Rumor: Shulk, Palutena, more set for Super Smash Bros.
posted on 04.08.14 at 04:15 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Last year's tipster returns with new list of characters.

Super Smash Bros. Rumored Characters

Last year, Gematsu was tipped off prior to E3 about six new characters supposedly set to appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and for Nintendo 3DS.

They were: Mega Man, Villager (Animal Crossing), Wii Fit Trainer, Little Mac (Punch Out), Pac-Man, and Mii (Wii series).

So far, all but Pac-Man and Mii have been confirmed.

Today, we received a new e-mail from the same tipster, who claims Pac-Man and Mii are still on the way, and the following characters will also appear:

  • Shulk (Xenoblade)
  • Palutena (Kid Icarus)
  • Chrom (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
  • Chorus Men (Rhythm Heaven)
  • Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y

Take it all with a grain of salt for now, but there’s a Super Smash Bros.-focused Nintendo Direct happening later today. If these claims are accurate, it’s likely we’ll hear about at least one of these new characters there.

I’ve e-mailed the tipster requesting a few more details, but have yet to hear back.

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  • TheExile285


  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Shulk from Xenoblade oh Hell yeah I’m in

    • Lelouch Vi Britannia

      This guy is buying a Wii U this year.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


  • poopstorm

    If Pacman is indeed playable I hope it’s the old version, his CG design looks horrible.

    Chorus Men seems like a weird but interesting choice. I’m still waiting for Proffesor Layton and/or Phoenix Wright.

  • 罪罰

    Just 2 hours.

  • Taedirk

    Palutena, Chrom, and X/Y ‘mon are the easy hits out of that list. Shulk, Chorus Men, and Pac Man are a bit harder to swallow, but we’ll be finding out in another 90 minutes or so.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Palutena and the Chorus Men… interesting. The others wouldn’t be terribly surprising.

    • EX+

      I suspect the Chorus men will be this games Mr.Game and Watch.

      • Solomon_Kano

        That’d make sense. Funnily enough, he appeared in Rhythm Heaven before.

  • astrogamer

    What no. It should definitely be Karate Joe for a Rhythm Heaven rep

  • MrFinalgamer

    Because I love the series, I would love if we could get Layton in this game. I know it probably won’t happen, but if Capcom managed to make Phoenix Wright work, then they could make Layton do some puzzling fighting!

    • poopstorm

      SSB is a franchise where I wouldn’t be surprised with any important character from a Nintendo game.

      I mean, after Rob and Wii Fit Trainer, anything can happen.

  • DesmaX

    Oh boy, now I’m hyped; Having Shulk as a playable character is enough reason for me to play this. Hell, only having Xenoblade music is enough reason for me

    • 罪罰

      Dat rearranged ost.

    • Skerj

      Better be that Mechonis battle music.

      • DesmaX

        Oh, I want the Mechonis Field theme too

    • Franke Sisto

      Shulk’s my most wanted newcomer… I’ll begrudgingly sacrifice a playable Ridley for him.

      But I don’t know… this guy wasn’t specific. If he flat-out said “GRENINJA,” I’d believe it. And I also believe the E3 leak. But it’s from the same guy though… hmm

  • Panda
  • Skerj

    All of Shulk’s lines will have “Monado” in them.

    • DesmaX


      • Skerj

        We haven’t lost yet!!

        • DesmaX

          Light Heal!!!

          • Felipe Oro


          • Gentle Robot

            It’s a real testament to the quality of Xenoblade that this didn’t get old after 120 hours

    • Felipe Oro


  • Invisbin

    I just want Chrom. CHROM.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


  • PrinceHeir

    Good stuff :D

    More Fire Emblem characters please!

  • MadMoblin

    Okay Sakari(is that how you spell it?) we know it’s you!

  • Locksus

    I guess we’ll know in 40 minutes
    Hory shiet, I haven’t played an SSB game since the original and even I am hyped

  • Samsara09


  • Budgiecat

    no Zael?

    • Franke Sisto

      Xenoblade is often seen as the centerpiece of Operation Rainfall. Shulk’s inclusion in Smash would serve as a nod to both what the movement represented, and what it accomplished.

      Now I’d be fine with either or all of the “Rainfall 3” – don’t get me wrong – but I honestly think we’ll be lucky if even one of them gets in as playable. That’s why I personally think it’s best that the Rainfall supporters unite behind Shulk in this case.

      • Jimmy Holdsworth

        Shulk will be included because he is a first-party Nintendo character, whereas Zael and Aeron are not. Xenoblade was developed by Nintendo developer Monolith Soft and published by NINTENDO, TLS and PT were developed by third-party developers and published by XSEED. Monolith Soft is Nintendo through and through! Nintendo also recently established a division of Monolith Soft inside Nintendo’s Kyoto headquarters that assists in developing first-party Nintendo titles. Monolith Soft is also developing a Xenoblade ‘follow up’ for the Wii U.

        • Iyamtebist

          The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower were only published by XSeed in North America. In Japan and Europe, they were also published by Nintendo.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          You need to refresh yourself on the 113 IP’s Nintendo owns buddy.

