Hyrule Warriors’ Lana is a brand-new character
posted on 06.24.14 at 01:34 AM EDT by (@salromano)
And a few more details from this week's Famitsu.

Hyrule Warriors

Following our Hyrule Warriors report yesterday, further details have surfaced about new playable characters Agitha and Lana.

Agitha, who hails from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, uses a parasol in battle, and can call upon and attack with insects.

Lana, who we speculated was Princess Lana of Captain N: The Game Master, is actually an original character. She is a witch who wields a book of magic in battle, and can create barriers to brush away enemies. When the barrier is broken, however, the shock will cause her damage.

Also revealed, Link’s Hook Shot will make a reappearance. It can be used to reach places normally not accessible.

Additionally, when you have certain strengthening items on hand, it’s possible bring down the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask as an attack.

Hyrule Warriors is due out for Wii U on September 26 in North America and September 19 in Europe.

Thanks, Hachima Kikou.

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  • Yuenku

    Lol, I just posted guessing this in the Agitha topic.

    Anyways, a barrier warrior. Very interesting! Hopefully Skullkid will make an appearance as a playable character.

  • Sae-Won Yoon

    >it’s possible bring down the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask as an attack.


    • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

      It’s less cool-looking than you think. It’s very anti-climactic. Link: http://www.siliconera.com/2014/06/12/hyrule-warriors-lets-summon-moon-majoras-mask/.

      It’s not the real moon; it’s an illusion made by fairies. Secondly, it doesn’t actually come crashing down in some awe-inspiring, battlefield-destroying moment. If you’re imagining, like, when Bahamut destroyed Final Fantasy XIV’s original version of Eorzea with a meteor so that Realm Reborn could begin proper… don’t.

      It just sort of… nudges flying boss characters with it’s nose, they fall down, and then the illusion disappears in a puff and leaves a bunch of fairies in the sky.

      Sorry to burst your bubble a bit.

      • Guest

        No it’s fine. I’m not upset.

        No seriously, I’m not.

        • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

          I said sorry (-_-;)

          I’ll at least try to take the sting out of it for everyone and drop a time-marked version of the Youtube vid so people don’t have to read another article, scrub through a 40-ish min of a video, getting their hopes up.

          Here’s the Majora’s Moon attack, curious readers. Cuts straight to it, 28:09 in:


      • Kobracon

        I saw the Nintendo Treehouse thing first, and I thought it was cool. Its just an homage in an event but I thought it was a really cool one. I certainly didn’t expect it.

  • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

    I feel like Nester/Lark will make a return to video gaming before Nintendo ever actually acknowledges anyone from Captain N. Or any other original character from one of their old cartoons. :)

    Still, if read just ONE text bubble in this game where Link says, “Excuuuuse me, Princess”, I’ll enjoy THAT quite a bit! Even if it’s not Zelda (with Midna here, there’s at least 2 princesses in the game now)

  • Amir

    What happened to the site’s new theme?

  • Gyro Zeppeli


    I’m assuming the blue haired girl in this image is Lana

    • Kobracon

      Quite possibly

    • HyruleKing88


  • MadokaXHomura

    Can we get more male characters?i feel like this is becoming Link and his Harem,which i dont mind but we need more male characters also.

    • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

      While I think that’s true, I’m struggling to think of which male characters should show up, besides Ghirahim and Ganondorf.

      • crocodileman94


        • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

          Oh God no. Go all girls then!

          Though Kurisu makes a great point. I suppose – if you struggle – you could say… maybe… Darunia? The Goron King? MAYBE. I mean, the Gorons did contribute the Biggoron Sword to Ocarina of Time; they could mess up some fools for sure.

          There’s probably some Zoras or Pirates you could work with too, but Omega Force x Team Ninja would be better off just making some new characters, probably. I know I don’t have a problem with the female-focused roster; the series is named after a girl, after all. It’s about time they got the spotlight. I don’t feel like it’s “Link and his Harem” at all here. I feel more like it’s “A bunch of awesome girls kicking ass, but Link is here too because tradition”. But maybe that’s just me?

          Seriously though, Tingle sucks. No Tingle! Bad!

          • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

            Nobody wants to see Tingle kick ass? Disappointing..

            • Willgaea

              His special would involve taking his suit off and revealing his pubes on his man child chest.

              If they do put him in, I hope it’s to lock him in code so I don’t see him.

              • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

                He’ll be DLC! That would totally fit his personality. <_<

          • Hero of Winds

            So glad people like you dun exist on the Zelda sites. XD Everyone’s pulling out hopes for Tingle, Groose, Linebeck, and so on.

      • Akimitsu

        Ganondorf, Ghirahim, possibly Demise, possibly Tingle….and I can’t really think of anyone else. You could have Yuga from LBTW in it as well, and maybe even Vaati.

      • MasterSensei

        Tott confirmed!

    • Six

      “Can we get more male characters?”

      This has got to be some kind of landmark moment.

    • MasterSensei

      There hasn’t been a single male yet….

    • Willgaea

      Peater Joins the battle!


      What about the best warrior in all the lands.

  • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

    When the new character news officially came out, our source just wrote “Lana,” (didn’t mention she was a new character) and nobody had any idea who that was. So we got to speculating.

  • Six

    Looks like Lana may actually be Nayru in some form.


    Hopefully that means there’ll be representations of Din and Farore as well.

  • Six

    Also, here is a tiny scan.