Final Fantasy Explorers screenshots show Ifrit
posted on 06.23.14 at 08:23 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Ifrit, the Hibto Volcano, Regi Plains, and the town of Libertas.

Final Fantasy Explorers

The latest set of Final Fantasy Explorers screenshots show Ifrit, Regi Plains, the Hibato Volcano, and the town of Libertas.

Ifrit should be a familiar summon to fans of the Final Fantasy series. Players will battle the strong-armed, fire-wielding beast in the Hibato Volcano. He has a variegated attack pattern, which includes fire balls and his special “Hell Fire” attack.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • BlueCereal

    Damn, actually read that as Type-0 first.

  • Elijah Zaharov

    Hope this game will hit West in 2015.

  • RSene

    Will we fight Ifrit or will we summon him?

  • Elijah Zaharov

    According to the preview info — we will fight summons. “The goal of the campaign is to defeat the different generations of Summons.”

    • RSene

      All right, thanks!