          Although I’d take Aeron any day over a castlevania character

      • Felipe Oro

        Don’t forget Monolith Soft (Xenoblade’s developers) are 2nd party. Mistwalker may have published The Last Story for the Wii, but they are still a 3rd party and are not limited to develop software for Nintendo.

        Basically, Monolith Soft is Nintendo’s (so they have right to use their IPs), while Mistwalker isn’t.

        • Budgiecat

          What difference does that make when Smash has had Sonic, Megaman and Snake in their games?

          • Jimmy Holdsworth

            Sonic, Megaman and Snake are all extremely popular characters, Zael and Aeron are not. Zael and/or Aeron are NOT going to be playable, they’ll either be assist trophies or just a trophy, I can bet you this much.

            Shulk, on the other hand, is a shoe in.

            • Budgiecat

              who cares if they’re popular or not. Plenty of niche Nintendo characters made it in the past…

              • Jimmy Holdsworth

                Zael and Aeron aren’t as relevant to Nintendo as Shulk though. If Zael and Aeron were going to be playable, you’d think they’d have their own Streetpass puzzle by now. They don’t, unlike Xenoblade. If TLS and PT were getting follow ups then maybe we could talk but we haven’t heard a peep from either studio, only a comment from iOS developer Mistwalker saying that they’d like to work on a Wii U game. I’m not trying to downplay both TLS and PT, I’m sure they’re alright games, but they ain’t got shit when it comes to Reyntimeblade’s popularity and relevance. You’ve gotta think professionally about this, dawg.

          • Felipe Oro

            Do you remeber what happened in Brawl? There were those SEGA and KONAMI credits on the main screen and you must also consider that they had to pay for the right to use their characters. What I think is somewhat likely, though, is that they include some (or at least one) Namco characters (namely Pac-man, Klonoa, Lloyd…).
            I agree with Jimmy in that popularity is a huge factor to consider.

        • Eder García

          Monolith is 1st party

          • Felipe Oro

            Oops, my bad. Anyway, Shulk is definitely in, while TLS/PT characters most probably won’t.

      • Budgiecat

        Nintendo likes to pretend Operation Rainfall didn’t matter….

  • riouxp27

    So we just got Greninja… who’s an X/Y Pokemon…
    5/11 my god we have a source

  • gulabjamal

    Imagine if the final character reveal was Bayonetta. I would look at Sakurai and go “Mwah”

  • Kobracon

    I want Chorus Men to appear so much

  • An Tran

    Chrom WILL eventually be revealed to be replacing Ike (unless they decide to be awesome and replace Ike with older Ike), but I doubt all the others.

    • Lecrazy

      Well, looks like you were right about Ike, sir. I had all but cut him from the game, but now we should be lucky enough to get 3 Fire Emblem characters.

  • Eder García

    Greninja confirmed… 1 down…4 left

    • JB

      6 left (Pac-Man & Mii)

      • Fruits

        I’m pretty sure Pac-Man and Miis are all but confirmed.

  • fireemblembeast

    I’m all for Chrom but I really want Lucina too…they could make both versions and have an unlockable long hair version that says “Warning: Spoiler!” or something before being revealed. Or they could make a special button to hold down on selection like with ZSS.
    Also they better keep Ike ;_;

    • Ice Climbers

      Considering that Sakurai was out in the open with the Reset Bomb stage and Viridi as a stage hazard, I don’t think he would put a spoiler warning for Lucina.

    • MagcargoMan

      Lucina being a girl isn’t really a spoiler. Her voice and appearance in-game make it really obvious “Marth” is a she. It’s her true identity that is the real spoiler.

  • Reiswindy

    Regarding the secret characters, I guess “we will know their names” during E3….

    (Shulk in Smash please be real!!)

  • dez-e-ray112

    So I probably take that the Pokemon character turned out to be Greninja?

  • Fruits

    Considering I think the E3 leak has a 99% chance of being right, I think this has a 80% chance of being right, especially after the Greninja reveal.

  • LordKaiser

    Palutena was a Damsel in distress on the NES game but she was Overpowered in Uprising.

    • Virus6

      Overpowered? She’s a Goddess. All of the gods/goddesses in Uprising are ridiculously strong. Do you not remember Viridi?

  • crocodileman94

    He got the Pokémon right, and the change of Pit’s Final Smash further supports the Palutena rumor.

  • Ryuuken

    Well, by E3 we’ll have the entire roster, because the 3DS version will likely hit the week after. I’d actually be really interested in a revealing of the roster, but having a few panels shadowed over and Sakurai saying ‘Now you get to discover who they are.’ Either way, I see this having a 75% plausibility. I don’t want Pac, I’d rather have Rayman, but with the new cartoon series, it could work out.

  • stevenasian

    I know why he didn’t mention Rosalina.

    • Zak

      Why didn’t he mention rosalina?

    • Twilight Sparkle’s Boyfriend

      Fluttershy should be there. Since they have so many character now. XD

  • TechnicallyIAmSean

    I believe this source, seeing as Greninja is a X/Y Pokemon. I guessed Chrom(Fire Emblem tradition). I wouldn’t guess Palutena, but she is a very plausible guess. Pac-man seems a little unlikely, and I don’t know if I want Pac-man. The Mii was guessed for Brawl as well, but I don’t think it’ll happen. I hope they confirm Snake, and I would like either Travis Touchdown(Unlikely) or Phoenix Wright(Not that likely).

