Tecmo Koei teases Ar no Surge localization
posted on 06.24.14 at 09:47 AM EDT by (@iiotenki)
All will be known tomorrow at 4:00 AM EST.


Tecmo Koei’s European branch has taken to Twitter this morning to state that they have an announcement to make tomorrow. While specifics are slim for the time being, all indications point to it being an official unveiling of a localization for Ar no Surge, the Gust-developed PS3 sequel to Ciel no Surge, which was released in 2012. This follows hot on the heels of word that broke out just yesterday from Japan stating that the game will also be receiving a PS Vita port on October 2.

As stated in the attached picture included with the original Twitter post, Tecmo Koei Europe is set to break its silence at 9:00 AM British Summer Time tomorrow, which is 4:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time in the United States. We’ll bring you more news on this as it develops.

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  • Yep this is pretty much for ar nosurge and perhaps ciel nosurge OFFLINE(but dont count on it just yet)

  • AlphaSixNine

    I’m hoping they announce both PS3 and Vita versions as well as offline version of Ciel NoSurge.

    Though I’m still perfectly happy we’re getting Ar NoSurge PS3 at least.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    blessed Tecmo Koei
    if only the other companies are just like you, caring fans really

  • Elle

    I’m in shock.

  • Mika Moreno

    I’d prefer Ciel no Surge actually. I’d like to play the first game before the sequel.

  • Orichalon Hades


  • https://twitter.com/RyoonZ RyoonZ

    Much love for TK <3

  • Jesse

    Hope Ciel NoSurge is coming, too, since, if I read correctly, it has some important stuff that makes some parts in Ar NoSurge make more sense.

    • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

      Agreed, I’d ideally like if they announce Ar no Surge Plus for PS3/PSVita and Ciel no Surge [Offline] for PS Vita all in one shot.

  • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos
    • TheBlackRabbit

      No ssj? im not plz’ed ;oooo

      • pixxxelz
        • ryougazell

          Y nunca pense ver al Piojo en Gematsu… madres…

          • pixxxelz

            Esta gif de el es famosa en toda la internet lol

        • TheBlackRabbit

          lol yes

  • http://Gematsu.com Vayne

    Ar no Surge is not a big game, sold poorly in Japan, getting forgetful, if located will not be different from Japan.

    • AlphaSixNine

      The fact that TK is still localizing the game despite all that says something. TK deserves a medal for actual listening and caring for their fans unlike most companies out there. It’s called investing on your fans good will, which most companies tend to ignore.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        yeah, true… very true

  • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

    I know the soundtrack is amazing, so color me interested just for that!

    If this comes over and Atelier Shallie (which probably will; just saying… waiting on an announcement), then I know at least two Tecmo-Koei games I will be picking up this year! Well, two more, since I picked up DOA5 Ultimate and Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge for PS3 recent-ish :D

  • http://lukalovesgames.blogspot.de/ Alkaid

    Nearly hyperventilating here. Seriously, I managed to get 10 more people who would buy it in an instant. and I told them to post on Twitter or Facebook that they’d love to see it to TK. YAY!!!!

    Oh Tecmo Koei!! I wanna hug you all, those working at TK and you guys here!!! : D
    Come on, Ciel NoSurge offline too!!

  • talesoffan

    So excited!!! Heard good things about Ar No Surge.

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    Releasing it without Ciel no Surge would be idiotic.

    • シカチュウ

      Agreed. I really hope they localize Ciel (and release it before Ar) as well!

  • Zukato

    I’m so flippin’ happy right now!

  • pixxxelz


  • Natat

    D-Don’t tease me like this! It’s bad for my heart okay!? Aah now my hope has been renewed…

  • Sai

    Nosurge, not ‘no Surge’

    • BizarreJelly


      • ShadowJetX



  • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

    Just wait… The huge announcement will be Atelier Shallie. Then everyone will deflate and outrage will begin.

    • AlphaSixNine

      I think everyone pretty much expects TK to localize that anyway. It’ll be much more surprising if they didn’t. It’s just too early to announce it now considering it’s not even out in Japan yet.

      • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

        Hey, you never know… They might just get the ball rolling early this time. <_< instead of making us wait a year for it.

        • AlphaSixNine

          Earlier is better of course. I just don’t expect them to announce it before the Japan release date. Besides, they still have Ayesha+ to announce. One at a time lol XD

    • Guest

      That would not make any sense with the picture they showed at all.

      • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

        I know, it was a joke. :P

        • Guest

          Oh, ok. XD;

  • Bob Slim

    This isnt just for EU is it,Let it be NA too man
    I will rage if so

    • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

      Well, VITA is region free… So at least that makes it an easier pill to swallow if they use that version. <_<

      • Bob Slim

        I dont like to import

    • AlphaSixNine

      Hasn’t it been always a given that when EU announces it it’s probably going to US too. TK of America’s twitter is kinda dead compared to TK EU anyway

      • Bob Slim

        Oh I didnt know that thats what I was hopeing

      • ShadowJetX

        KT America is run by ghosts who sometimes have the power to use computers.

        • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

          You mean poltergeists? O_o Creepy.

    • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

      Everything announced by Tecmo Koei Europe is generally announced by Tecmo Koei America the same day.

      • Pyrofrost

        I know this is off topic, but what happened to the new layout. I liked it :(

        • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

          Gotta tweak it some.

          • Pyrofrost

            Oh ok, I was just curious, because I really liked the darker background on the comments. It was much much easier on the eyes.

            • LordKaiser

              There are valid reasons for the new dark layout even if some members don’t like it. Many of those reasons are related to power consumption.

  • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

    How many games are in the series?

    • kurosan9712

      in this one – 2. Ciel no Surge and Ar no Surge.

      • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹


        • Anime10121

          Its also a part of Ar Tonelico’s universe though (even has one of the big characters from the series appearing in it) and that series has 3 games. Though the two Surge Concerto games are prequels to the Ar Tonelico Trilogy…

          • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

            Oh ya? That’s a huge universe

  • Pyrofrost

    Yay! Gust’s superior franchise gets another localization!

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I can bet the localization title will likely be called “Ciel Surge”. Just throwing a guess here.

  • LordKaiser

    Please be here!!!

  • artemisthemp

    I really hope Tecmo Koei will be bring Ar NoSurge and Ciel noSurge Offline to the West

  • Elvick

    Please retail and retail Ciel

  • http://twitter.com/M_Demolish Demolish

    please TK,Ciel no Surge is important to me.

  • Kyle

    Physical in EU 26/9/2014 JP&ENG voices Greetz (No date on US yet cause TK EU can only speak for EU )