The Last of Us Remastered 30 second TV spot
posted on 07.15.14 at 06:49 PM EDT by (@salromano)
New commercial posted by PlayStation Nordic.

The Last of Us Remastered

PlayStation Nordic has published a 30 second TV spot for PlayStation 4’s The Last of Us Remastered.

Over at NeoGAF, they’re already creating PS3 vs. PlayStation 4 GIF comparisons. It should be noted that the PS4 source file is, however, the YouTube download.

Watch the TV spot below. The game is due out on July 30.

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  • Budgiecat

    screw you Neil Druckmann you pansy ass Anita Sarkeesian supporting damn liar. Dont even bother to improve the gameplay A.I. like you were originally supposed to?. Just repackage the game with higher resolution & frame rate for all the shallow and gullible graphic whore suckers for a quick buck huh…

    /end rant

    • Six

      wait what

      • Budgiecat

        presenting the GDC award (GAME DEVELOPERS AWARDS) to Anita (even though she’s a troll and not an actual developer (GAAAH that always gets me, excuse me) citing her as influence for his game characters?

        Showing “ground breaking A.I.” at 2012 PAX playthrough demo, promising it would be “even better” upon PS3 release?

        Doing a Reddit Q & A one week before release, still promising and boasting the A.I. would be even better than the demo?

        taking out the Ellie consequence system?

        Still no water and mirror reflections despite ‘amazing graphical improvements? Ellie and Joel are vampires lol?

        Saying absolutely nothing once PS3 version came out, then saying nothing again about these missing enhancements for PS4 version, despite the fact that PS4 should be more than capable hardware wise to run em being that it is supposedly 10 times more powerful than the PS3?

        • Six

          “citing her as an influence”

          lol based naughty gods

          I haven’t heard about the other stuff, but I’ve heard the stuff with Ellie mentioned. Like, the enemies won’t go for her or something, and it kind of… I dunno, breaks the immersion?

          • Budgiecat

            nah I didn’t even include/wasn’t talking about that. Because thats too obvious. And many people argue “impossible” (although now that I think about it, that does play into the whole dumbed down A.I. issues (when I was focusing more on the promise of smarter unpredictable enemy A.I.).
            I guess with smarter programmed enemies, a smarter Ellie woulda come hand in hand…

            But actually I was talking about how originally the games story relationship and tension between Joel and Ellie was going to shift depending on HOW you took out your enemies (violently vs non violent) and how she would react and converse with you a such, thus changing dialogue. Kinda like the opposite of Binary Domain’s consequence system.
            Would have helped with replay value…

        • Shippoyasha

          I fear for what Uncharted will be like under this new age Naughty Dog. They worry about social justice more than creating a fun game. They already painted Drake as a mass murderer and psychopath in Uncharted 3. Are they going to get even darker now? It’s like they forgot people play games for fun. I am not liking where ND is going. And devs should stop legitimizing Anita, who is a career demagogue even by her own admission. All these enablers are arguably worse than Anita herself.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Why don’t you tell them how you really feel.

      *gets out notebook and paper*

    • BossTuff

      Honestly, it still isn’t the huge jump that I was expecting. Just goes to show how great the game looked on the PS3.

      • Elvick

        We’ve yet to see real comparisons of ingame… Oh noes the prerendered in engine cutscenes don’t look better!

        • Dick Mountainjoy

          Key words “in engine”

        • Zackasaur

          Yet they do look quite a bit better. o_o

          The gameplay graphics will benefit even more… The character models have roughly 30% more polygons, if I recall correctly.

          • Elvick

            Well, I haven’t paid any attention to direct comparisons. And I’m willing to bet 100% of people bitching about it, are going off memory.

        • BossTuff

          I didn’t say it looked bad, just not the jump I was expecting. Settle down.

    • Kuro-Law

      Yes yes, interesting. Anything else sir we still have 10min before this session is over

    • KingNigma

      What was changed in the new difficulty mode?

      • Budgiecat

        what new difficulty mode?

        • DukeVerde

          Zombie mode <_<

          • Budgiecat

            no nude streaker mode?

            • DukeVerde

              Isn’t the main character a 10 year old girl? If so, I think having all the enemies streaking would warp her little mind…

        • KingNigma

          Grounded Mode. It was DLC. That you had to pay for..I think?

  • DesmaX

    “10/10 Riveting”

    Oh man, for some reason I laughed at that

    • Audie Bakerson

      Because of all the praise possible, they chose a word indicating manual labor of putting in bolts to hold parts together?

