Tales of Zestiria introduces new character Dezel
posted on 05.14.14 at 09:31 AM EDT by (@salromano)
A man seeking revenge on the Hyouma who took a friend.

Tales of Zestiria

Jump this week reveals a new character set to appear in Tales of Zestiria.

Dezel, voiced by Daisuke Ono and designed by Daigo Okumura, is 185cm tall and wields a Pendulum. He is a Family of Heaven member of the wind attribute, and a man who works in the shadows of human society in order to track down and get revenge on the Hyouma who took a friend.

In battle, he moves in a calculated manner by covering the surrounding area with his Pendulum. He can perform Heaven Echo Artes from afar both vertically and laterally.

Dezel’s quote reads: “I’ll say this much: you’d better stay out of my way. I don’t care if you’re a doshi, I won’t tolerate your interference.”

Three new battle system elements are also introduced. First, there’s the self-explanatory “Around Step.” Then there’s the “Blast Gauge,” which when used, players can recover health and push away enemies. Finally, there’s the “Spirits Chain,” which lets players freely combine attacks while draining the gauge.

A new dungeon, the Damunonia Art Museum, is also shown.

Tales of Zestiria is in development for PlayStation 3.

Thanks, @kazu4281.

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  • Hatsuaki

    Ono Daisuke. That is all.
    But really, his design is very cool. This is why I think Okumura should be let in other tales games more often

    • https://twitter.com/GaleGlory89 KiQun

      His design is very down to the earth, no flashy or unnecessary trinket.

      • http://youtube.com/kentamidorin Karmistral

        The irony is that he’s a Wind element. But that said, I agree. Needs more Okumura in Tales

        • Samsara09

          Okumura getting some mains roles as a designer is gonna put some fresh air in the designs.

    • Samsara09

      The voice doesn’t necessarily make the caracter badass. Consider Snow,who in japanese was voiced by Ono Daisuke.He is passable,though,in my eyes.

      if the caracter is intended to be badass 120%,the voice being superb is a natural consequence.Just look at Gaius.

      Well,the guy is a great VA and I am sure Dezel will be badass!
      And yes,I think Okumura should get more important jobs,he is really good.

      • Hatsuaki

        Haha, I agree, but it’s just that Ono Daisuke is a big hit seiyuu and I’ve personally been waiting for his chance to voice a character. I’m sure we’ll get a better idea when they update the official website with voice samples. I personally never had any problem with Snow’s voice; honestly, it’s better for a seiyuu to be able to show a wide range of voices than to stay with the same one forever.

        • Samsara09

          yes,i love voice actors that can switch their voice with such skill and have such a large range.That is impressive,especially because it is a skill I will probably never learn,lol.

      • PrinceHeir


        And what about Snow’s voice? He sounds awesome.

        He also did Jotaro which is made him more badass than he already is.

  • shit

    Ono Daisuke?? I’m in love already!

    • Samsara09

      Snow was voiced by him.And well,his popularity is quite polemic.I did find him badass but yeah,tough subject.

      • shit

        I love Daisuke Ono tho and i like Dezel’s design so he’s already a fave for me. Also, i don’t dislike Snow so i’m fine

  • http://fr.twitch.tv/Nhatalya Aleksandrina

    That’s a very nice design. Different from what we can usually see. I think he’s going to be the “traitor” character.

    Hoping for a total of 8 playable characters. If that’s the case, one more female character, and one more male character.

  • https://twitter.com/GaleGlory89 KiQun

    He is a good candidate for a “traitor”-type.

    With the theme of passion, I hope the “outlaw turn good” tropes won’t be expressed too much cliche.

  • fyi1191

    And here, my sis (fangirl) and I were thinking whether OnoD has a “Tales of” role.
    Next “Tales of” character for Nakamura Yuuichi. -fingers crossed-

  • LunarHaven

    OOOO he looks cool, can’t wait to see what this badass can do in battle!

    • sub_o

      Or maybe you could say, he dazzles.

      • LunarHaven

        Heaven Echo Dazzle lol

  • desponent

    Scias is that you?

  • Wolf Star

    This character looks badass!! :D

  • Nitraion

    They really do it in reverse…
    Usually fire and earth represent by guy
    while wind and water usually a girl
    but well done chara design i am surprised the wind element is the cool one

  • Ryumoau

    Every new info on this game gets me excited. i really hope it releases early next year and has a worldwide release around the same time.

    • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

      I too am hyped. It’ll play like graces which some of best mystic artes.

  • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

    Wasn’t there one commentor who called this? He said there’d be a new character? Had that speak and say in his avatar….

  • http://s932.photobucket.com/ usagi_san

    Did someone mention ‘pendulum’?


    Anyways, this game is sounding awesome with each article. Loving this character.


  • Six

    Looks like we got our mysterious badass drifter/bountyhunter/whatever character.

    All we need now is the token old guy and annoying little kid.

    • Blarg

      I think Edna might be the little kid type.

  • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

    As afan of Wild Arms I like his designs. He’ll likely be the shady possible turncoat in the party. The one person Slay has to make friends with overtime.

    • Ryumoau

      i really wish Xseed would do an HD remake of Wild Arms 3. It was the first rpg i played on ps2 and got me interested in the genre.

      Though i hope they remove that annoying search system, where you have to find every town and dungeon yourself. I don’t have the patience for that anymore. lol

      • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

        I wish there would be more WILD ARMS games even a 6 game. But everytime I look up Media Vision is doing games for other devs or publishers. Same for triAce and cyber connect. Maybe money is tight and those 3 companies can’t afford to make those games in this age of gaming.

  • Raziel Kõbe

    It’s been three months and has already been revealed 6 characters. Will it be just that? I think not :)

    • MrRobbyM

      I think it’s safe to say to expect another one. But I think 7 will be it.

      • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

        8 I say, for an even 4 & 4 groups in battle.

  • $61526767

    I can’t help but love his design. Simply gorgeous! I hope to see game-play soon.

  • articuzwolf

    on the other hand, Persona 5 just introduces new cha…chair

    • EX+

      When the hell are they gonna release news on that game?! Lol

      • Guest

        when it was first announced (6 MONTHS AGO), I was like…okay, I’ll watch 1-2 trailers and I’m done, I don’t want to be spoiled before actually playing it…

        • kaotron

          I know it’s called a teaser for a reason but c’mon, at least show more than a picture of a chair and some pretentious quotes.

          I try to avoid some spoilers but the least I wanted to see was a little trailer or character portraits.

          • Samsara09

            we know it is coming this year.That is good enough,right,final fantasy XV?

            • kaotron

              yeah, I still remember back when I heard that it was coming winter 2014, I doubted it would come out that early since they’ve literally revealed nothing about the game so far.

              the people behind persona are almost as secretive as square but at least it has a release somewhere in sight.

  • ludgerWkresnik

    this guy have traitor vibe on him ..

    • Samsara09

      yes,but we should be careful.It would be really funny if he turns out to be a red herring.
      People think they are smart and that tales of is cliche with the traitor because they snuffed out Alvin…without noticing Alvin was intentionally made to be crystal clear he was pulling our legs.

      • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

        Yeah I think Alvin was always suppose to be WHY he’s a traitor and him breaking the habit. NOT IF he was one. To me the traitor idea got big from Leon in Destiny now its a tradition that people expect. Its not always about who’s using who but why and if you can still care about them after. Some people argue that Alvin deserved to be the lead chara due to all the depth he had and his habit of trying to always be on the winning side.

        • Samsara09

          yes,people think it is too obvious that Dezel looks like a traitor so he could be a red herring,or that the traitor is someone beyond suspicions.

          Alvin shows how both issues mean nothing,and in fact that doesn’t stop him from being a good traitor,so to speak.

          • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

            What do you mean, both issues mean nothing? Finding the traitor and why they are a traitor?

            • Samsara09

              Alvin looked too much like a traitor.I imagine some must have said at the time that the game was pulling our leg,using him as bait.

              Alvin was someone who everyone was suspicious of,ever since minute 1.He didn’t even try to hide it…and one could see that,although he was friendly,he made few clear efforts to trust the party and let them trust him.

              people say Alvin sucked because of how transparent his treasonous behavior was,especially because of how recurrent it was.But I say it’s the opposite:This was his strongest point.

              I believe that many people out here,in the real world,are like Alvin.They cheat,lie and betray to get where they want,but when things get too much for them,they crack.When they realize how insignificant and expendable they are,or that they are being deceived,they crack.They are cowards.

