Dragon Quest XI development underway
posted on 06.11.14 at 07:55 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Square Enix advancing towards series' 30th anniversary.

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest XI is currently in development, series creator Yuji Horii said during a recent radio program.

Horii appeared on the FM West Tokyo Radio program Mangaku N-Channel SP, where he said the sequel was in development for the first time.

The program featured a look back at the Dragon Quest series, with Horii recalling his personal experiences and stories.

When the topic of Dragon Quest‘s future came up, Horii said development of Dragon Quest XI is advancing towards the series’ 30th anniversary, which is in 2016. He also said he wants to play it on a big screen, suggesting the game is in development for console (rather than smartphones). A specific platform was not revealed.

We last heard of a new Dragon Quest in April, where Horii said that Square Enix is making “the next” game, but wasn’t clear about whether it was Dragon Quest XI.

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  • https://twitter.com/Stealth___ Stealth

    I highly doubt it is for anything other than 3DS. I also thought this news broke a month ago?

  • DesmaX

    Big Screen? Might get localized then

  • Six

    I’m sure if it’s anything other than PS4, it’ll be met with the same outrage that DQ IX’s announcement was.

    That said, I’m gonna go with Wii U, or 3DS because it’s the only platform that isn’t a joke in Japan.

    • Budgiecat

      DQ goes on the most successful platform at the time so we’ll see. Ruling out 3DS based on what he said.

      As long as its not an MMO…and is localized…

  • bloodiOS

    I would love for this to be available on the PS4, or better yet, multiplatform! Stretch it out from consoles to PC to handhelds to mobile devices.

    • DesmaX

      Probably going to be PS4/XOne

      • Six

        I’d be shocked to see it on Xbone in any form.

        • http://www.gameanyone.com/DukeVerde DukeVerde

          Yeah, probably PS4 or Wii U… If anything.

        • Izzeltrioum

          Neo-modern SE is up to such job. Nobody expected a X1 Type-0 release.

          Expect the unexpected.

  • Zukato


    • DarthBrian

      Doubt it. That would require the development team to try.

  • MrRobbyM

    Probably Wii U.

    • DarthBrian


      • bloodiOS

        Doubt it. That would require the development team to try (and the investors would cry.) More like 3DS.

        • Six

          3DS would be the best choice. Big install base and the cheapest to develop for.

          And doesn’t DQ always end up on the best selling platform?

          • bloodiOS

            Yup and what’s the best selling 8th-gen system right now? 3DS…

            • Budgiecat

              Do not want on 3DS. cheap to develop for isn’t on S-E’s MO always anyway (see FF XV, KH III).

              • Six

                But Dragon Quest IX was on the DS, and X was on the Wii and Wii U.

                • Budgiecat

                  Yeah. DS was at it’s peak and Wii was as well and they anticipated Wii U would be a success out the gate (although that obviously wasn’t the case)

                  Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary is 2016.

                  So who knows what console will be top dog by then..

                  • Six

                    Well, the game is in development now, so does it really matter what console will be on top in 2016?

                    • Budgiecat

                      yeah. they’ll develop it on PC and port over to whoever

        • DarthBrian

          Horii said he wanted to play the game on a big screen which implies a console, not a handheld.

          • bloodiOS

            What he wants and what the investors want are two different things.

            • DarthBrian

              Fuck the investors. :p

              • bloodiOS

                They would fuck Horii over first.

                • Six

                  Would they? I mean, he IS the series creator, and it’s THE JRPG series in Japan.

                  • bloodiOS

                    Maybe they won’t? But they could pressure him? The higher up could also make use of drugs and hypnosis.

                    • Six

                      That, or just get Nintendo or Sony to pay the bill. :P Dragon Quest would be a huge console mover in Japan, and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to spend a little green for it.

              • Budgiecat

                investors are fucked :P

          • Elvick

            3DS attachment for Wii U confirmed.

            • Solomon_Kano

              3DS XXL announced

    • Budgiecat

      depends undergarments

    • Quetzalcoatl9999

      I would love it but i find it unlikely.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Guaranteed. DQ goes to the highest selling platform. Pending a huge uptick in PS4 sales, it’s Wii U bound.

