Final Fantasy Explorers: world, crystals, and first areas detailed
posted on 06.19.14 at 08:07 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, new screenshots of the 3DS action RPG.

Final Fantasy Explorers

Square Enix updated the official website for Final Fantasy Explorers with new details and screenshots on its upcoming 3DS action RPG.

The new information sheds more light on the game’s world, the Crystals that inhabit it, and some of the areas players will visit, including the hub town of Libertas.

Get the new information below.

World View

From the rapid movement of the earth’s crust, a new island called “Amostra” was born.

An enormous amount of “Crystals” are buried on the island of Amostra, and those who gather them are called “Explorers.” One by one, they set foot on the island.

However, the beasts who protect the natural world stand in the way of the Explorers trying to gather the Crystals, making it a difficult voyage.


The stars are the source of energy, which is being drained away by mystical crystals.

All life on this planet has been bestowed with souls of their own by the blessings of the “Crystals,” in turn evolving over time.

And now, humans have used the power of these lives to develop their civilizations.


  • Libertas (Home Town) – The home base of the story. Here, Explorers can accept jobs that can be carried out in various regions. There is also all kinds of shops and an “Airship” to take you to different areas. At the center of the city is a giant crystal, of which there are different ways to make use of.
  • Regi Plains – An area players will visit early in the game. At the depths of the plains, you’ll find a crystal known as the “Grand Crystal,” which is said to be the origin of this world. By the energy of said crystal, the human race has developed.
  • Hibato Volcano – An area filled with magma. Within these flames of purgatory, the beast Ifrit lies dormant. The series’ familiar Bomb monster also lurks here.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • An Tran

    Hope we get more gameplay details soon. I wanna know if the game plays more like FF14 or more like PSO2.

  • SphericalCrusher

    Awesome. Sounds a lot like Final Fantasy Four Heroes of Light. I know Bravely Default was the spiritual successor to that. I’m all for more classic-style Final Fantasy games now that they had success with Bravely. w00t w00t!

    • An Tran

      Nothing like that. This is an Action RPG, not classic turn-based.

      • SphericalCrusher

        I meant the story and the type of game, not gameplay.

    • Zackasaur

      This definitely isn’t “classic,” though it has the style and jobs. As Tran said, it’s an action RPG. With friend/monster co-op, to boot.

      • SphericalCrusher

        I dont mean classic as in copy FF4.. Lol. I just mean its more like classic style over the newer ones. I see that its an action rpg and looks fantastic.

        • Zackasaur

          Ah, so you mean that in terms of style and the (presumably) lacking story. I understand. c:

          Yeah, it looks interesting! Hopefully it turns out well. My 3DS is suffering for games (after 2013 was great), but there is some stuff good stuff this Fall (notably Persona Q, Curtain Call, and Omega Ruby).

          • SphericalCrusher

            Lets hope the story is good, hah! And yeah I am playing catchup on a few 3DS games, etrian odyssey, etc. 2013 was amazing for 3DS. This year hasnt been bad but its slow now

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Game looks good. They said it was an action-RPG so Im assuming its not an MMO style game like some are suggesting.