  • CMB

    I hope you’re wrong about the mii

    • Fruits

      Look up Tomodachi Collection and your opinion will change.

  • JB

    Hey Sal, do you think your source meant the Chorus Kids or Marshal?

    • Fruits

      This is a big question right here.

  • Sergio Gonzalez Dorado


  • Gloverman64

    Tomodoachi life makes Mii cool

    • Thedude3445

      Your username and avatar makes life cool.

  • Zak

    The reason he said `pokemon’ instead of greninja is that maybe there is more than one. Especially since he says pokemon rather than `a pokemon’. My wosh may come true : HAWLUCHA 4 SMASH!;-)

  • TyeTheCzar

    HYPE TRAIN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ash

    The biggest mystery, is who’s the person giving the information. I think it’s a Bandai or Nintendo employee

    • Fruits

      Melee and Brawl both had leaks for their roster and a lot of conent.

      Brawl had 3 leakers, the first 4 or 5 months pre-release, the 2nd and 3rd ones about a month to a month and a half after that.

      • Kr1spness

        Yeah but the entire cast of newcomers to be leaked before a single one was and for everything to be checke doff the list without a single newcomer not from the leak? It’s pretty major, hoping one more character not leaked is included though.

        • Sponsie1000

          Well, the leak actually didn’t mention Rosalina, so he has missed some newcomers…

  • MikelAL93

    I hope Chrom will be announced at E3. ;D

  • Facia

    I have a funny feeling its Sakurai knowing how he likes to play tricks lol

    • Thedude3445

      There’s a big difference between playing tricks and leaking your own game’s information, ruining the surprise for many people.

      Regardless, I very much hope every one of these is true.

    • Max

      Sakurai excluded the Story Mode from this game BECAUSE of the leaked cutscenes from Brawl, so why would he leak information himself? Haha

  • Darth Phazon

    Well so far this leak has been right: Greninja was just announced.
    I wonder if Ridley will be included?

    • Thomas Paul Jennings

      Nope. He was obviously one of the stage bosses in the Nintendo Direct that presented Charizard/Greninja.

  • Jordan Simal

    Chrom would be a very welcomed addition. Fire Emblem: Awakening is my favorite 3DS game so I’d love to see him added. But aside from Pac-Man, Palutena and Shulk (all of which I’d LOVE to see), I want to point out two other potential characters. Both of whom I can make an educated guess about based on the assist trophy clips from the Smash Bros. Direct last month. I noticed that out of all the assist trophies, Shadow the Hedgehog was not there… possibly playable? and Waluigi is also back. It would be really weird having him in the game, yet no Wario… so Shadow is the guy I want to see more then anybody! But if I could choose just a few more characters to add, they’d be Shulk, Chrom, Shadow, Pac-Man, Palutena, Wario, Krystal (Star Fox.) We can all assume that Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Falco, and a couple other veteran characters who have been there since the beginning will also be there because they’ve become staples of the series. Either way I am so damn excited for this game. And even if characters we want arent there at the game’s release, there’s always the possibility of DLC. So don’t freak out if anyone you want doesn’t originally make it.

  • Acidic Frost

    i only want pacman to join

  • Acidic Frost

    know what i really want sora to join the brawl if they make a kingdom herts for a wii u

  • Lecrazy

    Chorus Men would actually be pretty awesome.

  • Fruits

    Some of this is gonna go down in a few hours guys.

    • Fruits

      And right after I said this, Palutena and Miis were the only newcomers at the Nintendo Direct.

      • nmlss

        Add Pac-Man to the list.

        • Dr.Chimp

          its good to have game and watch back

          • lemres

            He’s not actually confirmed yet. He was just a cameo.

            • Dr.Chimp

              hes been in since melee i doubt hes “just a cameo”

              • Brock Zo

                Why isn’t he on the site yet then?

                • Dr.Chimp

                  cause hes always been an unlockable character…

  • Sam Mayworm

    PacMan confirmed. It’s starting to look true.

  • Mando44646

    Makes sense to have a Xeno character. Why not W101 or Bayonetta though?

    • Kevin James McAllister

      Because they’re limiting 3rd party characters, and Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta are owned by Platinum, whereas Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo.

      • Kevin James McAllister

        Thanks Totodilo. I honestly didn’t know that! But I was skeptical and googled it, and you’re right. Nintendo owns the trademark.

        My reason still stands for Bayonetta, at least. Otherwise, a W101 character won’t be made in the newest smash for two reasons: 1) the franchise is too new, and 2) it didn’t sell that well.

    • Fruits

      W101 didn’t sell, and Bayonetta… eh. She’s a character that seems like would fit more into the next smash game, because you need to do a lot of work to make her fit.

      • fatneal

        “w101 didnt sell” thats the beauty of smash…fire emblem saw huge increases in sales after melee…you put mr wonderful in smash and people get curious about his origins and buy his game

  • TalesOfBS

    To hell with Pac Man.

