Interceptor and 3D Realms announce Bombshell for PS4, PC
posted on 05.14.14 at 09:38 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Duke Nukem action RPG becomes new IP about kicking ass on motorcycles.


Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms have announced Bombshell, an isometric action RPG for PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Unreal Engine-powered game puts players in the shoes of Bomb Disposal Specialist turned mercenary for hire Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, who must fight her way across four planets to rescue the president from an apocalyptic alien threat. It promises “out-of-this-world” enemies, an arsenal of “devastating” weaponry, and a host of “genre-crossing mechanics.”

Here are some key features, via Interceptor:

  • History in the Breaking – Be part of Bombshell’s debut as she fights to save her president and her people from a maniac’s mechanical monstrosity.
  • Brave New Worlds – Traverse the dying world of Kyrron as it’s consumed by its neighboring sun, discover the secrets of a civilization frozen in time on the distant world of Zeroth and travel to the epitome of technology — a villain’s vision which threatens to consume all that exists.
  • Robot-Armed and Dangerous – Shell, shock and shatter your way through vicious, bloodthirsty predators, an augmented alien species, and the remnants of an ancient race re-animated, with more than 10 weaponized arm modifications.
  • Isometric Ingenuity – Brilliantly brutal top-down shooting layered with classic role-playing mechanics, including experience points, upgrades, side quests, and non-linear levels.
  • Heavy Handed – Fierce finishing moves and interactive environments make Bombshell as dynamic as she is deadly.
  • What Are You Lookin’ At? – Yeah, she has a metal arm. Deal with it.

And some details about the protagonist:

Name: Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison
Age: Classified
Likes: Kicking ass, motorcycles, kicking ass on motor cycles
Dislikes: Bubble gum, sunglasses, blonde hair

As a child, Shelly Harrison demonstrated an insatiable desire to succeed. From a young age, she demonstrated an aptitude for creative complexity and was always the outcast, prioritizing success over sociability.

As she matured, Shelly became known for her risk-taking, resilience and leadership, and developed a strong reputation for accomplishing her goals. These traits lead her to join the Global Defence Force, where she eventually became a well-respected and highly-regarded Colonel.

But Shelly quickly grew tired of conventional combat and became a Bomb Disposal Specialist. Charged with the safe disposal of unexploded ordnance, such a mines, shells and bombs, Harrison’s new career indulged her affinity for danger.

That career ended after what became known as “the Washington incident,” where she lost both her arm and her squad — a group she thought of as family — in a violent and explosive act. Shortly after, Shelly was given an honorable discharge.

She was later approached by a private military contractor. In exchange for her diverse skillset — which includes expert weapons training and bomb disposal — they offered her a second chance: a mechanical arm built from unidentified remnants discovered in the aftermath of the Washington incident.

Looking to get revenge on those responsible for the incident, she accepted. With this new arm, Shelly took on the name of “Bombshell” and vowed to restore both her name and her career.

If Shelly isn’t on standby awaiting assignments in Washington D.C., she’s further indulging her affinity for danger on her motorcycle as a stunt rider — a potent combination of her three favourite “Likes.”

It’s worth noting that Bombshell used to be a new Duke Nukem game called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. 3D Realms, however, did not own the rights to the series, which prompted a lawsuit from IP owner Gearbox Software. And at the end of it all, Bombshell was born, and according to Bombshell the character’s dislikes (above), she’s not very fond of ol’ Dukie.

Watch the first trailer below. View some screenshots at the gallery.

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  • DarthBrian

    This sounds pretty good! :O

  • Six

    Well, that trailer was terrible. A step up Duke sprites, crotch shots, and cheap explosions though.

  • 武神水樹

    This could be good

  • Six

    Also, doesn’t Unreal Engine seem a little overkill for a game like this? You’d think Unity would work just fine.

    • 武神水樹

      Not sure who the dev is but they probably heard Unreal is a very easy to use customizable engine

      • Six

        That’s true. I guess I’m just used to seeing most games in that perspective using Unity.

        The dev is Interceptor Entertainment, who made the Rise of the Triad remake. They actually own 3D Realms as well.

  • 罪罰

    That;s cool.

  • DrForbidden

    Ugh. Really dislike her design. Apparently in some game studios, being an ass-kicking woman == being a member of a metal or punk band.

    • Lara Croft

      Same here.

  • TheBlackRabbit

    Top down view is a boner killer…..

  • Anime10121


    • Six

      She looks like a Fallout 3 Raider. :P

      • Anime10121

        Pretty much…. I’ll be damned if anyone finds this design appealing :/

        It’s like the worst of Nomua’s design mixed with the worst “punk metal” design mixed up withe the worst “human” design…


    • DarthBrian
      • Six
      • Anime10121

        ANYBODY would be ugly with that haircut!

