First off-screen photo of PlanetSide 2 on PlayStation 4
posted on 05.16.14 at 10:23 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Upcoming console version reportedly runs at 1080p.

PlanetSide 2 on PS4

Clint Worley, producer on the PlayStation 4 version of PlanetSide 2 at Sony Online Entertainment, has posted the first off-screen photo (right) of the online shooter running on the console.

“New build is about to drop so I grabbed a pic before the install,” Worley said in a tweet. “DualShock rumble will add a ton to the gameplay!”

The game reportedly runs at 1080p on the console.

PLanetSide 2 on PlayStation 4 is expected to be present at E3 next month.

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  • DarthBrian

    I am excited!!!

    I actually applied to work on the Planetside 2 team (SOE is a 10 minute drive from my house) but they passed on me. Epic sadness. :(

    • TheBlackRabbit

      oh man, im sorry darth. Maybe next time friend. but in the mean time….you should like….teach me…;D…>.>….<.< …..all yer skillz

      • DarthBrian

        apparently my skillz weren’t good enough. :(

        • TheBlackRabbit

          Noo…dont say that, an keep going buddy. I’m sure you can do it. :D

    • Elvick

      Still cool that you applied there.

  • Kougeru

    no news on the FPS? I assume 60

    • pixxxelz

      My guess is 30

    • Dystopiq

      HIghly highly doubt it. Who knows though.

  • Solomon_Kano


  • Six

    Lookin’ mighty fine.

  • True Gamer

    I cant wait to finally play this game!

  • Zackasaur

    I’ve been looking forward to this!

    Dat Vita tease.