  • Geneva maureen

    Please include a Golden Sun character for crying out loud. I find it hard to believe that they refuse to have one the best games for the gba in Smash :/

  • Matt Scïence Bounds

    Holy shit. Only three left to confirm. Please be right… Chrom… Please, let us have Chrom…

    • SphericalCrusher

      Yeah, I’ve been asking for Chrom since they announced the game.

  • Kr1spness

    Rhythm heaven enemies were spotted in the 3ds smash run demo, it would seem everything was right, Chrom is an easy add and shulk is actually a smart choice.

  • SphericalCrusher

    I would love Chrom and Shulk – been asking for them. Chorus shouldn’t be in the game IMO.

    • Chibi

      actually rhythm heaven was one of the best games from last gen and even if you don’t like it you probably use the character anyway so stop being so biased just because music isn’t your thing

      • SphericalCrusher

        One of the best games of last gen? That’s your opinion. Me being biased? Not even… I stated my opinion, you stated yours. And to say music isn’t my thing is just ignorance on your part. /facepalm

        • jameycolon

          RH was definitely one of the most popular Rhythm/Music games of last gen.

          Not sure how it was overall though. I’d need an actual chart to be convinced.

      • SphericalCrusher

        Oh and I enjoy the game just fine. I own both of them. Just saying that I feel there’s better characters to use instead of Chorus. Opinion, not a fact. ;) I doubt he’ll even come anyway.

        • Chibi

          Well see who’s talking when the smash bros 4 comes out

        • jameycolon

          I’ve played all of them.
          If you had all three you might have a different opinion.

          I’d choose Marshal.
          Marshal is in the first & third games and has characters with designs to him in the second i.e the chorus club.

          After more research i found he was also in the second one.

    • Stacko

      Who are you judge what shouldn’t be in the game? I thought Wii Fit Trainer was an insanely stupid choice for a character, then I played her at E3! REALLY fun!

      • SphericalCrusher

        Who am I to judge? Oh, just a fan of the series since it launched on N64. ;) It’s called an opinion, and everyone has one. Wii Fit Trainer I didn’t complain about – Wii Fit is a popular game after all. Chorus isn’t so much in America. There’s many more characters I’d rather see than Chorus.

        • jameycolon

          Personally i feel the chorus men wouldn’t fit (however, i wouldn’t really care if they were in the game).

          Now for crazy speculation…
          Sal could’ve just meant one of them. And if that’s the case then he could’ve meant marshal cause he looks very similar to the chorus men. He is like the icon of Rhythm Heaven now (which IS popular fyi), which would make perfect sense. He would be a perfect fit. He could barrow moves from various Rhythm Heaven mini games, sort of like what Pac-Man does.

          • SphericalCrusher

            Rhythm Heaven isn’t really that popular. It had one DS and one Wii game, right? Not many people even know what it is anymore.

            • jameycolon

              Yeah, they’ve had 2 that have been localized. Whenever a new one releases it as ways does super well. It’s definitely popular enough for them to put a character in smash.

              • SphericalCrusher

                Definitely to each their own, but I disagree that the character is big enough for Smash Bros. They are trying to limit 3rd party characters, so they could find someone else a lot better for this spot.

                • Anthony Copeland

                  Rhythm heaven IS first party though. As you said, each to their own but I’m sure more people would much rather see a new character like the chorus men than another swordsman. I don’t think fire emblem needs three character representation. It would have been better if it was Chrom and Marth only or even Marth and an FE magic user.

                  • SphericalCrusher

                    Rhythm Heaven is 2nd party, but still. I agree about three characters… Wish they did Chrom over Ike. Oh well. We will see what happen. I still say there are better characters to add but in this sense, I agree Chrom isnt one of those for originality sake. King K Rool, Ridley, etc would be better imo

                    • jameycolon

                      No… Rhythm Heaven IS first party…

                    • SphericalCrusher

                      TNX did most of the development on it, but I know Nintendo assisted. Nintendo does own the game though.

                    • jameycolon

                      Didn’t TNX just make the music? And i think they may have worked closely with Nintendo on Fever?

                      Rhythm Tengoku was released in Japan only during August 3, 2006 for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) and was developed by Nintendo SPD and published by Nintendo.


                    • SphericalCrusher

                      Maybe just for America,


                      Same Wiki shows TNX as developer under Nintendo, for both Fever and Rhythm Heaven. That’s where the confusion lies, haha.

                    • jameycolon

                      I see where you’re coming from.

                      It seems they got TNX for the Japanese vocals and composition. I think the leader of the group made the music for the first game.

                      Sometimes they bring in 3rd parties for some of their games, such as Capcom with Minish Cap, so that isn’t out of the question.

                      The game was created and developed by some of the people at Nintendo (The game is made by the Wario Ware team and features cameos from the games and vice versa) and it is also published by Nintendo. So it would have to be 1st party unless they sold the IP.

        • Stacko

          Punch-Out!!! wasn’t popular in Japan, and Rhythm Heaven wasn’t super popular is the US. There you go, perfect balance.

          • SphericalCrusher

            Eh. Lil Mac in Punch Out is still way more of an icon than Rhythm Heaven. I won’t complain about them adding Chorus, but I feel there’s a lot better characters that could take that spot.

  • Deee

    Please bring CHROM in I beg of you! I HOPE this is 100% right.

