          You have a.. mission to uphooold…(yeah)

          of the Fallen…
          without warnin’
          Your stories yet to be unfooold…(c’mon)

          of the Fallen..
          do take caution…
          No guts no glory without soul…(rock!)

          of the Fallen..
          Are you all in?
          this battles for the brave and the bold (wooah!)

          m/ ( >_<) m/

  • http://www.psthc.fr ExTrooperBrenTurner

    “upcomign” ?

  • Agent HUNK

    what is the monks decipher dlc ?

  • Budgiecat

    Why is the main character in the trailer such a young skinny androgynous Bishounen type with perfect hair and flawless skin and exposed mid riff?

    oh wait..

  • pekot

    Lords of the souls rip-off

  • Sirichanh

    I hope they let you wear smaller armor in this game. If I ever get it. I’m not into that big, fat rolling kind of armor.

  • Dystopiq

    Horrible trailer.

  • Infinity

    Can’t you create your own character?

    • Guiliano

      If I good remember all players will play this same character – Harkyn. We can only choice class which we want to play – warrior, rouge or cleric.

  • Daniel Sun

    If i’m not mistaken they will let you choose armor type, smaller gives lower resistance but you can move faster. LotF let you find your way to finish game, as I heard from some interview or trailer.

  • Guiliano

    I agree with you Daniel Sun and I think this ddaggers from Limited Edition will be great choose for that. Heavy armor can be treacherous because we can sometimes fall into the trap and die.