Assassin’s Creed Unity ‘Experience’ trailer details Anvil engine
posted on 07.22.14 at 12:37 PM EDT by (@salromano)
A look at the technology behind the upcoming Assassin's Creed.

Assassin's Creed Unity

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity detailing the game’s all new engine.

In it, creative director Alex Amancio walks viewers through the features of the Anvil engine, highlighting some of the technology the team at Ubisoft are using to develop the game. You’ll learn about character movement, lighting, AI, animations, and so on.

Watch the video below. The game is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28.

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  • Mr. Uncensored 2015

    I bet the modern day is complete shit like black flags. Fuck you Ubisoft.

    • KOKAYI5

      i agree bf didn’t have a good modern day. but they wouldn’t do the same thing twice. the past looks great, though.

    • GetOffMy_Lawn

      Are people actually playing Assassin’s Creed for the modern day portions??

      • KOKAYI5

        I was when desmond was around.

      • Syn

        People actually play AC for the Modern Day bits???
        Here I was thinking it was all about the historical assassination settings……. Learning something new everyday.

  • BossTuff

    Love the new art direction they have going on with this. However, combat animations still look janky, hope they can get that ironed out a bit.

  • AnimusVox

    Vive la revolucion o/

    • KOKAYI5

      I want them to play viva la vida at the end can edits.

  • Budgiecat

    but there’s no playable females! ooohwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

    *powers up to Social Justice Warrior level 3 as the Earth trembles*

    • KOKAYI5

      Everyone deserves to be a hero. See it from their pov.

      • Budgiecat

        check yoself foo…wasn’t arguing it

        • KOKAYI5

          I wasn’t arguing it either, I’m just saying they have a legit reason to be mad.

          “Oohwaargh” and “foos”? I want to take your post seriously.

      • Dick Mountainjoy

        If only there was an AC with a female protag… Perhaps even a non-white female…

        If only they also re-released it on PS3/360 and PC!

        • KOKAYI5

          I not saying there wasn’t one. I’m saying after about 4 males, isn’t it time for more than one female? Why not go boy girl boy girl?

          • Dick Mountainjoy

            Two things…

            First: Where does the PC policing end? First boy/girl? Then what about the other races? Other Religions? Other sexuality? Non-Traditional Genders?

            Second: White guys are easy to do, and even if you fuck them up there’s no backlash. You fuck up a PoC/Genderqueer/Pansexual, the PC police will never shut up about it.

            • KOKAYI5

              That doesn’t mean stop trying. The leads in pass ACs have been great. I like most of them. But there’s more out there than white males. Maybe it is time to take a chance and do some of the other types of people out there. Maybe if they do them as well as they’ve done Ezio they’ll be no backlash.

              • Dick Mountainjoy

                Except Ezio’s a white guy, written and designed by mostly white guys. easy peasy.

                Also, why bother? So a bunch of whiny white girls on tumblr and their white knights will be happy? If Liberation is any indication they won’t be. it’s not like it’s a thriving market, Gone Home money isn’t going to carry a multi-billion dollar franchise.

                Representation isn’t the responsibility of a dumb action franchise, Kickstarter is made for exactly this reason.

                • KOKAYI5

                  I respectfully disagree. But at the end of the day, the devs do whatever they want, so I make peace with it. I wish things would be more varied and inclusive but taking chances doesn’t often yield big bucks so they’re not gonna do it. It’s sad, but you’re right. I just wish everyone or at least most people could get what they want/like. Not just usually one group.

                  • Dick Mountainjoy

                    Let’s be honest, it’s easier to complain about diversity and representation than to support it. Where were these people for Liberation or Prototype 2? Shadow Warrior or Shadows of the Damned?

                    Even tasteful LGBT portrayals like New Vegas were overshadowed by obvious pandering like Mass Effect and Borderlands 2.

                    • KOKAYI5

                      No one’s saying no game is diverse. People just want it to become common. To naturally happen in all forms of entertainment. From anime, to games to movies. Were those games honestly trying to be inclusive? Sure, I would like to think they were. But it doesn’t stop after a couple of games do it. That’s like saying “okay you got what you wanted, now shut up about it.”

                    • Dick Mountainjoy

                      Here’s the thing, they didn’t sell well. The people who complain about diversity didn’t support them.
                      Games aren’t charity, you just can’t expect them to be diverse because it’s “Right”…

                      Right on which scale? God knows GTA isn’t ethical in any sense, even with the half-assed satire thrown in. But it makes money.

                      I’m saying you people have no one to blame but yourselves, Then again, maybe it’s easy for me to judge because I did support these games because I wanted to see more like it, but I guess they didn’t hit enough Social Justice Bulletpoints or whatever.

                    • KOKAYI5

                      There’s no need to say “you people”. I’m not a part of some group rallied against you. I’m just one person speaking for myself that just happens to have a different view than your’s.

                      As for supporting those games, I don’t buy much else other than RPGs. So Prototype isn’t for me. Even the AC games I’ve only play some of and never get the DLCs. I’m a story and character driven person. So those games I don’t buy, didn’t speak to me. I can’t help that. Money’s tight, can’t afford to buy games outside of my favorite genres (RPGs, action, action/RPGs).

                      To me doing what’s right and fair comes first. But I don’t expect people to agree with that. They view right and wrong differently. Especially money-focused businesses. Most don’t care about “feelings” or “fairness” or anything other than “the next big thing” or “the thing that sells best”. I know it’s not a charity, but just because it’s a business doesn’t mean you ignore how your products affect people.

                      They don’t have to change in order to please everyone. That’s their right. I just wish they cared enough to try. And most times, most companies don’t. What’s easy? What’s a money makers? That’s what matters to them. So if they do add diversity in their works, good. If they don’t, I except it. I’m not trying to change the world. But I’m gonna speak up when it does something that is wrong in my view.

                    • Dick Mountainjoy

                      They did try though, that’s the thing you keep glossing over.

                      Why should they care? It’s not like having a European Male is done to spite anyone, it’s just the safe bet.

                      What is “Right and Fair”? It’s a game about murder? Is that “Right”? It’s next gen only, is that “Fair” to last gen people? These are all subjective things.

                    • KOKAYI5

                      I’m not glossing over it. I see that they tried once. But I still feel as I do because often times people don’t try at all. I know the white males aren’t always to spite someone. But they’re a dime a dozen. Majority of any lead in any game is a white male.

                      You have your way of seeing it, and I have mine. Neither of our opinions will get them to change their way of making money.

  • King of Nowhere

    Well, it looks pretty awesome! The way the assassin is moving towards the city seems different than the other title but it looks amazing.

  • Ricewarrior

    “… you’ll find each encounter a more accurate test of your abilities.”

    AI’s difficulty is going to have to be vamp up by nearly impossible amounts if they want that statement to be true.

  • Budgiecat

    looks like its giving FF XV a run for its money (and making their bloated +8 year dev cycle look dumb as ever)

  • Comandante Bushido

    Needs moar bewbs