      Because it’s not a 10/10 game in the least?

      • DesmaX

        Yeah, the word they use is just… not grandiose.

        • AdamBoy64

          Heh, yeah. Whenever I hear that word, it’s almost always used in a sarcastic manner.

          So I read that in a very sarcastic tone.

          And the fact that the word “riveting” is in quotation marks makes it seem even more sarcastic.

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    That sure is a trailer for a game we’ve played a year ago.

    • sunK1D

      I haven’t played it yet.

    • Forty

      I also have not played it yet.

      • Dick Mountainjoy

        Then you 2 are the perfect marks… “new fans” to pay almost double for minor gfx tweaks!

        • bloodiOS

          Almost double, eh? I’m sorry but how much does it cost to get a new of copy of the PS3 version together with the DLCs?

          • Dick Mountainjoy

            ALL of it? Probably hundred plus, too bad Remastered only has 3 packs…

            And preorder DLC

            • bloodiOS

              That is irrelevant. The issue here is that you claimed that folks who have never played the game will have to pay almost double for some “minor gfx tweaks”, which is simply wrong and misleading. As you added later on (which conflicted with what you claimed earlier), the PS4 version contained only three 3 DLC packs. But remember this, a new copy of the PS3 version can be obtained around $30 ($40 on PSN and majority of retailers) and the three DLC packs mentioned above aren’t cheap. Let’s break it down:
              – PS3 copy = $30
              – Left Behind = $15
              – Abandoned Territories = $10
              – Reclaimed Territories = $10
              That comes out to $65.
              Given that the PS4 version is only $50, runs at native 1080p and 60fps, it’s a nice deal for people who have never played the game.

              • Dick Mountainjoy

                So forcing people to buy discounted Multiplayer DLC is somehow a bargain? Especially since most people barely even played or mentioned the core multi, much less the DLC?

                It’s not even a bargain compared to other GOTY editions, Saint’s Row IV complete edition is 30 bucks with DLC.

                It’s a shitty trend that started with Tomb Raider, and continues with GTAV and shouldn’t be encouraged.

                And that’s not even getting into how much cheaper a PS now version would be.

                • bloodiOS

                  Oh, forcing people now? I’m sorry, who stops people from choosing the PS3 version over the PS4 version? Who stops people from waiting for the PS4 version to be discounted and buy it then? Who stops people from not buying the game at all? NO ONE IS FORCING ANYTHING! It’s an offer and it’s up to people to choose whether or not to take it! For people to who have never played the game, they are given the choice to pay less than launch price for a prettier, with much better performance and additional contents. I can imagine this upsetting the people who bought the game for a whole $60 at launch but what does it matter to new players? They never pay that $60. It’s more or less a new game to them anyway. Just because it doesn’t offer the kind of value cheapskates are looking for doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good deal for new players. So poking fun of people who chose the PS4 version to be the place to experience the game for the first time is just silly. Also, I’m sorry, is that GOTY edition of SRIV an enhanced port? No, it’s not but holy smoke, 1080p with AA instead of 720p with jaggies be damned, 60fps instead of 20-something fps be damned. Also, PlayStation Now is a joke, just by its current pricing alone.

                  • Dick Mountainjoy

                    So ignorance is bliss? Because people didn’t buy the PS3 version they should be punished with a costly port job?

                    Yes, I’m poking fun of people who support a blooming, shitty trend, as well any sane person should. Just like we should poke fun of all the people who support day one DLC and Gameplay mechanics that gimp players to push microtransactions.

                    The simple fact is this, it’s not a new game, it’s not even getting new content, hell, it doesn’t even look that much better.If this is what sony really thinks this is some sort of great incentive for people new to the brand, then that speaks volumes for the brand. Hell, MS is offering 4 remastered games in their collection, and Nintendo is remastering Bayo 1 for free with 2.

                    But hey! Mandatory discounted Multi DLC! yay?

                    • bloodiOS

                      Don’t like it, don’t buy it? And stop being silly, no one is being punished because no one is being forced to buy it. It’s up to one to do research and decided on whether or not to make the purchase (and when.) I’m not saying there aren’t better deals out there but comparing this to the extreme examples you mentioned and making fun of people because they don’t see things the way you do is a laughable self-centered act.