        I swear some fashion trends nowadays are just FAR beyond me :/

      • Six

        I think she looks stunning, but I’m one of those crazy people who thinks girls with dreads are attractive. <_<

        • Anime10121

          Dreads I dont mind…but this?

          • DrForbidden

            Hey, come on now. She has half-cancer, and needed half-chemotherapy. That’s why she’s half-bald. Let’s be more understanding… :P

        • DarthNemesis

          Women look great in dreads, but its a cultural thing. No one who is not black would know the significance or understand the beauty.

      • shogunknight

        Heeey, I know who that is. Shes still hot :)

      • pekot

        No she’s not ugly

        • DarthBrian

          I was being sarcastic.

    • Elvick

      That hairstyle annoys me. It looks bad on 100% of everyone with it.

  • ShadowFang

    They should of just done this original IP in the first place instead of act like a bunch of ass clowns regarding Gearbox’s Duke property. I’m sure they think the whole “Dislike” thing is being clever, but it just serves to point out that they’re bitter about it and begs the question, if they hate Duke so much, why didn’t they just do THIS in the first place?

    If, at some point, someone said, “We need a big publicity stunt to launch this new IP! I got it – let’s mess with Gearbox and Duke Nukem after we gave them the property!”, I hope that person loses their job and is kicked out of the industry.

    Regardless, the game looks awful. The trailer looks like something from an early CD-ROM game with a “fancy” pre-rendered video intro. Bombshell’s model is executed well enough, but the design reeks of late 90’s “edgy” or “extreme” aesthetic, and the animation is stiff and awkward. Cutscenes in games like Septerra Core looked better.

    The in-game, top down stuff looks awful too. Judging by those screens, it’s inconsistent and veers between some budget action game like God Mode at best, and… well, something much worse. Gearbox must be happy that Duke never got dragged into this.

    • Elvick

      Gearbox will drag their own name through the garbage bin as they always do, I’m sure. *looks at Aliens CM*

      Gearbox being the way they are, don’t really make me care about that situation at all.

      Though I agree they should have just did the new IP to begin with.

  • LemonsArentForever

    looks like this could be mindless fun.

  • Impressionnant

    Bombshell? What a forgettable name.

  • Kobracon

    Bombshell indeed. rawr…

  • MGDays

    “Dislikes: Bubble gum, sunglasses, blonde hair”

    So she basically hates Duke?

    • shogunknight

      Shots fired?

  • ExTrooperBrenTurner

    Okay, so…Tomb Raider X Terminator X Shadows of the Damned X Stargate, is that it ?

  • Sevyne

    That was so terrible.

  • Bob Obb

    The lead character looks great, I’ll give it a shot.

  • Audie Bakerson

    The main character looks like a composite of every female action character EVER.

    Maybe it’s a joke given what Duke was.

    • Six

      I don’t know if you can give 3D Realms that much credit.

      • Audie Bakerson

        I wouldn’t even consider it a possibility if it weren’t for being a last minute replacement for Duke (who teetered between parody and blatant ripoff of action heroes of his birth era).

  • pekot

    Worst trailer ever

  • devilmaycry0917

    it seems that nowadays any rubbish crap sh*t can be released on PS4 lol
    Sony’s indie policy just went a bit too far

    • Elvick

      Um, no.

  • Elvick

    Hate her hair. The glass looked really weird in that trailer. xP And the trailer was kinda wonky overall.

    I’ll probably give it a try, unless the gameplay looks terrible.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    I haven’t played an isometric game in a while. I used to have a blast playing games like Project Overkill, Crusader: No Remorse, Loaded, Reloaded, Skeleton Krew, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Yeah it has been that long since I’ve played one.I hope the game has local multiplayer. Also, I get the feeling she might be a female stereotype like Duke was a male stereotype. Bombshell feels straight out of the 90s and I’m ok with that. Judging by the info it looks like this willl be a cheeseball of a game.

  • hakumen001

    What is this piece of junk? I couldnt make it to the end… Too bored, terrible design and graphics, no direction …

  • BossTuff

    So I actually was hit with a nostalgia bomb with the trailer, it’s totally straight from the 90’s. Seems about on par with some of the original PS reveal trailers. I also think I played some freeware games that had similar hooks…

  • Spicy Chicken

    The logo was the best part…

    …that’s not a joke. Really, it would have been better to just release the screenshots and give people a short gameplay trailer instead. Oh well, I guess not every 3D game can have good CGI.

    But come on, the trailer makes the game look WORSE than the screenshots suggest! And that robotic arm is so wrong, it’s like Cyber Commando never happened. >_<

  • $104230449

    So they went with a 80’s riot grrrl look. Very nice,

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    >Dislikes: Bubble gum, sunglasses, blonde hair

    so she is the opposite of Duke?