Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden revealed for Wii U
posted on 07.17.14 at 02:16 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Latest in horror adventure series hits Japan in September.

Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko

The next entry in the Fatal Frame series, titled Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko (Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden), will launch for Wii U on September 27 at 6,600 yen in Japan, Nintendo and Koei Tecmo announced.

The horror adventure game is the series’ biggest volume yet. It is set in Hikamiyama, a sacred mountain with a huge lake at its summit from which water gushes abundantly throughout the mountain. It’s a mountain of death, and only those who choose on their own to die go there. They enter the mountain at oumagatoki (the witching hour), when the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead is blurred. The game’s story revolves around the concept of water.

The protagonist is named Kozukata Yuuri. She can see those who have been spirited away and captured in the world of the dead and return them to this world. Responding to the requests of those who have been taken, Yuuri visits Mt. Hikamiyama.

The Wii U GamePad will act as a “Projection Machine,” which can be controlled like a real camera. You can move the camera to follow ghosts according to its movements, setting up both vertically and horizontally, and shooting while looking around the environment.

The game’s theme song is “Higanbana” by AnJu.

Watch the debut trailer and ripped footage from the game’s official website below. View the first set of screenshots at the gallery.


Website Footage

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  • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano
    • Anime10121

      With Nintendos focus on trying to please the hardcore, they may even localize this one :D

      • Budgiecat

        well they localized the abysmal 3DS one lol

        and the Fatal Frame II remake (EU only though ugh unnngh)

        but will this pass NoA’s seal of approval unlike FF4 didnt? (which pissed off tecmo and they were like ‘fawk it’)

      • Kumomeme

        they need to localize it if they want to boost wii u sales

    • Seasqwaa

      The rain REEEEALLY adds a nice touch that the other games don’t have. Can’t wait for this one!

    • Budgiecat

      the water looks very wet…

  • Bob Obb

    Looks great… but ugh Nintendo and their region locks. If by some miracle it does get localized it’ll be a year from now and they’ll probably remove the Japanese audio despite the huge disc capacity

    • TalesOfBS

      Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge, TW101 and Bayonetta 2/1 are/will be dual audio. Xenoblade Chronicles is probably going to be too because they let people play the game in Japanese at the TreeHouse event and even the official E3 trailer is in Japanese.
      I can’t see why this one won’t be, they should keep that trend.

      Edit: also Sonic LW and MH3U are dual audio.

  • Budgiecat

    nice character models..

    I guess this is what we have to look forward to (or better) from Koei tecmo once we get a true next gen Dynasty/Samurai Warriors (no cross gen) and Dead or Alive 6…

  • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

    Just learned that Nuregarasu is an expression used to describe the ideal jet black (black crow-like) hair color. Thus the title change.


  • fyi1191

    Can they really achieve the level of graphics as shown? I sure don’t want to see another one like Watch Dogs.

    • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

      The level of graphics shown don’t look anything past Wii U’s potential honestly, especially the character models. You can see the distinct marking of the PS3 era in them, especially the lack of proper skin textures.

    • DrForbidden

      Ehh, this is PS3/X360-level graphics, so WiiU should have no problems with it.

      • Kumomeme

        or little bit better since wii u had more memory and stronger gpu
        but i think if it keeps up like this ,it could achieve 60fps….bayonetta on wii u is example
        if could’n push visual,atleast hope they could push framerate

    • Sam Malik

      Japanese developers do things a little differently. They usually work on consoles rather than PCs.

  • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

    Game looks fantastic, the trailer really spooked me at the end during the NicoNico stream. Being able to watch it again in better quality was totally worth it. Gosh I hope Nintendo localizes this one. I’d also like an “HD” collection for the previous two games on Wii >>;

  • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

    Will I be able to play this game without the GamePad (with pro controller) and all that “unique” bullshit?

    • Kumomeme

      pretty sure devs will provide the options
      beside this ‘unique’ stuff was realisticly innovative…
      bullshit if yourself opinion

      • Sam Malik

        Good luck with that. You won’t even be able to see the ghosts without it

    • Sam Malik

      Good luck with that. You won’t even be able to see the ghosts without it.

  • Lara Croft

    Been a fan since the first game on the PS2. FF2 Crimson Butterfly being my favorite. Now lets see if they localize it or not.

  • kurosan9712

    JPN WiiU bought.
    Not that I wasn’t planning on buying it, but this sealed the deal.

    Though, I wasn’t expecting to get it so soon. Well, seems I’ll play it quite soon after I get my WiiU.

    • TalesOfBS

      You should wait.

      • kurosan9712

        Nope. I shouldn’t.
        First of all – even if it’s localized, it’ll be dubbed. I hate dub.
        Second – it’s not the only game I want, and want ASAP.
        Third – I don’t give a f**k about region lock. I have a JPN 3DS already, and nothing is stopping me from getting a JPN WiiU

        • Budgiecat

          Dont be dumb and impatient just wait. Most Wii U titles are localized these days. If it were 3DS or Wii, that’d be another story (but back in the day, I just used Freeloader for that).