      • Elvick

        I guess that means SE really would have zero intention to ever release DQ outside of Japan again. Given PS4 has sold more than Wii U already worldwide.

        *sigh* RIP Dragon Quest


        • Solomon_Kano

          Pretty much :/

          It’s a real shame, too since IX apparently did pretty decently after 8 had done well worldwide. I mean, Nintendo actually had a pretty nice campaign for it, but nobody really followed up on that, so DQ kinda went back to nothing in the west. Wouldn’t have been so bad on DS, Japanese aside, but on 3DS and Wii U…

          I don’t want to say ever, but unless Nintendo gives publishing DQ another shot, yea, I’d wager we don’t see it until it pops back on PlayStation. So never.

  • GetOffMy_Lawn

    Fantastic news. I’m making my first run through DQVIII right now and I’m absolutely in love with it. Can’t wait for this game to come out, regardless of which console it will be on (so long as it’s not smartphones… good lord…)

    • Six

      I’ve never played DQVIII, and I saw that it’s on Android tablets now, but that forced portrait mode, man. D:

      • GetOffMy_Lawn

        If you got a PS2, I would highly recommend snagging a copy from ebay or gamestop and giving it a try (I don’t know if it’s on PSN or not…). It’s really fantastic, and is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite games. I’m about 35 hours in, and there is still SOOO much more for me to explore. The only other Dragon Quest game I have played was IX, and while I loved how much there was to do, I really didn’t care for the lack of memorable characters/story. DQVIII has really great characters/story plus phenomenal, old-school gameplay. And the graphics are beautiful too. Can’t recommend it enough. But yeah, I can’t imagine playing it on a tablet…

      • Anime10121

        VIII=Best DQ imo

        • Six

          I only played IX, and it was pretty disappointing. The multiplayer focus was bleh.

          • Anime10121

            Would have worked better if Japan hadn’t bitched about it being an action rpg (which it was originally) :(

    • Zancrow

      DQ8 is not without reason one of the best games ever made!^^

  • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

    On a big screen, eh? Interesting.

    • bloodiOS

      Maybe it’ll be playable at IMAX theaters xP

  • Protagonist

    PS4 *Drools*

  • Hidayat246

    Dragon Quest XI for Wii U confirmed

    • Anime10121

      Likely, if PS4 sales dont pick up in Japan…

  • talesoffan

    PS4 or WiiU and not an MMO and I’m buying!!! Haven’t played a DQ game since the PS2.

  • TranceFF9

    I hope that FF16 also is in development for the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary in 2017.

    • Lester Rat

      If we get FFXV by 2017, I will be happy…

  • PrinceHeir

    Probably Wii U.

    But i want PS4!! They could use this opportunity to gauge some interest into developing more JRPGs on consoles.

    If this becomes successful. It could signal that they could do other franchises as well like Parasite Eve, Chrono game, Legend of Mana, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile and others!

    Come on Square Enix! Do it now!!

    • Six

      I wish I could share your optimism.

      But c’mon, son.

  • 罪罰

    If it’s not online, I don’t care where it is I’d play it

  • Kobracon


  • LordKaiser

    As long as it’s not like DQ IX or X, I’ll get it and even more if it follows VIII’s legacy.

    • Yvonne Tsang

      Yeah, I really do miss traditional DQ.

  • Christopher Taylor

    Sighs, we wont get this either, you guys fail to understand, if they wont even release the DQ7 Remake to us, why give us DQXI? DQX woulda done well here, all you guys who don’t want a mmo doesn’t understand or know anything about how the game plays AT ALL, you can completely play it solo if you want, what your paying the sub fee for is constant new content coming in, DQX should be every Dragon Quest players wet dream, but you all with your Online Phobias cant see past the MMO part.

    Because of that, all those millions of DQ players in Japan, the ones who did not wanna play it at first because its “Online” are slowly realizing its just as much a Dragon Quest game as 7, as 8, as any of em, and are steadily and happily, playing the game, and paying that sub fee. There is alot to do in DQX and more and more new content, new stories, new quests, new enemies, new classes, new equipment, new features and everything, keeps coming into the game every eight to twelve weeks.