  • RoadyMike


  • Ice Climbers

    Well I’m definitely convinced the leak is legit now. 8/11 confirmed.

    • Milin Phillips

      All I really want is Chrom. If this is real, then I will be extremely happy.

  • The Festive Fool

    If you guys still doubt this leak, then I just don’t know how indignant you can get.

    The MAJORITY of these characters have been confirmed so far. Nobody expected Wii Fit Trainer and, thanks to proof from this leak, we now have the legendary Pac-Man in this game. Now he, Mario, Sonic and Mega Man can fight it out in the same game – that has to be one of the biggest milestones in gaming history.

    I am GLAD that Ridley wasn’t on the list because I would just HATE to see him in this game. Face it, people, he’s a bloody stage boss. I’m interested to see how the Chorus Men will fight since like Wii Fit Trainer, Sakurai and/or the developers have to be creative in giving characters like those a moveset. Will there be one Chorus Man? Or will you fight as 2 or (likely) the 3 of them?

    Jeez, controlling 2 characters was crazy enough… now 3?

  • Dh Sypho

    Wow if this gematsu got these many leaks right I wonder if he could be a real source only one way to find out

  • MeowFace

    Chorus Men might replace the Ice Climbers, but I don’t know.

    I believe this leak is real.

  • Logic_Bomb

    Chorus Men? Now I know they are reaching if this is true.

  • Neo Variable

    I never really pay attention to leaks but this one is getting to be kinda accurate.

  • Patsfan101

    i dont give a flying (censored for kids LOL) if anybody else is there! I JUST WANT CHROM!!!!

  • MikeDubbz

    Well given that since this was posted, the rest of his list of six were confirmed, meaning every character he said before that would be in the game are in the game as Pac Man and Mii brawlers were introduced at E3. With his new list, Palutena and a Pokemon from X and Y (Greninja) have also been confirmed. Crazy as it is, he’s been right about 8 of his 11 new fighters in the game, and there is plenty of time for those other 3 new fighters to be confirmed. If I were a betting man, Shulk and Chrom are gonna be fighters. I will admit though, the idea of the Chorus Men as fighters is a bit bizarre, but then again Smash has had its bizarre characters already: Mr. G&W, ROB, and Wii Fit Trainer, so its certainly a possibility.

  • Austin Aguilar

    i think that Chorus Men are in because well playing the 3ds version at best buy my buddy said he saw some enemies from the Rhythm Heaven games in smash run mode so you never know

  • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

    These are boring character “leaks”. I’m still waiting for Tails and Krystal to be announced already!

    • Braden

      I wish!!! They would be great additions!

    • Thedude3445

      I dont know why you put “quotations” around leaks but these leaks seem to be 100% true and 8 out of the 11 have been confirmed so far.

      • SphericalCrusher

        They do that because they either A) can’t accept that it’s real or B) Don’t believe that it’s real. lol. Some people say that it’s a couple good guesses among other safe guesses… but who cares? Fact is, this information was sent and it’s accurate. Who cares if the exact time they say the characters will be announced does not come true, you know it’s easy to change the announcements at any time. lol

        • Thedude3445

          Yeah, there’s almost a 100% chance it’s true after not only so many have been correct, but after Wii Fit Trainer was one of them, and then Chorus Men actually having credibility behind it. The arguments people use against this grow less and less logical by the day.

          Also wow I just responded to you on a Gamnesia article like 3 minutes ago, completely coincidentally. That’s weird.

          • SphericalCrusher

            Great minds… rule! ;)

    • Lusunup

      Fuck Tails he never had a chance! Sonic represent old school retro games doesn’t need another rep because it just makes sonic less of an nostalgic character for the series get that threw you’re head. Krystal won’t happen because were keeping Wolf and Falco.

      • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

        Lmfao someone is being a Nintendo fangirl hahaha. If anything, Tails is to Sonic just like Luigi is to Mario. Tails has been in Sonic games since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 dumbass, and is part of the nostalgia with Sonic. As for Krystal not being in because Falco and Wolf are staying, you don’t know that for sure. Falco and Wolf haven’t even been announced, and if anything Wolf will be the one to be cut from the game lol.

        • LittleGreen

          Dude, Tails never did have a chance. It would take a miracle for SEGA to be allowed to put TWO of their characters in. Also, yeah, Wolf’s probably getting cut. Because poysanally, I prefer Falco…

          • SphericalCrusher

            If we were allowed to have two SEGA characters, I’d rather have Knuckles or Vyse.

            • Alex Neal

              ooooh. I didn’t even think about Vyse!

            • LittleGreen

              I’d take a non-Sonic rep actually…

              • Aaron K Stone

                Hence Vyse.

        • Brian Voll

          Oh god, not Tails. I’m a huge Sonic fan, but they don’t need another character from the series. I can see Knuckles and Tails as assist trophies.

          If they want to give us another Sega rep, I think Nights or Reala would be great fits.

  • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

    Since Namco is helping with development, I also hope there is an Ace Combat stage! That would be awesome!

