Senran Kagura 2 new feature introduction trailers
posted on 05.09.14 at 07:26 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Introducing pair battles, costume destruction, and other elements.

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

Marvelous AQL has released five new gameplay introduction videos for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson.

Introduced in the clips are pair battles, pair direction, joint secret ninja arts, weapon changing, and costume destruction.

The 3DS game, a sequel to Senran Kagura Burst, is due out in standard and limited editions in Japan on August 7.

Watch the videos below.

Pair Battles

Pair Battles support two characters. Your partner will fight automatically, but you can also issue directions. The combination of pairs is completely open. It is not limited to those in the same camp—it is also possible to form pairs with rival characters. You can invoke various actions, such as combos and counterattacks, by accurately timing to substitute for your partner character.

Pair Direction

Characters’ entrance and victory scenes vary depending on who they’re paired up with.

Joint Secret Ninja Arts

The way that Secret Ninja Arts play out has been changed up to allow for better tempo. Joint Secret Ninja Arts can be activated with a partner character. As companionship with your partner increases, so will the attack power of your Joint Secret Ninja Arts. The dynamics of pair combinations have also changed.

Weapon Change

It is now possible to change which weapon your character holds. But because there is no difference in ability, you can simply choose the appearance of your liking. It is also possible to attach “Shinobi Gems” to your weapon, which will add buffs such as increase attack power, self-healing, or negate enemy fire attacks.

Costume Destruction

The costumes of all enemy characters, including the small fry, can be destroyed. Once an enemy is defeated, it can be viewed in the Reference Room’s Enemy Encyclopedia. The destruction of costumes has become seamless.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • kurosan9712

    Limited Edition will be mine(for sure, since it’s already pre-ordered).

    Good thing that in summer I have only a few titles to get. Else I’d starve to death.

    • OverlordZetta

      You’ve got a Japanese 3DS? Lucky!

      • kurosan9712

        No luck, just simple and plain calculation.
        I knew a lot of games I would like will NEVER ever reach the west(and it’s so. half of my game collection is far from the western shores, and another half took too long to localize), and I bought a japanese 3DS.
        I also have a high amount of hatred towards english voice-acting, and who knows when a localization company decides to do a game in eng voice only. Thus I knew my choice was the right one.
        Oh, and I know japanese too, so buying any other 3DS was stupid.

        I’ll do the same for WiiU, btw. Planning to get it at the end of summer with Zelda Musou and Taiko WiiU Version.

  • TheExile285

    Ah cool, was hoping they’d add weapon change. Joint SNAs look really cool. Lol Yomi.

  • Eder García

    waiting for US release…

  • Kayseur

    I kind of wish the weapons had different stats and effect, but since they added that gem system it’s probably unnecessary. In any case it’s looking great.

    Just like how they added lots of little things in Dekamori that made the difference (in the changing room for example) they’re doing lots of good things in this one. They know how to improve their previous games, that’s cool.

  • Eclipse

    I’m really liking those new features, especially the part about forming pairs with rival characters.

    I can’t wait to put together my tag-team of Ikaruga & Yomi <3

  • MrKappa

    A vast improvement over the first game.

  • DrForbidden

    And if Shinovi Versus sells well, the US might actually get a physical release for this…

    Fingers crossed…

  • PrinceHeir

    Lol no one commented here that much, but Shinovi Versus got instantly 100+ comments :P

    • fyi1191

      Reason : region lock and region free consoles.

    • OlimacFTW

      And your point is?
      This game, right now is in development stage and the other was announced to western release, hence the quantity of comments.

      • PrinceHeir

        Lol what a pointless dumb question

        All i’m saying people commented on the Shinovi Versus article since people are interested in the series itself and you would want more info on the next game in the series.

        “This game, right now is in development stage and the other was announced to western release”

        So? There are other games that are in development that have NO western released date or announcement yet it still has tons of comments.