    Every update is a major update, the game gets double the updates and content FFXIV does, and those privileged Japanese players get to all enjoy it, while some of us, real dragon quest players, end up having to import it or play the PC version, using a VPN service to get past the IP block. Some even goes as far as to go learn under a Japanese language tutor, or learn the written language from books, just to play not only X, but other DQ games we will never have localized.

    You all need to wake up, do better research if you instantly turn away from DQX for being “Online” and help in whatever efforts you can think of to get our voices heard, that we want Dragon Quest here. Speculating and hoping wont get us a blasted thing.

    It greatly saddens me, I had to quit FFXIV due to having a falling out with the FC I helped build for a year, being its main tank and number 1 main tank on the server, and didnt had to drive to do it all again on another server with another FC. Because of that, I wanted real badly, DQX to come here, I signed petitions, I shouted my voice in Square Enix presents in this years E3 and last years, I sent letters to SE itself, I did what alot of others did, and I find it depressing that I may never get to play that awesome game, alot of you people with your mmo phobia, is too blind to see what it really is.

    So ill give you guys a wake up call, reason why DQX may not ever come here is because of the sub fee, they know full well how us cheap americans are not willing to pay even a 9.99 sub fee on something, which is equivalent to a large wendies meal, or a burger and fries at a friggen diner that im sure quite alot of you has a couple times per month, instead of spending that 9.99 to be able to make said burger and fries yourself in your home at least three to five times from food you bought yourself at a market. So you cant forgo one meal at a diner or fastfood chain to pay a sub fee? Cuz thats the problem here, alot of american gamers dont understand why the sub fee is important, its to bring content, to keep things localized, to keep giving us more and more things to do in a MMO, DQ is no different.

    When a mmo goes to use a B2P or F2P model, problems always occur, slow updates, RMT activity out of control, bad GM service, pay to win problems, all sorts of nasty stuff, thats why those informed, prefer Pay to Play.

    Sighs, this is the end of my rant, I hope some of you learned something at least.

    • Roger

      A lot of what you said is really valid, kudos for that.

      We do have a chance getting XI though, imo. VII script is so big, pretty much one of the localization issues. Another one would be the case that’s a remake (despite changes and improvements), despite the original ”Dragon Warrior VII” not selling THAT much in 2000’s (DS remakes didn’t sell that well in U.S too). Another one again could be thanks to Squareenix not promoting their RPGs too much (besides FF and KH, or mobile shit). I mean, if it wasn’t for Nintendo localization, West probably wouldn’t have Bravely Default.

      I’m not even mentioning DQ Monsters since monster collecting/raising RPGs don’t have a chance against Pokémon (too bad, both remakes of the first 2 DQM look so good). Squareenix is not localizing it, and neither is Nintendo, it wouldn’t be profitable since they already have their monster breeding RPG (even if DQ/Pkmn plays very different).

      About X not getting localized, despite it being so good, it´s probably about maintenance, pretty much, like you said. Overall, DQ is not popular outside of Japan (which is PRETTY sad) so I doubt too many people would pay the sub fee, like you said …since I REALLY doubt they will try to make another DQ MMO again for 2, 3 or even 4 entries on the main series (similar to FFXI and FFXIV), and since XI will pretty much be a solo game with some online interactions (pretty much like IX was), maaaaybe we could have a chance, depending on how the game is advertised.

      IX sold pretty well outside Japan in 2010, Nintendo made a really solid marketing for that game.

      • Christopher Taylor

        Yes, VII does have a huge script, but it was localized to us before as Dragon Warrior VII, what makes you believe XI wont be just as big of a script? Dont forget, they are looking to put it on a console, thats alot more memory and space they have to play with it, especially if they make the graphics similar to DQX, unless they are going with the graphics engine they once showed at a special Tech Demo, that now you cant ever find anymore.