              The reason why Jude always gave second and third chances to Alvin was probably because they are so similar.Behind Jude’s mask as a honor student,he was a coward,just like Alvin.Were it not for Jude’s father,his mother,Milla and leia,he would have ended like Alvin-a man that would continuously run away from his responsibilities and from the consequences of his actions.

              Well,there was also the issue that Alvin’s motivation was sympathetic,that he needed help and that letting him accompany the party would let them keep an eye on him.

              • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

                I guess I see that. But I wouldn’t say Jude masked cowardice with honor. I think he tried to be strong and would falter at times. There were times he’d bounce back on his own and act asthe more mature chara compared to the rest of the cast. And it takes guts to stand up for what you believe in, something he did the whole game thru.
                As for Al he was a con man but there was good in him. Like you said his habit of using peopleis very “human” and realistic. And I respected the writers for having the guts to have a character be bad for so long just to make a point about how people can be.

                • Samsara09

                  He carried on through 2/3 by clinging to Milla,saying she was his reason for fighting.But I would say that was positive,since Milla began to rub off on Jude.That is why her “meaningless” death,in Jude and Alvin’s eyes,broke Jude so much.Alvin too,in a twisted way,clinged to Milla,and he felt guilt by betraying her all the time,even as it led to her death.That is why he was so broken he almost went insane.

                  What I meant about Jude was that he lacked most of the conviction that Milla has,but thanks to his parents,Leia and later Milla,he would lack conviction,but not to the point of lying and cheating,like Alvin.He was between Alvin and milla,so as to say.

                  Jude is also a kid,compared to Alvin,so I understand you not getting my point…but kids that lack a certain level of conviction,like Jude from before meeting Milla,generally turn out to become adults similar to Alvin.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I really like the outfit of Dezel it makes him look cool and stand out.

  • Northstar

    Edna is the traitor. That cute face don’t fool me!

    • MrRobbyM

      She does have a rather emotionless, evil look in her eyes doesn’t she? I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be Dezel. I don’t need another cool dude type that betrays you…

      • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

        I think sometimes they do that with cool types to make them bad boys who don’t mind going against the crowd.

    • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

      Very possible.

    • Samsara09

      I wouldn’t say traitor.I would say we are gonna have to battle her.For instance,tales of rebirth.We have to battle against all of the playable caracters when they go berserk.I think Edna was corrupted.it is probably hidden by her glove.

  • articuzwolf

    lots of family of heavens in the group…the MC will be seen as a retard or idiot by other people since not everyone could see them…it’s like a haunted group that confused the shit out of everyone…including the monster?

    • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

      Yeah, like he’s a ghost medium and sorts out the spirits problems.

  • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

    Seems like they have too many mages. I hope Dezel and all others after are melee. Right they have only two.

    • Samsara09

      it is for this reason I am willing to bet we are getting two more humans.After all,the mages this game need humans to fend off enemies

  • Samsara09

    He looks like Hazana from blazblue.Well,he is a good person,considering he is exposing himself to evil just to get back at the hyouma that got his friend…but Dezel is too rowdy and rough.I wouldn’t be surprise if a situation snapped him and we have to fight him.

    I criticized people for jumping the gun earlier with calling each new caracter a traitor.But Dezel looks like a traitor…

    • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

      You were right another chara was named. Do you think he’s more melee than magic?

      • Samsara09

        well,the tenzoku(family of heaven) are mages,first and foremost.They may have long distance artes,but they are still just mages.They need humans to fend off the enemies.Considering there are two artists with just one caracter and how we have only two humans to back up 4 tenzoku,we may have to more humans:June 11,july 10.

        also,it seems this game has something that resembles link artes…”Finally, there’s the “Spirits Chain,” which lets players freely combine attacks while draining the gauge”

        “Then there’s the “Blast Gauge,” which when used, players can recover health and push away enemies”

        i imagine this is how we are gonna blast away the enemies that corner the tenzoku.

        • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

          Yeah the next melee humans should be axe and a twin dagger user. No axe users in the main cast since Symphonia.

          • Samsara09

            Karol Capel,Yuri Lowell-tales of vesperia,lol.
            Galando Grinus,tales of hearts R.He uses a sword and an axe…one of them,I think it is the axe,he uses as a “boomerang”,like Malik from Graces

            Dagger:Ange Serena(tales of innocence R),Jay(tales of legendia),Zelos Wilder/Kratos Aurion(tales of symphonia).

