Sunset Overdrive previews show new footage
posted on 05.13.14 at 01:02 PM EDT by (@salromano)
A little more on top of last week's video.

Sunset Overdrive

Several outlets have gone live with new video previews for Sunset Overdrive, offering a host of new footage on top of last week’s video.

You’ll see a bit of old footage in the mix, but there’s new footage, as well.

Watch the clips below.

Xbox Wire



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  • shogunknight

    Everyone is busy in the $399 kinect thread ;)

    Edit: Its also getting hot in there

    • BossTuff

      I might need to change my pants after this…got a spare pair?

      • shogunknight


  • MrRobbyM

    Some of this new footage has slightly changed my opinion on the game for the better. The “robust customization” and “tons of missions”(or something close to that) sounds promising but I’d have to see it in action.

  • Six

    Looking good. I really hope the do what the Saints Row games do before release and put up the character creator thing as a demo.

  • Sevyne

    This game really looks incredibly fun. If I ever decide to get an XBox One I’ll probably check this out.

  • Solomon_Kano

    This genuinely looks fun. Like, this is the Insomniac that gave us Ratchet cranked up to 11. Dat color palette.

    “If you’re not moving, you’re probably dead.”

    So… Crackdown x Tony Hawk x Vanquish, then? I can dig it.