        For those who don’t know what I am talking about, this Tech Demo featured the DQX battle system, but the graphics and lighting and frame rate was 3x more evolved and smoother, combat was alot faster and the animations more fluid, it featured the Hero from VIII, the big muscled first party member from DQVI and the blonde daughter of the DQV Hero and Bianca, all in the same party together taking on I believe it was a troll. If im willing to bet anything, they are probably gonna make DQXI similar in style and fluidity as that Tech Demo they showed, now that they got the console hardware to do it.

        • Roger

          Not sure how faithful is DQVII PS1’s localization, people from NeoGaf says it’s kinda bad and would need a full localization again…I wonder how big is IX’s script, the game is just poor in text/dialogue in comparison with VII and VIII, at least in the main campaign (not counting all those side-quests).

          Not sure about X too, but since they wanted to make a story a la DQVII, I suspect it´s probably big too.

          • Christopher Taylor

            X has a ridiculous amount of text that keeps making more and more books worth as more gets added to the game, it would require a very large localization team for each language they would wanna bring the game to. They would have to be actively payed for as well, hence the sub fees we would most likely have to pay if we do get it.

  • SOforever

    Like many comments already posted by previous members “not putting localization expectations very high” I felt bad that I couldn’t to give my mom DQ VII (3DS remake)

    I played SNES remake and beat it but the series just isn’t for me. Was born in 1983 so when DQ I released over here in August 89 I was only 5 years old. Maybe if I had grown up during NES era things might have been different :)

    By the time I got an NES the SNES & SEGA Genesis lifespan was about halfway done. Only had SNES we couldn’t afford BOTH

  • SOforever

    why do people not like DQ IX? my mom loves it

    • LordKaiser

      What about you?

      Well the reason why I didn’t like DQIX is because the story is centered on a single character since there’s no party members with their own personalities the story feels way too global.

      • SOforever

        My mom ♥ IX but I couldn’t get into the series sadly

  • SOforever

    I would send emails to SE :) send also to Nintendo or Sony if U wish. Petitions never hurt

  • Budgiecat

    According to the report, Horii announced that they’re currently working on the development of Dragon Quest XI, as the series nears its 30th anniversary (in 2016,) and he wants it to be played on the big screen.

    He reiterated his previous statement that it is not being for mobile devices, but he also added that it’s also not being made for handheld consoles, but they’re currently developing it for the home console.

    While he didn’t specify which console or give an estimate as to when the game might be released, we’ll likely be hearing more about it as its 30th anniversary approaches. The radio show will rebroadcast this episode on June 17, so we might get more details around then.

    Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2014/06/12/dragon-quest-xi-development-will-made-home-consoles/#Ke233VEjE32vg1pp.99

  • Elvick

    Console would be nice… /hopes crushed

  • http://twitter.com/M_Demolish Demolish

    i wish for ps4 or Vita :D

  • Robert Lawson

    Nintendo said there are two games yet to be revealed today, spoiler then?

  • Ren Baron

    Ugh. Us Dragon Quest fans in North America have had our hearts broken so many times by Square Enix.

    • SOLOmio

      Don’t forget Europe!

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Let me throw a guess PS4 then.
    Just guessing here

    • Lightthrower

      Can you imagine if they go the way of DQ8 and they make 11 on PS4? O-M-G!

    • miyamoto

      100% correct

  • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

    Just wanted to toss out a hearty, “Don’t forget about us Western fans, Mr. Horii!”. Like he has any sway… it’s all Square’s decision when it comes to passing on them. And it sucks that they barely work with anyone else (Nintendo of America) to release their games here.

    If Square thinks they’re worthless, than open up talks to publishers like XSeed (or Nexon or somebody, in the case of Dragon Quest X). Let them share the “risk”, I’m sure there are publishers who will be thrilled to have Dragon Quest in their portfolio. Just bring them back here again!

    I hope this new game is actually multiplatform though. For the good of building up Dragon Quest as a series in the West, don’t go exclusive. Get it out to as many gamers as possible who may be interested in finally checking it out. PC, PS4, Wii U, 3DS, Vita… even the XBone (where, like, 3 people will play it)

  • miyamoto

    3oth Anniversary game will be on PLAYSAVIOUR4