  • LittleGreen

    Well, he got Pac-Man, Mii, Greninja (Pokmon from X and Y), and Palutena all correct. What I’m questioning is why he never mentioned Rosalina. My guess is she was a surprise character so he was never told about her. But yeah, I’m hoping for Shulk, Chrom, and the Chorus Men. Lets hope they’re announced soon…

    • Brandon Jaquez

      I think the insider had some information but probably didn’t know about that piece. My guess is that there are going to be at least of couple characters he/she would not know.

      • TheMagicMax

        New reveal on monday, let’s see if the leak strikes again.

        • Matt Scïence Bounds

          My fingers are crossed for Chrom

        • LittleGreen

          I’m actually calling that it’s probably a character no one was expecting.

          • TheMagicMax

            That would also be pretty cool. – If the character isn’t too random..

      • LittleGreen

        I hope…

    • Tyler

      Xenoblade director just RT’d the Monday newcomer announcement.

  • sammapal

    chorus men!!! Chorus Men!!!! CHORUS MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! please???

  • bob

    Honestly, I really don’t think we need a third FE character now that we have Ike…

    • Arthur Jarret

      I’d love a third one, actually – but not Chrom. Fire emblem has so many character classes, animal men / dragon women / archers / magicians / spearmen / axe-wielders / knights / pegasus riders. Why have that variety in the games represented by THREE swordsmen?

      • bob

        Looks like we have FOUR fe characters now! haha

    • jameycolon

      Haha now we have 4! you must be disappointed!

      • bob

        Actually, the inclusion of Robin makes me very happy

  • Kaetsu

    Shulk will be announced on Monday so that leaves only two left.

    • Tranzilla345

      Or It could be Chrom or Chorus Men

      • Rafe Perrin

        or none of the above

    • hahahah


  • disqus_z4x6nFO2GX

    giv me that hot chrom

  • Ford.

    At this point, the leak kinda has to be real, doesn’t it?

    • Arthur Jarret

      The only question that remains is: are the leaked characters all the newcomers – or are more planned?

      • jameycolon

        Well Sakurai said they’re nearing the end of Newcomer videos so…

  • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

    I’m looking forward to Monday’s reveal, hopefully it’s one of the characters I look forward to and I have to say that I hope the chorus men don’t get in, I didn’t even know who the hell they were until I saw this article, but that would be such a stupid addition smh

  • ~Tim~

    I hope these aren’t the last few characters to be revealed. (Assuming that the leaks are true as they have been so far) If they are, hopefully Nintendo will still reveal returning characters. So far I’m liking MOST of the new confirmed characters but the roster is just below brawl’s roster. Brawl had 35 characters and so far (not counting any unconfirmed characters) smash bros 4 has 33. 34 if you count the character being revealed Monday. I guess all I’m saying is that smash bros 4 still has a huge chunk of characters from brawl that have yet to be announced. I’m hoping we get Ganondorf back, he’s been in the series since melee and a good one at that. There’s also others like Falco, Metaknight, Ness etc. Most of which have either been in the series since the original or were introduced in melee. I normally wouldn’t use some of those characters since they aren’t really either fast or heavy hitters but Nintendo is really re-balancing characters now so it would be the perfect time to use them. Sorry for writing this huge essay but I thought I’d share my thoughts and hopes for the game. If you have anything to say about it or want to talk about the characters you want, then just send me a reply. Thanks for reading if you still are. :D

    • Adam Phillips

      36 now with the big reveal of Captain Falcon, Lucina, and Robin (who Chrom assists in his/her final smash), so the roster has already exceeded Brawl’s roster in size and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down

  • VacuumSpace

    Whoah…What the heck…The onoy character that wasn’t leaked was Rosalina…


  • soul

    Cant wait its gonna be awesome

  • SuperSonic1879

    Ugh. I really hope Shulk isn’t announced. I would be fine with the Chorus Men though.

  • Nightsider

    Dat Isaac from Golden Sun doe…

  • Nightsider

    Why not both?

    • jameycolon

      Or neither?

      Just kidding. I want both.

  • mariofalz

    GUYS I SAW THE REVEAL 9 HOURS BEFORE SCHEDULE!!! shulk is confirmed along with a girl that looks like she is from fire emblem and fights captain falcon.

    • yekuoR haoN

      That’s robin… Not Shulk

    • John Carley


  • Radical Rex

    R.I.P in piece, Gematsu leak. I can’t believe you correctly guessed Wii Fit Trainer but got Chrom wrong.

  • Guest

    Ha! This shit is deconfirmed! Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon (but not Chrom) were confirmed just a fewminutes ago.

    • jameycolon

      Read the post again. It doesn’t say playable, it just says they will appear.

      • Deva Ashera

        That’s just splitting hairs, its pretty obvious what they’d meant. Why list characters who just ‘appear’ and not the one that causes them to appear? It just raises too many questions.

        • jameycolon

          But the leaker at Namco doesn’t have all the info on the characters. Which could be why Lucina Robin & Rosalina weren’t predicted so its highly possible.

          • Deva Ashera

            The fact that the leaker is from Namco raises another red flag for me. If the Leaker is an English speaker, why would they have info on a game that their side of things has no hand in? If the leaker is Japanese, why email an English speaking site?
            For that matter, why would they have lists of characters supposedly meant to be revealed for E3 that didn’t even end up being revealed at E3 except for 3?
            Like I said, it just raises too many questions.

