XSEED localizing latest Harvest Moon as Story of Seasons
posted on 05.28.14 at 09:19 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Harvest Moon gets a new name as it switches publishers.

Story of Seasons

XSEED Games is localizing the latest Harvest Moon game, known as Harvest Moon: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi in Japan, as Story of Seasons. That’s just Story of Seasons—not Harvest Moon: Story of Seasons.

Since XSEED, a subsidiary of Marvelous AQL, is taking over localization duties, it can’t use the Harvest Moon name, which is owned by Natsume, who has localized the series up until now. In Japan, the series is known as Bokujo Monogatari (Farm Story), thus the different owner of the English name.

Story of Seasons, due out this year in North America, will let players fully customize their own character and become the newest resident of Oak Tree Town, a small settlement filled with “promises of new beginnings” and “hard work and significant relationships.” Players will tend to crops, become an everyday farmer, and amass the resources necessary to customize and expand their farms.

Thanks, IGN.

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  • kurosan9712

    Lets see if they take the same sh*tty path as Natsume did with awful dub only politics and crappy name changes.

    I feel I’ll have a good laugh.

    • Guest

      Those game translations were fine, aside from glitches and typos. =P

  • DarthBrian

    Based XSEED. <3

    I hope the game is good.

  • http://twitter.com/RaiuLyn Raiu

    Good luck on letting people know that it’s a Harvest Moon but it’s not, Xseed..

    • Taedirk

      If only all the gaming news sites would report how the new “We-can’t-call-it-Harvest-Moon” game is part of the series with a new publisher…

  • Budgiecat

    oh wow were we off.

  • Jesse

    Sooo…why are they dropping the Harvest Moon name, exactly?

    • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

      Natsume owns it.

      • Jesse

        Oh, ok. ….that just raises the question of why THEY aren’t bringing it over. XD;

        • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

          I guess because Marvelous AQL owns XSEED, so it makes more sense for their own subsidiary to bring it over.

          • DarthBrian

            Yeah, what Sal said. :p

          • Jesse

            I guess that makes sense. This might cause some confusion for a bit, though.

    • Taedirk

      Because Natsume owns the name.

  • Gammalad

    I always thought Natsume and Marvelous had a good relationship with each other, I would think that even though yeah they own XSEED they would continue with Natsume since they have had a long partnership with each other,

    • Audie Bakerson

      Natsume has brought us every type of translation error in every game and even cut features on purpose (DS Cute) and has cruised by doing because the series is still massively successful despite this. I can’t say I’ll weep for them. Maybe it will force them to bring something else over.

      • Gammalad

        Still I feel like their localization has gotten better over the years. Ah well my biggest concern is losing the Harvest Moon name since the name alone easily sells the game. So I am hoping Marvelous AQL does try and get the rights to the Harvest Moon name.

  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    So… I want to play this game because it has “dating” mechanisms… but not really sure about the farming lol… please help me

  • Yes

    can’t wait not to plant a single crop and ranch my ass off

  • 罪罰

    R.I.P. Harvest Moon (as in, the name)
    #based XSEED.

  • AlphaSixNine

    Story of Seasons will take some getting used too. Harvest Moon is deeply engraved in my heart and soul already. It’s gonna be pretty hard to change it after many years of being with the name. XD

    Still… Great news we’re getting localization. I don’t really mind the name change, I just hope it doesn’t have a negative effect on sales. Harvest Moon is a well known name.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

    Funny. When everyone was theorizing on what the game could be due to the hints we kept getting, I was talking with Tom from XSEED on Facebook and he shot down 3 of my ideas, but as soon as I said:

    “I don’t know then. I’m all out of ideas here. I’m grasping at straws, but between the sunhat, the flower, and the rain, the only thing I can even think of at this point is Harvest Moon.”

    He stopped replying, lol. I just figured he got busy or had already said too much, but it’s kind of funny to see my last guess was actually right :p

  • azureknight

    Maybe Natsume will the sell the name to Marvelous one day.

  • new_tradition

    Will Xseed be allowed to put some kind of disclaimer on the game? Something like “formerly known as Harvest Moon, comes the next installment, etc”. I just see a lot of fans who don’t keep up with the news won’t know this is still a Harvest Moon game in everything but name.

  • http://kazriko2.tumblr.com Kazriko Redclaw

    Given the great work they did with the Falcom stuff and Wild Arms 4 they’ve brought over, I think the game is in good hands.

  • Elvick

    Poor Natsume. Now they have nothing really.

  • Lara Croft

    Love the Harvest Moon games :-)