Danganronpa: Another Episode website details system and new characters
posted on 07.18.14 at 09:38 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Meet Towa, Shirokuma, and Kurokuma.

Danganronpa: Another Episode

Spike Chunsoft has updated the official website for Danganronpa: Another Episode with new system and character details.

The characters, specifically, are the same as those introduced in this week’s Famitsu. And we also get our first direct-feed look at the game’s animated event scenes.

Find the new details below.

Action System

Danganronpa: Another Episode

Komaru’s Megaphone-Type Hacking Gun fires Truth Bullets, which are pieces of programming code that inflict a number of different effects upon the target. If you shoot a normal Monokuma in its left eye, it becomes a “Nice Shot,” and the attack does greater damage, enough to take them out in one hit. Additionally, offensive Truth Bullets can be upgraded by purchasing Decoder Bullets from a shop within the game and subsequently equipping them. Variables that can be upgraded in this manner include firepower, ammo amount, and rapid-fire capabilities, among other things. These upgrades require “Monokuma Medals” in order to be purchased, which you can get by defeating Monokumas.

There are a total of eight Truth Bullets available for Komaru to use. These are words that can be fired from the Hacking Gun to battle Monokumas, but some words like “Move” or “Survey” can be used to solve riddles and open new paths.

Find all eight listed below:

  • Break: Deals damage to Monokuma.
  • Burn: Sets Monokuma on fire. Can be used repeatedly in rapid-fire.
  • Paralyze: Paralyzes and damages Monokuma. Has an area of effect that affects all Monokumas caught within it.
  • Blow Away: Blows away Monokuma. Can hit multiple Monokumas with it.
  • Dance: Makes Monokuma dance. Can make him stay in one place temporarily.
  • Connect: Places Monokuma under your control momentarily.
  • Move: Restarts shut down machinery. When applied to switches and panels, can open up new routes.
  • Survey: Reveals invisible objects by hitting them with light.

Event Scenes

In addition to illustrated events, the story will also feature animated scenes handled by Danganronpa: The Animation director Seiji Kishi and studio Lerche.

Danganronpa: Another Episode


Towa Haiji (voiced by Shinichiro Miki)

Leader of the “Resistance,” a secret base of adults formed in order to counteract the children rampaging in Towa City. His right arm is in a cast.

Danganronpa: Another Episode


A well-regarded member of the Resistance who’s idolized by the adults, this pure white Monokuma is stationed at the adults’ secret base.

Danganronpa: Another Episode


An adviser for the Warriors of Hope, this all-black Monokuma is characterized by his fast, incessant talking. Apparently, there’s a command that the Warriors of Hope can issue to put him into sleep mode.

Danganronpa: Another Episode

Story by Sal Romano and Thomas James.

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  • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

    Are you sure that his arm is really im that cast? Because it doesn’t look like it contains his arm..Also, they will run out of kuma jokes eventually.

    • http://freelansations.tumblr.com/ Thomas James

      It’s a literal translation of the Japanese description on the site. It’s otherwise not entirely uncommon to see guys put on jackets like that without putting their arms through the sleeves, which is what you’re seeing with the right sleeve here.

      • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

        Oh, I know, but the cast looks so… rotund. It;s like the end could just unhinge and reveal a secret rocket launcher, or something.

        I just don’t think anyone in real life would wear such a weird cast.

        • Elias Villa Estrada

          Right but this isn’t really meant to be super realistic. I do have a feeling he may reveal something in that cast at some point.

        • ThatGuy3190_7

          Danganronpa series is full of mind screws and moments where you think you knew everything but here’s another curve ball shocker.

          • natchu96

            And they rarely make sense at first too.

  • ayb_91

    I have no doubts in getting this, just be out now please. :(

  • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

    This game just keeps getting better, I’m glad the hacking gun has quite a bit of depth to it but I’m curious about everyone’s favourite author/psycho. I hope switching between bullets is simple enough, I see a lot of potential combos. I’m also curious if some Monokuma will be resistant to some truth bullets, while others might be super effective. That would add another level of depth to the game.

  • natchu96

    Yup it looks like the anime alright.