The Order: 1886 release date set, pre-order bonus and special editions announced, new footage
posted on 06.09.14 at 09:17 PM EDT by (@salromano)
PS4-exclusive shooter arrives February 20.

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 will launch for PlayStation 4 on February 20 worldwide, Sony Computer Entertainment announced during its E3 media briefing this evening.

New footage shown at the event introduces the Half-Breeeds, a formidable and deadly threat to humanity’s dominance. One species of Half-Breeds in particular–the Lycan–has taken dominion over the lands of Northern Europe and has threatened the rule of man for centuries. In human form, they can hide in plain sight. With both the Lycans and the Rebellion threatening the city of London, The Order must step in to face them.

Sony also announced pre-order bonuses and collector’s editions.


Pre-orders include the ‘Knight’s Arsenal’ add-on pack, which includes both of the following packs:

‘Red Lightning Pack’ – Red Knight uniform with Arc Rifle Prototype.
‘Arsonist Pack’ – Black Knight uniform with Arsonist Rifle.

Special Editions

The Collector’s Edition will retail for $79.99 and include:

  • “Galahad under Fire” Statue (7 inch)
  • The Order: 1886 Game
  • Collectable Steelbook
  • Stickers
  • Digital Content
    • Pre-Order DLC (Knight’s DLC)
    • Official Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks
    • Unreleased Behind-The-Scenes Footage

The Premium Edition will retail for $149.99 and include:

  • “The Endless Duel” Statue (13 inch)
  • The Order: 1886 Game
  • Collectable Steelbook
  • Art Book (with hidden compartment)
  • Blackwater Vial (w/chain)
  • Collector’s Box
  • Stickers
  • Digital Content
    • Pre-Order DLC (Knight’s DLC)
    • Official Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks
    • Unreleased Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Watch the new footage below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.



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  • Zackasaur

    Ready at Dawn rock. Glad to get a better look at the fantastical enemies.

  • Locksus

    I didn’t like it. Looks like a boring cover shooter that’s interrupted too much by cutscenes. Looks to me like the devs are Hollywood rejects so now they try to turn this game into a movie.
    Visuals looked good though.

  • GetOffMy_Lawn

    Like the concept, hate the cutscenes interrupting gameplay every 4 seconds.

  • Zefhar

    this is bye bye The Order hype for me. I don’t like zombies. maybe this isn’t precisely zombies, but the monster here at least looks like one to me.

    Just a personal preference.

    • uhawww

      It’s one of several types of werewolves. They explained some of the creature archetype in the extended Theater presentation.

      • Zefhar

        Oh, well I guess werewolves are in my black list also.

        Thanks for clarifying

    • Unretributed

      You need your eyes replaced. That wasn’t even remotely close to what a zombie looks like or behaves like.

  • DarthBrian

    Now this is how they should’ve been showing off their game this whole time.

    Fighting humans is boring. Fighting werewolves is AWESOME!

  • 武神水樹

    Getting your ass kicked by the enemy of a game isn’t the best way to promote your IP

  • tokyobassist

    The atmosphere is awesome but the gameplay is ass. I’m not even sorry for saying that. You get to essentially play a by-the-by 3rd person shooter with frequent scripted cutscenes interrupting the game.

    As much as the whole MGS V fiasco soured me in many ways, Phantom Pain looks amazing and has what looks to be a compelling story and actual gameplay which is saying a lot considering it’s MGS.

    My point is a ton of people are going to suck off The Order for doing the same thing they tore MGS 4 to shreds over.

    • Elvick

      I never talk about MGS4, since I didn’t play it.

      I do think The Order looks amazing.


  • Elvick

    The dog reminds me of Parasite Eve.