                    • zakou

                      Not to sound rude and butt-in to your conversation but Dick does sound like a picky person who want’s to have a choice in his purchase. (nothing wrong with that)

                      You on the other hand sound like a really good Naughty Dog salesman, defending a game, value and a company over a simple picky consumer who should have the right between the game itself on the PS4 system without all the DLC, the game itself could be a PSN download. It isn’t impossible.

                      Just like the other guy mentioned ND fixing the A.I, that isn’t impossible either but hey nobody forces ND to do that right? It is their game, right? Why fix A.I when you can have better graphics :)

                      Edit: A lot of people who bought TLOU don’t play the multiplayer so the MP DLC is throwing money away for them.

                    • bloodiOS

                      The way he responded to @disqus_X0sBuWU58G:disqus (after Forty said he/she hasn’t played the game) by conjuring a blatant lie sure went beyond picky to simply manipulative. In any case, I have also mentioned that it’s up to each individual to do the research, and determine whether or not to make the purchase, also how and when to make it. No one is forced to buy the game day one, or forced not to buy the PS3 version over PS4 version, and the $50 price tag isn’t going stay there forever. Glossing over these facts and calling me a salesman for using facts to straighten out a lie while saying that the one who initially spread the lie nothing more than a simple picky consumer makes me question your motive. As the consumer, we are free to make many choices, just because some choices aren’t there doesn’t mean we’re left with no other choice.

                      In any case, I’ll elaborate on this bit. Left Behind is currently the game’s most expensive DLC, costing $15, and it’s not a MP but a single-player DLC. So even if the MP DLC are decidedly throw-away, with a new copy of the PS3 version, together with this DLC, the cost would still come out about $45. But we have yet to factor in shipping fees, and given that the PS4 version can be pre-ordered with free-shipping as an option, the cost would be similar to one another, so isn’t the PS4 version a better pick for newcomers, given that it offers those contents while looking and performing better? Is it not silly for someone to condemn newcomers for being interested in the PS4 version at this point? Of course, if an individual isn’t interested in the DLC, again, no one stops him or her from simply waiting for the PS4 version to drop in price, because it’s not like shelling out $50 day one is something that must be obeyed. Alternatively, one can just pick the PS3 version just to save money. There are always choices available to choose.

                    • zakou

                      Oh no motives from me, sorry if it sounded that way :P

                      I really do get your point, but the simple fact is, and the whole point of this conversation was “Let us buy the standalone game on PSN”

                      As an option that you and us already agreed would be a good idea, more choices is always better for “us” but keep in mind not for ND since they are a company and they do care about the money they make.

                      Also no matter how you go on with the prices, there is always a way to get the game cheaper, such as “used” and other ways such as “sale”.

                      And telling people to wait just because they don’t want to get “Value pack” with 3 DLC’s doesn’t sound that friendly since a simple solution of a standalone “PSN Download” of the full game would solve everything here.

                      Prices away the remaining factors are “waiting for price to drop” rather than just letting us buy exactly what we want.

                      And why did you exclude the people who only own a PS4? You said go and get the PS3 version lol i have friends who only has a PS4 and would be happy trust me you would too, if you had a different buying alternative that is cheaper excluding all these “expensive” DLC that you are in this case “forced” to pay a little extra for if you are getting the PS4 version.

                      No matter how you look at it the standalone TLOU PS4 version would be a bit cheaper than this +3 DLC thing.

                      And this is it there is pretty much nothing else to discus regarding this topic.

                      Oh and don’t take this as a big deal, this doesn’t affect me or you one bit since i have already beaten the game and so did you I assume.

                    • bloodiOS

                      Ultimately, more choices would be better but I stand by what I said, it’s an offer and it’s up to us to consider whether or not to take it, or even go as far as to when to take it. To be honest, they release the game this way because they know people want these contents and willing to pay for them. There are people who would see this as a good deal with enough contents to warrant the price. You may see releasing the vanilla version on the PS4 would be cheaper but how much cheaper will it actually be when the PS3 version is still $40 on PSN? You may find the standalone release appealing but that’s just the thinking of some of those within the existing fanbase. We can’t really determine what might interest these newcomers based purely on the standards of the existing fanbase. Either way, you simply can’t please everyone… Also, regarding the waiting, the newcomers already decided to skip out on the PS3 last generation and effectively skipped this game, so would it really matter that much for them to wait or even skip this game now that they got the PS4?

                    • zakou

                      You do have a point on the waiting part and i totally agree with you because you admited that more options would be better without labeling it as “we don’t live in a perfect world” as others did lol it’s not like we want the game for free sheesh..

