Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd English lyric translations announced
posted on 07.03.14 at 12:12 PM EDT by (@salromano)
New feature being shown off at Anime Expo this weekend.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd will feature English lyric translations for the majority of its 40-song track list when it launches for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in North America and Europe this fall, Sega announced.

The English translations will be shown off for the first time at the Sega booth at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, which kicks off today and runs through the weekend.

“We are proud to finally announce this herculean translation project to bring Hatsune Miku fans English lyric translations,” said Sega of America president and COO John Cheng. “We worked closely with our partners in Japan and the artists to ensure that the lyrical intent of the original Japanese is maintained so our non-Japanese speaking fans can better understand the meaning and context of the amazing world of Hatsune Miku.”

When Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd launches, it will feature 20 classic songs from the previously-released Japan-only PSP games,as well as 20 brand new songs, updated gameplay mechanics and controls, over 80 new and remade modules, cross-save compatibility, a marker-less AR Mode on PS Vita, a revamped edit mode ranking system, and more.

Watch a trailer showcasing the English translations below. View some screenshots at the gallery.

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  • KR-Joker

    Sega’s knocking it out of the park.

    • Budgiecat

      yeah okay…miniature train set park

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

        I guess at this point, it doesn’t take much to impress people considering their past history, lol. It’s sad when people are getting hyped about translated lyrics when this should have been done from the beginning when they localized Project Diva F.

        You should not be getting excited over a company doing their job, lol.

  • Zackasaur

    Wooh! I’m starting to like you guys, Sega.

    • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

      Don’t get too excited

      • Guest

        Knock it off.

        • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

          Tell SEGA that

  • DarthBrian

    SEGA rules!!! ^_^

  • Six

    Damn good. I’ll be double-dipping to show support.

  • Kami nii


  • 罪罰

    Translating songs? That’s hard as fuuck.

    • Budgiecat

      sooo haaard

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

      Especially when most of them don’t make a lick of sense when they’re translated, lol.

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari



    • http://www.unit03.net blackraen

      I love all the comments from people who think that song translation isn’t hard. Obviously they don’t do much translation work.

      I’ll stick to spoken word and text. Song translation is vicious work.

      • Budgiecat

        yeah….let’s compare fan translations on their spare time with zero financial backing to a multi million dollar company…cause that’s fair…

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

        I love all the comments from people that are defending Sega of America for even bothering to state they are translating the lyrics at all. This is the biggest translation project they’ve had in years. That’s the only reason it’s considered “vicious work”.

        Anyone who knows their ass from their elbow with translating can give you a translation to lyrics of a song in a day or two and an album within a week (depending just how many songs there are, of course). It’s pathetic when we have people on Youtube and fansites putting English subs to PVs and such for music, putting a professional company like Sega of America to a shame, yet here you are defending them… As if they’re doing God’s work or something, lol.

        If they translate Ryu ga Gotoku 5, then we’ll talk. There’s some shit in there that actually is difficult to translate.

        • Guest

          The reason why songs are hard to translate WELL is because of how they bend and push language beyond average use.

          While some songs are really easy, many of the songs that are in PDF 2nd are very dense in terms of metaphor and reference, which makes it hard to give a good clean translation that doesn’t require 3 paragraphs of footnotes.

          So yeah, it’s hard work, and there are some fansubbers on YT that do a fantastic job, but they also work hard on that, don’t typically go through official licensing channels, have to acquire sign-off from multiple different businesses and individuals, and generally are not shackled by business rules and commerce laws.

          Sure, maybe SEGA of America announcement might overstate it a little, but it really isn’t a little project like many of you make it out to be.

          Ryu ga Gotoku 5 isn’t that hard either. The games just don’t sell well enough (by SEGA standards) over here.

          • Budgiecat

            oh please

          • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

            >Ryu ga Gotoku 5 isn’t that hard either

            You defend these lyrics being difficult, but you claim RGG5 isn’t that hard? Sorry man, you’re just blowing hot air now. Bye bye, credibility!

