Over 45 new entertainment apps coming to Xbox
posted on 06.04.14 at 01:05 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Twitter, Vine, HBO GO, ShowTime Anytime, and more.

Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed more than 45 new entertainment applications coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 by the end of the holiday season.

The list includes Twitter integration, Vine, HBO GO, ShowTime Anytime, Comedy Central, and Major League Gaming.

Find the full list of apps below, with more details here.

  • Antena 3. Xbox One: ES
  • ChiliTV. Xbox One: IT
  • Comedy Central. Xbox One: US
  • Crunchyroll. Xbox One: AU, AT, BR, CA, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, MX, NZ, UK, US
  • ENCORE Play. Xbox One: US
  • EPIX. Xbox One: US
  • Filmbox Live. Xbox 360: AR, AU, AT, BE, BR, CA, CL, CO, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, GR, HK, HU, IN, IE, IL, IT, JP, MX, NL, NZ, NO, PL, PT, RU, SA, SG, SK, ZA, KR, ES, SE, CH, TW, TR, AE, UK, US
  • Fox Play. Xbox One: MX, BR. Xbox 360: MX, BR, AR, CO, CH
  • Frightflix. Xbox One: US
  • FXNOW. Xbox 360: US
  • Gol TV. Xbox One: ES
  • GoPro. Xbox One: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, AU, BR, AT, NZ, IR
  • HBO GO. Xbox One: US: Xbox 360: MX, BR, AR, CO, CH
  • iHeartRadio. Xbox One: US
  • Infinity. Xbox One: IT
  • IVI. Xbox 360: RU
  • KDrama. Xbox One: AU, AT, BR, CA, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, MX, NZ, UK, US. Xbox 360: AR, AU, AT, BE, BR, CA, CL, CO, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, GR, HK, HU, IN, IE, IL, IT, MX, NL, NZ, NO, PL, PT, RU, SA, SG, SK, ZA, ES, SE, CH, TW, TR, AE, UK, US
  • maxdome. Xbox One: AT, DE
  • MLG. Xbox One: US, UK, CA, AU
  • MOVIEPLEX Play. Xbox One: US
  • MTV. Xbox One: US
  • NBA. Xbox One: AT, AU, BR, CA, FR, DE, IE, IT, MX, ES, NZ, UK, US
  • NHL. Xbox One: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, AU, BR, AT, NZ, IR. Xbox 360: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, JP, AU, BR, NL, SE, RU, TW, PL, IN, HK, TR, BE, AT, NZ, SA, AR, NO, CH, SG, ZA, IR, DK, CO, CL, FI, CZ, HU, IL, GR, PT, SK
  • Now TV. Xbox One: UK
  • Picturebox. Xbox 360: UK
  • Popcornflix. Xbox One: US
  • ShowTime Anytime. Xbox 360: US
  • Sky News. Xbox One: UK, IE, US, CA. Xbox 360: UK, IE, US, CA
  • Sky Online. Xbox One: IT
  • STARZ Play. Xbox One: US
  • STV. Xbox 360: UK
  • Syfy Now. Xbox One: US
  • Target Ticket. Xbox One: US
  • TuneIn. Xbox One: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, AU, BR, AT, NZ, IR
  • TV2. Xbox 360: DK
  • Twitter. Xbox One: US
  • USA Now. Xbox One: US
  • VEO. Xbox One: MX. Xbox 360: MX
  • Vevo. Xbox One: CA, US, AU, FR, DE, IR, BR,ES, IT, UK, NZ
  • VH1. Xbox One: US
  • Vine. Xbox One: US
  • WATCH ABC. Xbox 360: US
  • WATCH Disney Channel. Xbox 360: US
  • WATCH Disney Junior. Xbox 360: US
  • WATCH Disney XD. Xbox 360: US
  • Watchever. Xbox One: DE
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  • AlphaSixNine

    That’s a lot of apps I couldn’t care less about. Great news for those who want them I guess.

  • BossTuff

    Finally! HBO Go. I can stop using crappy on demand now for my game of thrones…

    • MrFinalgamer

      Now you can watch stuff like the Red Wedding, and tweet about it at the same time!!!!

      • BossTuff

        Welcome to last season, pshaw.

  • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

    Don’t care for entertainment apps personally, I have my computer for that

  • Wolf Star

    I already have a TV. Meh I just want games.

    • Invisbin

      Basically. I don’t know anyone that goes “Hold on, lemme get on my Xbox one for Twitter.”.

      Probably just trying to steal the mobile phone audience.

      • McPoo

        Might be handy for tweeting screenshots and stuff, if they allow for it.

  • http://nichegamer.net/ bf313

    The lack of an MLS Live app really pisses me off considering Microsoft is a sponsor of the league.

  • new_tradition

    That’s a lot of apps. I don’t hate the idea of them since I do use Netflix on my PS3, but will all of them have exclusive content from each other?

    Never mind the end user likely won’t use all of these apps (plus it seems stuff is only offered in certain regions?), but doesn’t this cost Microsoft money to have on the XBOX One? Or am I wrong..?

    • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

      It doesn’t cost Microsoft Money unless they go after the app to bring it to the platform/make it exclusive. However what it’s benefit really is, is keeping users connected to Live via Xbox 360 and or Xbox One, which is far more beneficial.

  • SuperLuigi

    I like how some people are acting like this is somehow a bad thing to have more options…

    • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

      Well I don’t get consoles for TV but for those that do this is great

      • SuperLuigi

        Why not both? It’s not like adding these features took away any games. Heck they started giving away games also today. Got Spartan assault today for free. Love it and if I want to view my crunchroll after playing for a bit I switch crunchroll on the same system. I like the “all in one” aspect. But to each their own.

        • McPoo

          Same, my Xbox has become pretty much the centre of the living room, with all my tv and gaming coming from it. I really love it, it’s dead cool being able to switch between everything instantly and without touching a remote.

          • AdamBoy64

            I’ve always dismissed using apps in the past, but I think maybe I should give it a chance.

    • Unretributed

      Only because its Xbox. If Sony or Nintendo announced all these apps people here would be going apeshit.

  • McPoo

    Vine with the Kinect could be pretty cool, although probably limits creativity if you’re confined to one spot >_>

  • AdamBoy64

    For me, I think Skype on the X1 is the most useful app. Like, that’s really useful.

    I don’t think I’d get much use out of any of these – however the NBA App might help me become a fan.

    • McPoo

      It’s even better now you can snap it too :p

      I agree about most of those apps though, most stuff there I have no interest in. There’s no BBC iPlayer or anything yet either. I wouldn’t use it, but I know it’s something people in the UK expect now.

  • Akari Akaza

    So…finally! Xbox show some Anime love…Still don’t convince me to get one Xbox is not my taste.