                      And that’s it, see? So simple, this was the whole point, the rest of what you said is totally true and i pretty much agree on most of the stuff.

                    • Lara Croft

                      You act like this is a perfect world we live in. Where we get exactly what we desire. I could also say, MS should give us a choice between the different Halo games in the Master Chief Collection for X1.

                      Also where did you get “A lot of people who bought TLOU don’t play the multiplayer.” Got any solid proof to back your words? From what I heard, a lot of people actually liked the MP in The Last of Us. So I guess it’s your word against mine.

                      The bottom line is, no one if forcing anyone to buy the game. If you think it’s too expensive don’t buy it.
                      This self entitlement BS is getting really annoying.

                    • zakou

                      Hey calm down lol, i am just saying that me and others want more options that is all, these options wont take anything away from you but only make it easier for others, this isn’t a bad thing.

                      “It is a good thing” keep that in mind.
                      What we ask for is possible not “perfect world” these are far away from eachother. Desire isn’t a part of this either, it’s “option” like other developers have done.

                      TLOU MP is something like Uncharted a lot of people play it and a lot of people don’t, you don’t have to send me a link to some guy stating why he is still playing TLOU MP cause i could tell all my friends who bought TLOU who didn’t really have time or the interest to play TLOU MP and tell them to make blogs or post “I didn’t play TLOU” on their websites.

                      Truth of the matter is, people like me and others who think that TLOU is the best PS3 game to date that don’t really want to play the multiplayer or don’t have time exist.

                      “We played TLOU, we moved on to other games, there are too many games waiting to be beaten than just to keep playing TLOU MP” Trust me there is a lot of people like this.

                    • Articuno76

                      Those things aren’t even remotely comparable.
                      Day 1 DLC and microtransactions are anti-consumer because they damage the integrity of what otherwise could be a better game, and are an aside of the game rather than the product itself. Because of that gamers can’t vote with their wallets against those things.

                      Day 1 DLC exists independantly of the game whether you buy the game or not, you can’t vote against it.

                      And microtransactions can’t be voted against because they are, by nature, designed to extract large sums of money from a small number of whale customers. In other words they’re engineered to turn a profit even when the vote is heavily against them. And since the non-paying customers aren’t paying anyway they have no vote.

                      This is categorically not the case something like TLoU Remaster where the entire game is the one and only proposition. So voting against it by not buying it is a totally legitimate, powerful choice.

                      And yet we see much demand for these games. Which leads me to believe that people do in fact want them and that you’re simply out of touch.

                      It’s funny that so many people are calling foul, yet when we transitioned from DVD/BR we had new BR releases of films that had only come out months earlier being near full price (or higher than the original DVD was priced). Yet I hardly heard anyone complain about that.

        • Elvick

          PS3 version at launch – $60
          PS4 version at launch (including all MP DLC, Left Behind, better performance) -$50

          Double indeed.

          • Dick Mountainjoy

            If only it wasn’t a year between the two! And its normally 30 or less on ps3.
            Plus its not all dlc, just 3 packs.

        • Guest

          Is it your money he/she is spending? He/she can do whatever they want, it their choice. Who are you to tell them what to do with their money.

  • Bob Obb

    I don’t see how anyone new to TLOU can go into this game without having at least one major moment spoiled for them by ND’s own trailers

    Moreover, they seem shy about posting direct comparisons with the PS3 version. I’m guessing the game still has rough spots, like jaggies and pixelated cutscenes

    • Budgiecat

      Honestly, if you’re a Sony/ND fan, then odds are you played the game already.

      Looks like their aim is to go after all the Microsoft & Nintendo converts who didn’t; but they’re really not giving any past players any reason to double dip, and they certainly did not put in much effort…

  • DarthBrian

    Looks purty.

  • $61526767

    Time to play the game again on PS4. Mainly for those glorious visuals and graphics.

  • Akari Akaza

    My poor PS4 is so dusty. Is a good game for people that like these genres I am still waiting for the game that will wake my PS4….>_< Until that happens I just continue playing Vita and PS3….o(^-^)o

    • Locksus

      I wish I had a PS4 in the first place, dusty or not :P

      The time will come!

  • Zackasaur

    Even with just a compressed YouTube video, it’s clear that they’ve put a lot of work into this. : o

    Some of the scenes here look radically better, even with new, more complex environmental design.

  • devilmaycry0917

    this is 4 the re-releases, this is indiestation 4!!!!!!