            We hardly knew ye…

            EDIT: Just for kicks… Let’s take the lyrics for 2D Dream Fever, which is by far the most difficult and absurd song in the game. I’ll post them below:




            追撃 妄想 墜落 心神 喪失 逃走
            脳内 物質 生成 感情 供給 過剰
            人格 侵食 抑制 網膜 感応 幻覚
            存在 確信 猜疑 制御 不能 理解 不能

            斬新 反響 狂乱 衝動 分裂 限界
            傲慢 暗躍 推論 精神 崩壊 退場
            生存 感覚 忘却 劣等 防衛 拒絶
            核心 肯定 慢心 解明 不能 支配 不能

            期待した未来から カーブを描く
            ぼく わっぱっぱっぱらのいあ


            画面を越えて 虹の向こうへ
            経験値不足 電脳遊戯

            リンクたどって 妄想追って
            蔓延している 病名:2次元ドリームフィーバー

            発条(ぜんまい)切れて 肝心な所で
            かわいた わいた 何がわいたか
            偏食家のセリフ 真似した

            だって まっての パレード参列

            白い目 振り向く 洗脳
            標的 定め 連帯感
            痛い 痛いのは ちょっとまって
            忘れましょ もう 忘れましょ

            ぼく わっぱっぱっぱらのいあ


            画面を越えて 虹の向こうへ
            逃げ込んだ先は 電脳遊戯

            リンクたどって 会いに往くよ
            蔓延している 病名:2次元ドリームフィーバー”

            Now, I’ll post a picture that I took of ONE page from the digest that came with my copy of Ryu ga Gotoku 5 (it’s basically just a way to read all of the events and dialogue that take place during the game, filled with spoilers, obviously). Now you tell me which one is more difficult, lol.


            • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

              Edited post above with references.

        • Budgiecat

          AND we even have a fan translator (one guy!) doing that! (KHHSubs)

          • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

            Yeah. It’s like the fan translation group that put together the work for Final Fantasy Type-0 while Square-Enix was sitting around their office with their thumb up their ass (until recently anyway, after the fact :p) or the fan translation group that put shame to SoA by completing Valkyria Chronicles 3. If you’re getting shown up by some guys doing this in their spare time, something tells me you’re not doing your job or getting paid for the wrong reasons.

            • Budgiecat

              that was so strange…..the fan translation patch comes out…then a day later, S-E announces the PS4 version….dafuq??

      • desponent

        Oh it’s work alright, I mean people pay money for the game, expecting this much should be a given, especially for a game revolving on songs.

  • Belenger

    “We worked closely with our partners in
    Japan and the artists to ensure that the lyrical intent of the original
    Japanese is maintained so our non-Japanese speaking fans can better
    understand the meaning and context of the amazing world of Hatsune Miku.”

    We tried really hard avoiding a M rating due the content of some songs.
    Translator1: “Oh god.. is this song really about a threesome that went sour?”
    Translator2: “You think that’s bad? this one is about miku falling in love with a brothel whore”

    • Barrit

      What, really? I didn’t know Miku got down like that!

      • Belenger

        Knife and Yubikiri, respectivly.
        Interestingly enough two of the songs with some of the best PV’s.

      • desponent

        Miku does anything and everything.

    • Mnoz

      They did say ‘majority of the songs’ so I guess they excluded the hardcore ones.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

    “for the majority” ? What’s that about? Did they translate them or not? There shouldn’t be any in between business when you’re translating stuff.

    The last thing we need to see is something similar to Tokyopop’s translations where they sometimes leave in ‘hai’ and ‘baka’ in their works while translating everything else :p

    Still, at least they’re doing something this time.

  • Akari Akaza

    I know it cost them a lot of money to do this, but at least Sega did it for the Miku fans…..o(^-^)o

    • Budgiecat

      oh sure….. “a lot” of money….


  • Wolf Star

    Something that I wanted from project diva F, now it’s finally here!! :D thank you Sega!!!

  • Budgiecat

    bout fuckin time Sega of America does something…

  • BizarreJelly

    “herculean translation project”

    • Zackasaur

      It really is. This is hard translation work.

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

        Yeah, damn those songs and their lyrics. This is brutal!

        • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

          I never knew Hercules learned Japanese…

          • Budgiecat

            He had to when he had to talk Godzilla down from a bad nuclear reactor trip….

  • MrFinalgamer

    Well, at least they’re doing SOMETHING over at SOA…

    • Budgiecat
      • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

        And here we can see the head of the Ryu ga Gotoku translation division hard at work!


        • Guest

          Well, the game should have sold more, then. =P

          • Budgiecat

            No because SEGA refused to let him eat or dock out of work to go home! And notice they’re too cheap to even give him a computer!

            • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

              And they refuse to even clean his work area.

          • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

            Well, the company should have advertised more, then. =P

            • Elvick

              Totes. They should have brought out the HD Collection, I would have started to buy into the series then. And tbh, they should have made that a lot sooner.

              Then released 3 on PSN. Then 4, etc.

              Get some sales. Maybe put one on PS+.

              But doing nothing is better. :D

  • BlueCereal

    lol a trailer just to show they’ll be subtitling the game in English. Nice that they finally decided to do it though.

  • Elvick