First three screenshots of Forza Horizon 2
posted on 06.03.14 at 08:46 AM EDT by (@salromano)
First look at open-world racer sequel.

Forza Horizon 2

The first three screenshots of Forza Horizon 2 have appeared online.

The newly-announced open-world racing game sequel is coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 this fall.

View the remaining images below.

Forza Horizon 2 Forza Horizon 2

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Bob Obb

    The shot with the yellow Lambo looks to have that trademark Forza lighting where the cars look too shiny/plastic… I’m disappointed they haven’t fixed that yet

  • DeadnBuried

    Still seems stupid to make this 360 as well as Xbox One. These big headline exclusives are supposed to be reasons to upgrade to the next generation of console, but making a 360 version as well only removes that reason, as well as holding back the potential do the Xbox One version.

    Silly Microsoft. I suppose they just want to say “we still care about 360 owners”, despite having clearly not cared for three years.

    • RoninGamer

      No, it’s business. The install base for 360 destroys XBox One. What’s more likely, 360 users buying a $60 game they want, or a $400 console and a $60 game?

      If they have the money they’ve probably already got the console. If they don’t…well then a $60 game is very appealing.

      • Elvick

        With that logic, they shouldn’t have even made the Xbox One and just kept making 360 games until the end of time.

        • RoninGamer

          That makes no sense, 100% of people owning a 360 don’t upgrade on day one. If they didn’t make a 360 version they’d be losing millions. Get serious man.

          • Elvick

            100% of people owning a 360 may never upgrade to Xbox One.

            Thus… my argument that with your logic, they should never make the Xbox One if they want to sell to 360 userbase.

            • RoninGamer

              That’s a good point, and the sad part is.. they probably wouldn’t have if the Ps4 didn’t happen, yay competition.

      • AdamBoy64

        Yeah, that’s a good point.
        Plus the 360 is still in production as well.

        • RoninGamer

          Exactly. They have to phase it out, otherwise you seperate yourself from the majority of your user base…not good for business

      • DeadnBuried

        You say that, and yet I’m fairly sure that the majority of cross-gen games so far have sold far more heavily on the next-gen platforms. Sure, this will sell extra copies on the 360, but it could’ve been a reason for people to spend $400 on a console, plus the game. It’s exclusive games that push console sales, and by making this cross-gen, Microsoft have just taken away one more reason to buy an Xbox One, meanwhile, the One version of this will likely be held back so the core game can run on the 360 as well.

        You say it’s business, I say it’s bad business. Their new console has been drastically out-performed by its rival since they launched, and the best way to pull that back is to say “look at these games that are only on Xbox One”, not “look at these games that you can play on 360 or PC as well as Xbox One!” Now we have Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2 and Dead Rising 3 that aren’t at all selling points for the Xbox One because there available elsewhere, meanwhile the likes of Killzone Shadow Fall, infamous Second Son, DriveClub, The Order 1886 and more that are literally ONLY on PS4. People know that. That resonates with people, and so you have millions of extra sales for the PS4 because it really does provide exclusives, not “console exclusives” or “timed exclusives”.

        • RoninGamer

          Doesn’t matter that the majority of games are selling on next Gen. The fact that a reasonable amount sells on last Gen marks it as a good decision.

          I find it to be fairly ridiculous that people expect last Gen support to stop immediately when a new system comes out. What about the loyal user base on previous Gen? Screw em? That makes good business sense.

          As for the PS4 games you mentioned, two of them aren’t even out yet. Killzone was mediocre at best and Infamous is the only game to be somewhat considered a system mover.

          Last Gen support will be reduced over time, but if there is still money to be made and user base still willing to play games on the platform, then keep selling them.

          • DeadnBuried

            I agree, and disagree with your points. I agree that games should still be made for the older consoles, as people will still use them, so it makes perfect sense for the likes of EA, Ubisoft and Activision to keep their multi-platform games rolling out for them, but I don’t agree that it’s a good decision for Microsoft to make their Xbox exclusives cross-generation. At this point, their main focus should be selling new hardware, Microsoft especially given their disadvantage in sales so far, and making Forza Horizon 2 a 360 game as well is one less reason to upgrade to an Xbox One. And let’s be honest, the loyal userbase clearly means nothing to Microsoft anyway, they’ve just spent the last three years almost entirely ignoring that loyal userbase while they tried to make Kinect games happen.

            And it doesn’t matter that two of those PS4 games aren’t out yet. People that are interested in them, will HAPPILY buy a PS4 now – as millions already have – because they can trust that those games are ONLY going to be on the PS4, and that they’ll be able to make the hardware really sing as there’s no older version to hold it back. The same can’t be said for Microsoft, everyone I know with any interest in it decided not to buy one because Titanfall was already on PC and 360, and they were sure Dead Rising 3 would end up on other platforms too, as Microsoft’s third-party exclusives are only ever timed. Hell, people are still convinced we’ll see a PS4 version of Titanfall within a year.

            If the adoption rate for new hardware and its games were struggling, I’d certainly understand, but it’s not. People are gagging for the new hardware and games, so it makes little sense to keep making cross-gen games that are only ever held back as a result. You can’t really move forward whilst still dragging the past with you.

            So while I agree that the PS3 and 360 are still worth supporting, I don’t think it’s a good idea for platform holders to reduce the impact of their major exclusives by making them available on other platforms.

            • RoninGamer

              Yea those are good points, Microsoft really effed a lot up with the lead up and year one of Xbox One. They’re still trying to right the ship. I’m wondering if they see Horizon as a flagship title or not.

  • Budgiecat

    shackled by cross gen yet again….

    • BossTuff

      Yes, these shots definitely show those shackles. I’m not sure what you’re talking about with this anyway. From what I was reading, the XBO version is running on the Forza 5 engine, whereas the 360 version is on the first Forza Horizon engine. Not really seeing the shackles.

  • AdamBoy64

    Man, the visuals do like nice.
    Granted, it’s only screenshots. But still.

  • bloodiOS

    Should probably add “Sumo Digital” among the tags, Sal.