            • jameycolon

              But wasn’t brawls roster leaked by an english person? It does sound fishy but anything is possible.

              • Deva Ashera

                Yeah, but that leak was kept purposely vague. We didn’t know where they worked and they got absolutely no character wrong. Every single character was revealed that was on that list. They also never stated when they’d be revealed or whom they worked for (so they could have worked for Nintendo of America’s Treehouse), whereas this leaker was trying too hard, stating when characters would be revealed, only showing some at a time, and having far more holes in addition to getting a character wrong and completely missing 3 others.

                • jameycolon

                  The leaker didn’t really know when they’d be revealed. It seems he had outdated info. Like he said, Sakurai can and does change his mind at any given point. However It still seems he was eager and jumped the gun. But the fact that Monolith dev retweeted the Smash character reveal (and i heard that’s very rare) could mean that they either have outdated info as well or Sakurai did it on purpose to throw people off.

                  Both sides have deep holes. But they also hold great proof. All I’m saying is that its too soon to disregard this whole thing, even if it may end up being fake.

                  Also, signs still point to Xenoblade & Rhythm Heaven’s inclusion.

    • Eesa

      They could wait a while for chrom cuz just cuz other fire emblem characters didn’t make it doesn’t mean its deconfirmation. Otherwise, maybe Sakurai changed his mind when he found out about the leak. there’s no clear answer, but 7 out of 10 or something is a pretty big number when predicting.

  • FancyChicken

    Chrom deconfirmed as a character. What does that mean for this leak?

    • Deva Ashera

      That its busted. Close doesn’t count for Roster Leaks, regardless of how many good guesses the guy he said that the last reveal was “100% going to be Shulk”, which was also busted, along with not predicting Rosalina & Luma and getting it wrong about who was going to be revealed at E3 2013.

      • jameycolon

        It depends on how he got the info. Why you gotta be so close minded and ignorant. Also he didn’t claim to know all the characters did he?

  • John Carley

    Leak Deconfirmed, Lucina and Robin confirmed, but not Chrom.

    • Adam Phillips

      but Chrom assists Robin in his/her final smash, so Chrom is technically in the game also, meaning this list still holds merit. Plus, the guy’s 8 for 9 at this point. That’s still extremely impressive that he’s called a near flawless new character reveal, plus with a Rhythm Heaven enemy in Smash Run and Monolith Soft retweeting the character reveal announcement, Chorus Men and Shulk still have a chance of being in the game and his predictions would be 10 for 11, which is still 91% correct. The guy still has an A

      • Deva Ashera

        Close doesn’t count for Character Roster. Of all of his predictions that were correct, all of them seemed very likely except for Wii Fit Trainer. Plus he got more wrong. Not guessing Rosalina & Luma, not being right about who would ALL be revealed at E3 2013, and saying that Shulk was “100%” going to be revealed when Lucina & Robin were instead.
        Also, Shulk & a Rhythm Heaven character still both seem likely since both were new and interesting series that Sakurai would very likely not ignore for inclusion to begin with and Wii Fit Trainer was chosen as Sakurai’s ‘WTF’ character this time.

        • Adam Phillips

          Why not have the Chorus Men? They’ll be the first trio fighters in a Smash game, so they’ll be different from both Ice Climbers AND Rosalina & Luma. Shulk probably wasn’t revealed yet because everyone was expecting him so Sakurai probably changed it to Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon. (cause that’s something Sakurai would do, let’s be honest here) Also, why have just Shulk? Why not Shulk and Reyn, or Shulk and Dunban?
          Point is, for what he “predicted”, he called most of the characters. Either way, next month’s CoroCoro will reveal the full roster of characters so the character wait is almost over. Personally, I hope for more female fighters, like Krystal and Dixie Kong. Seeing Rosalina, Palutena, and Lucina is really making me hyped to see how many female fighters will be in the game. (and Palutena is gonna be my main, I’ve been wanting her in Smash sooo badly)

          • Deva Ashera

            The only reason I could see not using Chorus Men is because they only appear in 1 set of games in the DS title. They are one of the ones I suspect though, along with Marshall, who is based on them, or Karate Joe (who’s in all games). However, I will add that I now know that the Chorus Kids also appear in Game & Wario, so that could increase their chances a little.
            I think it will be Shulk alone as a representative for Xenoblade Chronicles because its a new series and I just can’t see it gaining two reps on the roster at the same time as a Newcomer series. No other series have done that except for Mario & Pokemon in the original (both of which are big important series for Nintendo) and Fire Emblem (which was mostly only due to Sakurai deciding to add in clones and deciding to add in a clone of Marth).
            He may have predicted almost all of the characters, but so did a long running ‘leak’ during the days of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (ironically, the only leak that was right no one believed due to thinking ‘ROB’ meant ‘ROB64’ from StarFox)
            Don’t get too excited for the CoroCoro thing. They said that they were going to showcase every single character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl 8 years ago as well, getting everyone excited, only to actually just talk about every REVEALED character and all the info currently known via pics of the day and other videos.
            I am also hoping for Krystal & Dixie, they are two of the only Newcomers I wanted not yet confirmed for the game in some way. I also hope to see Isaac from Golden Sun and Medusa from Kid Icarus. I did want Ashley from WarioWare as well, but she was confirmed as an Assist Trophy instead, which is fine enough, and I’d kinda like to see Kumatora replace Lucas as the Mother 3 Rep due to being a Brawler with Psi Powers (with Lucas as a costume/voice/name swap for Ness). I also had really wanted MegaMan, Sonic to return, Lucina, Rosalina, and Palutena, along with the Veterans I always like to see, so I’m pretty much already perfectly fine with the Roster that I have no big qualms if no one else I want gets in.
            That said, I am hoping to see Mewtwo return (but I’m not expecting it), Wario with a slightly revamped moveset, Ganondorf with a revamped sword based moveset,