          And contact Kt for dual audio request. Wii U discs obviously now have much more storage capacity than Wii discs did and now Wii U has more tendency to use patches and downloadable content.
          I dont think Fist of the North Star 2 for Wii U has Eng dub anyway, and lately they have a tendency to listen to fans as opposed to other companies..

          • kurosan9712

            Say what you want, but I’m still doing what I want. Why? Because who you are to me? No one, I have less than zero reason to listen to you. I’d rather support region lock, than listen to you.

            Besides, gettin games earlier than all of you European/US suckers is better.

            • Budgiecat

              Do you hear yourself? Who am I to you? How dare you…
              I’m Budgiecat. the most awesomest there is..

              You WILL listen to me and you will like it

            • Mark Lengod

              Are you’re retarded or have issues against ”gaijin” people?

              If you have zero reasons to hear people, why are you even posting here, besides obviously stupid comments about region locking and saying that you bought a japanese Wii U? Nobody cares, you know.

        • TalesOfBS

          Almost all jpn Wii U games are dual audio. You should wait.
          See my other comment bellow. http://gematsu.com/2014/07/fatal-frame-raven-haired-shrine-maiden-revealed-wii-u#comment-1489422147

    • Budgiecat

      why??? Just hold out a bit longer. Don’t give in to stupid region lock! Have faith in Reggie!


    • Elvick

      Just hack your Wii U, or wait for it to be hacked if it hasn’t been already. Then remove the region lock that way.

      We shouldn’t reward companies with more hardware sales just to buy games from other regions.

      • kurosan9712

        No, I actually support region lock, so I should.
        I think Nintendo is doing the right thing, and not all games should be available for everyone.

        • Elvick


          Region lock is pointless.

          • kurosan9712

            No, it’s not.

            • DrForbidden

              I agree that region lock isn’t pointless, since it’s basically an elaborate price-fixing scheme. So, yeah, it’s ultimately beneficial to Nintendo while being anti-consumer. It’s your right to support region locking, and i won’t disrespect you for it, but I strongly disagree with the policy.

            • Elvick

              Well, glad you explained why you like it… you may as well just not replied at all.

      • DrForbidden

        I am actually loathe to support any company that reinforces region locking AT ALL, to be honest, so I’m not the biggest fan of Nintendo. However, I’ve recently been looking at things in a new light: Nintendo platforms are very supportive of backwards compatibility. Wii U is BC for almost all Wii games, while 3DS is BC for almost all DS games (within the same region, of course). In that sense, Nintendo is giving us something while taking away something else, which, I guess isn’t all that bad.

        • Elvick

          That’s not directly linked though. Sony did it with PS3 originally (and all PS3s still have PSone playback) and they were region free, obviously.

          You can play Japanese DS games on the 3DS btw. I’ve played Ni no Kuni on 3DS. Not sure why it works, but it does. :p

          But this is off topic so…

          Fatal Frame… how ’bout that.

          • DrForbidden

            As far as I know, DS games are actually region-free, so they would work. Nintendo only went the region-lock route starting with 3DS.

            And about FF…
            Yeah, I wish the Wii U was region-free so I can import it… :3

  • MadokaXHomura

    Should i buy japanese Wii U?i mean i can understand japanese so i have no problem,but idk if this game will be release here in states, i rather buy here than buy japanese Wii U and its games cause they are expensive as hell compare to usa. does this even have a chance of releasing here?

    • Budgiecat

      no you should not

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    i am GETTING WET

  • Six

    The Fatal Frame movie that’s coming out later this year in Japan is going to get a Hollywood remake, so I’d say that increases the chances of this game’s localization considerably.


    Also, hype (for the game, the movie will surely suck something fierce).

    • Solomon_Kano

      I’d say there’s no need to worry about localization here. We got Spirit Camera, after all. I don’t know what happened with 4, but we later got the remake of 2 in the west as well. Most of the west, anyway.

      Besides, Nintendo needs all of the Wii U games they can get and, as of yet, every one that they’ve published has made it west. As far as retail goes, anyway.

      • Ricardo C

        Only in Europe, in North America we never got the Wii version of Crimson Butterfly but the Hollywood movie may help.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Hence “most of the west, anyway.” It’s also worth noting that we got the most recent development in the series, which was Spirit Camera, within 3 months of its Japanese release — and that was a spin-off.

          The production cycle of the average studio film is something like two years. If they haven’t already begun work, their take on Fatal Frame won’t be out until 2016 at the earliest. In all likelihood, the game will already be released in the west before the movie could do anything to benefit it*, seeing as it’ll be out in Japan in two months time.

          *Or hinder it, given who’s developing the film.

  • Alex TSi

    Give me EU ver. and i’m buy Wii U!!!

  • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

    Added a rip of the footage from the game’s official website. Couldn’t do it last night as I was literally falling asleep getting this up. xD

  • BlueCereal

    Another reason to buy a Wii U. Plan on getting the PS2 ones eventually.

  • PrinceHeir
    • Sam Malik

      Better have Camera Obscura involved because without it it won’t be Fatal Frame.