            The issue with dagger is that it lacks attack power,so the caracter would either need to be a mage or be a ninja/assassin.Having two won’t change much.

            • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

              My bad when I think of karol I think of hammers. And I know there have been dagger users but twin dagger is often not done. Its usually a dagger and a free hand. Yuri used swords more often than axes and they removed axes from him in the ps3 version. I guess he was too OP.

  • Samsara09

    Merculio,the water tenzoku-plays by the rules of his tribe
    Edna,the earth tenzoku-for some odd reason,she is a hermit
    Layla,the fire tenzoku-she was sealed away in a sword
    Dezel,the wind tenzoku-he forsook the tribe and went rogue to get revenge.

    Quite a motley crew Slay is gathering up.Oh well,I did expect the wind tenzoku would be an possible zuko and he would be living with the humans,but this sure is too good…easily surpassed my expectations.

  • OrangeArmy

    He looks like the love child of Johnny from Guilty Gear and Urahara from Bleach. Seriously though, I am loving the look of the characters in this game, really looking forward to it.

  • MTK

    This is looking to be the best tales game, I also think they should have this on both ps3 and ps4. Why cause i seen plenty of people abandoning there ps3 for ps4 and they won’t go back just for a game.

    • Bobby Jennings

      Japan just kept both.

      They might release it on PS4 after they get their profits from the PS3 version.

      • kaotron

        instead of remaking games/porting like they did with tomb raider & tlou I think it’d be better if they just devoted their time to making newer games. The graphical gap between ps3 and the ps4 isnt that big. But I guess this is what happens when the next gen doesnt have backwards compatibility…

        • Samsara09

          yes,instead of paying the extra price for the function,we pay it through fucking remasters.

          i think the money on the function is less than what I spent in those cheap,cash grab rpgs remasters from this gen.

        • Bobby Jennings

          Have you seen Infamous Second Son? Compare that to Infamous 1 or 2….

          the graphical gap is huge. Though the HD remakes don’t take advantage of this.

          • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

            Infamous second son was an all around fun game. Had a decent story too. I’m sure they would’ve put it on PS3 if they didn’t want a full breakable environment and larger scale city.

      • Blarg

        PS4 with a bunch of added content. -cough- Vesperia anyone? -cough-

        • Bobby Jennings


    • Samsara09

      whoever abandons the PS3 like this is an idiot and probably isn’t worthy of this game and persona 5.

  • Raoni Marques

    Mofo’s sharp-dressed, looking slick, and ready to kick some ass. Really dig the design on this one.

  • bloodiOS

    I keep thinking that that his name is Diesel…

  • Zukato

    Level up!

  • fireemblembeast

    So like, most of the characters are from the Family of Heaven? I hope we get more playable characters though. ^_^
    And…a pendulum? These weapons are getting weirder and weirder. I love it.

  • new_tradition

    Interesting design and style. I’m curious if his hair covering his eyes is gonna be story related, or if he’s really just gonna look like that for the whole game xD

  • Roger

    Fusionic Chain Linear Motion Battle System, is that the full name of the new battle system? Hopefully it will be good.
    I liked Xillia’s one, but felt the characters turned into killer beasts waaaay too fast. Not really a fan of the links too….

    • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

      I agree on the links . The battles will be like graces but I hope you can jump and do lots of mystics.

      • Roger

        Indeed. Graces f battle system was so addicting.

        If this turns out to be like that + Destiny R aerial combos, will surely be good.

        • https://www.behance.net/cobaltcomet KOKAYI5

          Agreed. Over the years though I’ve noticed them downplaying rapid use of arcane and mystic artes. Usually havin one gauge that only can be used once before it’s all gone. If that’s the way it’ll be from on, I hope they do like Graces and have titles that allow you still mystics when you do 25, 50, or 75 hit combos.

  • Izzeltrioum

    “which lets players freely combine attacks while draining the gauge.”

    Does this mean my prayers at combining artes while REAL-TIME (Not scripted) are becoming greenlit? Hope it turns that way,

    And very liking TOZ designs so far. Now only if they release a trailer with Shiina’s music………………………..