htoL #NiQ: The Firefly Diary coming west this fall
posted on 07.03.14 at 07:27 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Nippon Ichi puzzle platformer headed overseas.

htoL #NiQ: Hotaru no Nikki

NIS America is bringing htoL #NiQ: The Firefly Diary to North America and Europe this fall via PlayStation Network, the publisher announced at its Anime Expo panel.

The game tasks players with using the PS Vita touchscreen and rear touch pad to navigate a young girl through dangerous ruins. Two fairies, one operating in light and the other in shadow, must work together to uncover the girl’s lost memories and save her from a dark fate.

The Firefly Diary first launched for PS Vita in Japan via PlayStation Network and a limited edition retail release last month.

If you missed it, catch 40 minutes of gameplay here.

Find a summary of the story below, via NIS America.

In the depths of a labyrinthine ruin, a young girl named Mion rises from a deep sleep. Lost, alone, and with no memory of how she got here or where her parents are, she is greeted by two fireflies—one composed entirely of light, and another who lurks among the shadows. By shifting between a world of light and a world of shadows, these two fireflies must work together to recover Mion’s memories and lead her out of the ruins, where voracious shadow beasts, ancient machines, and treacherous traps lie in wait to bar her path. But what secrets do Mion’s lost memories contain? What is the connection between her, the ruins, and the fireflies lighting her escape? The answers may reveal a deeper darkness—one that must be faced from within…

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  • Six

    Day one.

  • Solomon_Kano


  • Jesse


  • Somerandomperson

    I want

  • Mika Moreno

    Saw this coming, but I’m so excited!

  • criperro

    Day one.

  • Bob Obb

    I think this was teh first Vita game I actually wanted to play… but as awesome as it looks it’s not $250 awesome

    • Budgiecat

      My Vita was free…

      thanks Zero!

    • desponent

      Your taste is rather limited for someone who come to site like Gematsu but I wouldn’t buy a $200 system for one game either.

      Well unless it has XCX on it *grumble*

  • RyoonZ

    Too bad I can’t buy this because of Sony one account policy on Vita.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      Which region is your PSN account set to? It’s coming out in Europe too.

      • RyoonZ


        • Aci

          Most of NISA games (particularly newer releases) are available in Asian PSN. I live in Malaysia and it has a pretty good selection of games available in english including games from NISA. I am definitely getting this game, though

  • Anime10121

    Probably buy for artstyle if nothing else… I havent even watched any gameplay vids :P (I do see the link in the article, I’ll probably watch a bit later)

  • DarthBrian

    Glad we’re getting this. Can’t wait. ^_^

  • Rafael Martines

    Thank you NIS America <3

  • Demolish

    Great news

  • bloodiOS

    A limited time, limited-quantity, pre-order-only physical copy would’ve been nice though…

    • Darkwing7

      They already had one… it was for japan and even then that was rare i got mine for like 130 off ebay so worth it

      • bloodiOS

        I’m talking about the localized version not the original Japanese one. I’m well aware that the game had physical copies in Japan.

  • Pyrofrost

    >>The game tasks players with using the PS Vita touchscreen and rear touch pad to navigate

    • DesmaX

      NIS is patching the game to suppost analog controls

      • Pyrofrost

        If that’s the case, I’ll give it some real consideration then.

      • soul_710

        That’s good. Touch controls aren’t always bad, but it’s nice to have options as well.

  • badmoogle

    Awesome!My Vita needs this game.