  • Mikail

    lol if they can utilize the pad to function 360 degrees you will be able snap a ghost behind you. and that would be a killer app :)

    • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

      I just want sit on my ass while playing the game, not running like an idiot.

      • Mikail

        hahahaha, well the fun is when you play it with your girlfriend or friend, seeing how AR (augmented reality become popular recently ) i just think maybe the Vita version or 3DS version will do :)

        • Wildcardcorsair

          Well unfortunately as Spirit Camera taught us, there’s limits to AR because the cameras on the 3DS and Vita need a lot of light to work properly. Needing a lot of light killed any horror vibe Spirit Camera had going. This would likely be the same thing if it used AR technology :(

        • ZeroLinkReborn

          It won’t happen on Vita because Nintendo is co-owner of the Fatal Frame franchise. Plus there is a Fatal Frame spin-off on 3DS called Spirit Camera The Cursed Memoir. Heres an article about Nintendo being co-owners http://www.joystiq.com/2012/06/22/report-nintendo-now-co-owns-fatal-frame-ip/

          • Budgiecat

            oh well. At least I have the first three PS2 titles on mah PS3 as PS2 classics…

            Wish Sony wasn’t so cheap when it comes to securing 3rd party IP’s in the 7th and 8th gen

            • ZeroLinkReborn

              Yeah it sucks when that happens.

      • Kumomeme

        it may sound like idiot..but it sure was fun ^ ^
        rather than jumping around playing kinect

  • gulabjamal

    Garnet, is that you?


    “They enter the mountain at oumagatoki (the witching hour), when the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead is blurred. ”

    PERSONA ??? :3

    • Budgiecat

      lol no
      Persona doesn’t hold the monopoly on Japanese supernatural mythology nor did they originate anything.

      Remember, they bit off JJBA while we’re at it..


        ohhh but definitevely all of us we will miss AMANO TSUKI with her exclusive songs for the saga :(

  • Quiet Gear Soild

    Let’s hope it coming out outside of Japan.
    I’ll be so disappoints if it isn’t. Well, I’ll order it anyway.

  • sunK1D

    First game ever since the Wii U launch that made me think about getting a Wii U. It will take a couple more like this though for me to get one.

  • Akari Akaza

    That’s cool the GamePad will act as a projection machine. Gyroscope technology is like holding a real camera….^-^

  • Elvick

    I like the title

  • Budgiecat

    Fear of getting wet??

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Sumwheat Ran

    I translated and subbed the trailer here:
    Hit CC for subtitles

    As for places having “raven-haired” in the title, it definitely has raven/crow in the name, but not so much like they have it. It refers to black hair, and not just “black” even(tho no real word with the same meaning)

    濡烏 (Nuregarasu, lit. wet + crow) is used to express “beautiful” and “Healthy” female black hair that actually has a slight blue, green and/or violet color infused with in it’s shine, much like crow/raven’s feathers do when they are wet.
    So in this case, the shine maiden has that kind of hair.

  • 罪罰

    Makes me happy to own a Wii U.

  • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

    Very glad to see this series return, and Tecmo put more production budget into this than Deception IV (man, how I wish Deception 4 looked better than TRAPT with higher res textures). But I’m also going to completely ignore this now because NOA ain’t gonna bring it over.

    Maybe they’ll be cool and let XSeed or someone localize it then, a la Last Story? Tecmo seems to be really apathetic when it comes to their Nintendo collaborations if Nintendo decides to ignore ’em.

    Also, totally reminded me to go pick up DreadOut on PC!

    • 罪罰

      they brought ff2 to europe, anything can happen

    • James Robert Thompson

      There’s a Fatal Frame movie being made in Hollywood; if NoA doesn’t bring this over KT will… I mean, those guys are bringing Ar nosurge over with no outside reason! It’s pretty safe we’ll get it given all the promotion this one’s getting.

  • Ricardo C

    Im getting a Japanese Wii-U for this

  • tokyobassist

    Serious question. Where do we need to go to hassle Nintendo about bringing this worldwide?

  • King Shesh

    Just wanna say that the girl is very pretty.
    That is all

  • Comandante Bushido

    Needs moar bewbs

  • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

    DAm she’s hot

  • PrinceHeir

    I’m loving the arstyle!!

    It seems finally Tecmo is putting more budget to this, or at least Nintendo is helping or funding it?

    Damn i wish more Horror games comes out like this!!

    I know Evil Within is hybrid mix like RE4(but more horror), but i really want pure horror like this!!

    I hope other franchises make a come back like Clock Tower/Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, Siren etc.

    I already given up with a Silent Hill revival since Konami fucked it up so hard it’s no longer what it was since SH 1-4.

    Resident Evil is up to Cacpom if they want to return to their roots or stay on the same course as RE5/6 which i don’t mind it.

  • 黒竜崎

    Why Wii U of all the other consoles??? Why????

  • GozuTennai

    So they’ve stolen Bayonetta 2 and now this?

    Go away nintendo, nobody likes you.