            I’m also hoping to see Other Characters appear as Alt Costumes for existing characters, like was hinted with Sakurai’s pics of the day for Lucina (the wording seemed to imply Lucina could have been a costume alt), namely seeing Daisy for Peach, Dark Pit for Pit, Roy for Marth, Raichu for Pikachu, and some others I can’t think of at the moment. Each would have their Names and Voices swapped out as well so they’d be something like Pseudo-Characters but not take up their own Roster Slot.

    • David

      That does not mean that this leak is deconfirmed. They could still be characters

      • SchAlternate

        Shulk and a Rhythm Heaven character are still likely, but this leak has been proven false.

    • wombat

      What if the leaker’s list said something like “Protagonist from Fire Emblem Awakening”, and he assumed that meant Chrom (since Robin isn’t even on the boxart)?

  • Corey

    looks like nintendo may have found there leaker if nintendo were given the false info; someone will be getting fired

  • EatRiceAllDay

    Note that the leaker said that they will “appear”. Which does not mean that they will actually be in the character roster. Chrom did make an appearance.

  • Roberth Anthony Martinez River

    i still think that shulk will appear in the game due to the retweet from monolith soft,and rayman i think it will,even if he appears as a throphy

  • Jih Gumb

    Maybe he confused Robin for Shulk? Hair is kinda similar.

    • damboy99

      shulk will appear weather trophie or assist or charicter its not fake

  • Trigger Happy

    He didn’t specifically say they where fighters which may be good news and bad news. The good news is that the other two will still be in smash the bad news is the they may not be playable. I can defiantly see the Chorus men not being playable maybe they will be and assist trophy or something but I’m not sure about shulk before yesterdays reveal I would say that he is obviously going to get in but now I’m not sure. We can all only hope. Hopefully we will find out their fate soon.

  • ganaham


  • Wailordd

    lol at people worshiping this shit

  • FDN

    “Gematsu is killed.” –Sakurai

    • Z Gamer

      he never said that they were playable.

  • jack

    You are wrong about Chrom being playable

    • Z Gamer

      he never said that they could be playable.

    • NSMGamer

      Technically, he said that the characters will also APPEAR in the game, he didn’t say that they’d be playable.

    • Trigger Happy

      No! You’re wrong about him not being playable!

  • Ben Kennedy

    Lol at the people who aren’t reading this propaerly.
    Note the “Appear” but no “Appear as playable characters”
    Are you so sure it’s still busted guys?

  • dragonogon

    Well, I don’t get this, but, the tipper got the other three characters right, so, this might be the case. The only thing is who is the tipper and what is their source.

  • John Carley

    “APPEAR in the game”
    I laugh at this pathetic excuse to defend this crap

    • Peridot Gem

      You hate this leak too?

  • Takkuri

    “appear in the game” You know, guys, assuming this is legit, Chorus Men are probably gonna be an assist, can’t be sure, but Shulk might be too.

  • xPhoenix4

    For what it’s worth, we’re only missing Shulk and Chorus Men as of this writing. Excluding those two, he’s nine for nine (unless you dock points for Chrom not exactly being playable).

    • DMCmaster3000

      shulk is in

  • jameycolon

    Yeah, this leak seems like its 90% true now that Shulk is confirmed. Its pathetic how so many people were so quick to disregard this whole thing.

  • Chris

    Wow! The gematsu leak is freakishly accurate. Basically everyone except for Chorus Kids have been confirmed (Chrom being confirmed as a Final Smash character).

    So I would say 95% real for me. Once Chorus Kids get official (as either an Assist or a playable), 100%.

  • uriora

    yes believe it, it totally says Robin would be in it.

  • Unknow2

    First Palutena is playable Chrom isn’t in the game it was confirmed that he wasn’t in the game when we got Robin, Lucina ,and Captain Falcon. We got Greninja at the Direct Shulk was the Final newcomer that was confirmed as a starter. Chorus Men might be DLC after we got mewtwo which he was shown in DLC Leak In the ssb4 wiiu direct Ridley is a stage Hazard like the yellow devil on Wily’s Castle so that might leave a spot for Chorus Men.

  • Peridot Gem

    I hate this leak so much

    • Esura

      Bruh, this is like a two year old article…

      • Peridot Gem

        Can you blame me? This shit right here destroyed the hype.

        • Pekola

          Please chill and go watch Camp Pining Hearts.

          • Peridot Gem

            I CAN’T ;-;