Samurai Warriors 4 coming west this fall, PS4 version added
posted on 05.21.14 at 08:37 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Upcoming sequel on display at this weekend's MCM London Comic-Con.

Samurai Warriors 4

Samurai Warriors 4 is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in North America and Europe this fall, Tecmo Koei announced.

In Japan, the game was released on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in March. A PlayStation 4 version is not yet announced for the territory.

The hack-and-slash game will be on display with an animated debut western trailer at MCM London Comic-Con from May 23 to 25.

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  • Unretributed

    Physical Vita version please?

    • MyBodyIsReady

      Wouldn’t be surprised. Dynasty warriors and Toukiden did. Fingers crossed :)

    • devilmaycry0917

      maybe yes for NA, not a slight chance for EU/AU though

  • Anime10121

    This the game with Atelier/DoA costumes?

  • Ta23 Ta28


  • Budgiecat

    I was thinking this was gonna happen the other day too….

    Now if only Capcom would get their head out of their ass and localize Sengoku Basara 4 (and give it proper marketing)

    • Zancrow

      Japanese voices would be preferable for a Japanese game taking place in Japan. Unlike Sengoku Basara 3/Samurai Heroes with its horrible English dub.

      • SerendipityX

        wut? I really enjoyed the English dub for Samurai Heroes, one of the few dubs where the VAs actually had some emotion behind their lines.

        • Zancrow

          Eh, I’m not a fan of it, since they butchered Kenshin’s voice. “Horrible” was maybe too strong a word, but I prefer the Japanese dub.
          Nothing can beat Kazuya Nakai! ^^

      • ShadowFang

        Normally, I’d agree with you. Heck, I played a good chunk of Remember Me in French just because the main characters are French, it takes place in Neo Paris and it is a french-developed game. The English dub is great and all, but I will NEVER understand why Capcmo decided a French main character needs an English accent :/

        However, for Musou games, there’s a total clash of styles going on. While it does take place in Japan and feature Japanese historical figures… well, just watch the intro cutscenes and rock out to that wailing guitar solo! Somehow, an english dub feels right too whenever Japan gets wacky like that. Just like how it feels totally appropriate to hear over-the-top, ridiculous voice acting coming out of actors in Kaiju costumes… thanks a lot, Power Rangers’ monsters :P

    • devilmaycry0917

      Capcom’s head is still in their ass digging Monster Hunter 4

    • DriftSlave

      Even if Capcom Localized SB4 and put money behind marketing it…it would most likely still stay very niche like the Ace Attorney series….which mind you only barely got localized.

      Still surprised to see this getting localized as SW3 didn’t do so well and was one of the reasons people kinda was spouting doom and gloom for the franchise(that and Wii port only in NA really hurt the warriors demographic). I waited out for localization, I will have to pick this up now.

      • MrKappa

        The DW series does good enough that TK always brings them over, even the Gundam games. There is no reason Capcom can’t have the same thing going with SB.

        • Budgiecat

          they certainly fubard it initially with their horrible “Devil Kings” PS2 localization..

        • Elvick

          Capcom doesn’t want “good enough”.

          That much is obvious, because Mega Man would do “good enough” (at worst) but we all know how that is.

          They want something that they can re-use the engine for 400 years and make tons of money on. *cough*monsterhunter*cough*

  • 武神水樹

    This game has a lame engine

    • new_tradition

      Can you explain? I’ve only really played Sengoku Basara, so would Samurai Warriors feel slower?

      • Pyrofrost

        While Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors plays a lot alike, the two also play a bit different and it takes some getting used to.

        Even when comparing to Sengoku Basara, it plays a bit different. I wouldn’t say it plays any slower, it’s just different and has some quirks different from any other Musou game, even Musou clones.

        One of the major ones being that you hold down the Musou button when doing a Musou in Samurai Warriors. IMO, this is one mechanic they decided to make inconveniently different, for no other reason than to inconvenience the user.

        It’s crazy, because when you play Musou Orochi (which includes original, SW, and DW characters), you use a Musou the normal way for every character; but with Samurai Warriors characters, you have to refer back to that bullshit method.

        • new_tradition

          Hrmm…I hope they put out a demo or something.I feel like if I spend enough time with a game, I’ll be able to get used to a mechanic (but switching to another style throws me off pretty easily, lol)

          • Pyrofrost

            Agreed, it’s just unnecessary and inconvenient. It’s like having a whole franchise that uses “cross” for attack and “circle” for jump, bring out another game and suddenly decide to used “cross” for jump and “circle” for attack.

            Things like that are either a cheap effort to make something unique or just something plugged in to piss of the end-user. When Koei should realize by now that the Warriors fanbase requires playability and fun, over “unique” or “innovative” or “new.”

            But yeah, just rent it, borrow it, or play a demo and see if its for you.

  • Ace


  • Pyrofrost

    I will be getting this day one!

  • Lara Croft

    Curious to see how different the PS4 version will be.

  • PrinceHeir

    Finally!! But i wanted Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate!

    Please bring those as well!!

  • ShadowFang

    Oh. I guess that’s okay. But after the yearly Warriors’ games, I hope Omega Force x Team Ninja bring out a console version of Toukiden (or, more likely, Toukiden 2). Every time Tecmo-Koei makes an announcement, if it’s not that (or the western release info for Atelier Shallie), I’ll just be disappointed a bit.

    Also find it curious that they brought the last Dynasty Warriors to PC (Steam), but they’re sticking to consoles only for this. Figured they’d just push ahead and get into that market full-force.

  • SprintsMcGee

    So, I’ve never played the Samurai Warriors games. Is it just like Dynasty Warriors (story-wise) where everything is the same but just updated a little?

    • PrinceHeir

      Dynasty Warriors uses the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story line with added characters in each new game while Samurai Warriors uses the Sengoku period.

      So basically

      Dynasty Warriors = China

      Samurai Warriors = Japan

      Musou Orochi(Warriors Orochi) is a hybrid of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors cast into one game. Though original that was the premise, but as more games comes out, they’ve decided to include other franchises as well as crossovers like Trinity O’ Zill, Soul Calibur, Ninja Gaiden characters etc.

      These games are long as hell, so i would probably suggest to play Muou Orochi series since it combines the best of both worlds. Unfortunately the gameplay system is different, you may not like the 3 tag team style of play and prefer the single character.

      Plus others have different weapon system, and not all characters appear in both sides. So some of the characters you prefer from Samurai Warriors or Dynasty Warriors might not appear on Orochi Warriors.

      So yeah that’s the gist of it. I’m sure if you delve into it more, it’s a lot more deeper than it looks.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Dat, PS Family, clean sweep, everyone covered, nice work KT. I’m surprised the west got to announce a PS4 version before Japan, interesting times.