PlayStation 4 system update 1.70 fully detailed
posted on 04.29.14 at 07:09 PM EDT by (@salromano)
PS Vita system update 3.15 also on the way.


Sony Computer Entertainment has issued full details on PlayStation 4 system update 1.70, launching tomorrow.

The following features are being added:

Edit and Share Epic Moments with SHAREfactory
After PS4 owners update to system software version 1.70, an icon to download SHAREfactory will appear on the PS4 system’s homescreen once it’s available. SHAREfactory, a free rich video editor, will elevate game sharing by allowing users to easily customize their gameplay videos with special effects including filters, transitions and themes. SHAREfactory provides access to a robust suite of tools to personalize videos by adding text and video commentary with picture-in-picture capability using PlayStation Camera. PS4 owners can also add a custom soundtrack to their videos using the included audio tracks or by importing their original music. With this rich set of features, SHAREfactory enables players to create a polished compilation of their most epic gaming moments to share with their friends and social networks.

Get Games Faster with Automatic Downloading for Pre-ordered Games
Immediacy and streamlined access to content is a core part of the PS4 experience, with existing features such as “Play As You Download.” The 1.70 update builds on this by adding the ability to automatically download select games pre-ordered from PlayStation Store prior to the release, so it’s ready to play as soon as the game launches. When the auto-download feature is enabled, the game will automatically download up to several days in advance of launch. As the release date approaches, a new countdown timer will appear to show how much time remains, to the second, until the content is released and accessible.

More Flexibility for Gameplay Captures with HDCP Off
The 1.70 update addresses one of the most highly requested features from PS4 users by introducing the option for PS4 users to disable High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) for games. This enables PS4 games to be output through HDMI to an external capture device for more flexibility when capturing gameplay, including longer recorded and live streamed sessions.

Easily Share Captured Videos, Screenshots or Edited Videos with USB Export Option
The ability to export captured videos, screenshots or edited SHAREfactory videos by pressing the DUALSHOCK f4 controller’s SHARE button to USB drive will also be added, allowing users to share their proudest, most heroic gaming moments with the world on the social video platforms of their choice.

Watch Live Broadcasts in HD or View Broadcasts Later with Archiving Support
With the upcoming update, users will have the option to broadcast their gameplay in 720p HD resolution and archive their broadcasts via Twitch and Ustream.

Additional features and updates introduced with system software v1.70 include:

  • DUALSHOCK 4: Brightness settings for the light bar will be available in Bright, Medium and Dim, accessible in the Settings menu. Users also will have the option to control the on-screen keyboard using the DUALSHOCK 4 controller’s touchpad, with inputs registered by clicking the touchpad or pressing the X button.
  • PlayStation Store: Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) will be introduced for content purchased within PS Store, including PayPal support.
  • SHARE: Updated settings will allow users to upload screenshots or video clips during a live broadcast, change the default recording time for gameplay captures, and select only the specific screenshots and video clips they want to save on their PS4 system. In addition, users will have more control with the privacy of their uploaded SHARE videos or screenshots on Facebook, with the ability to select the audience to whom the upload will be visible.
  • Friends: Find Friends easier and send requests with the ability to search Friends-of-Friends, view Mutual Friends on another user’s profile, and accept Friend requests directly from the Friends list.
  • Trophies: Trophies will be able to be sorted by rarity from the Options menu.
  • PlayStation Camera: PlayStation Camera will respond to additional voice commands, enabling users to launch select installed apps.
  • Music Unlimited: PS4 users with a subscription to Music Unlimited will be able to share songs by pressing the SHARE button on the DUALSHOCK 4 controller.
  • PlayStation Plus: For Plus members, you’ll now have the PS Plus icon appear next to your SEN ID on the login screen, home screen and other areas across the PS4 system’s sleek user interfac

Additionally, version 1.70 of the PlayStation App was released earlier today, and a PS Vita system update will enable automatic registration with PlayStation 4. Find details below.

PS Vita 3.15 Update
The PS Vita system will also receive a system software update to version 3.15 with the same timing as the PS4 1.70 update, adding some key feature enhancements that will strengthen the connectivity and integration between the PS Vita and PS4 systems. The 3.15 update will enable Automatic Device Registration, which will automatically pair the devices when both systems are online and the same user is signed in to both, making it even easier to link a PS Vita system with a PS4 system for Remote Play and other second screen features.

PlayStation App 1.70 Update
The PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets, available free on the App Store and Google Play, is also set to receive an update to version 1.70 within the same launch window as both the PS4 and PS Vita system software updates. The update will add push notifications and allows users to change their profile picture by uploading from their mobile device’s photo library or taking a photo using their device’s camera. In addition, Friend requests will be able to be sent via email and text messages, making it more convenient and easier to add Friends and grow your network. The PlayStation App will also support iPad resolution with the update to 1.70.

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  • Luna Kazemaru

    paypal support……my body isn’t ready

    • Sevyne

      I was about to comment on that as well. Paypal support was already available for the PC store, but having it right on my PS4 is fantastic!

    • Ghost Doge

      My body is fine. My wallet…. Not so much.

  • Forty

    Still no mp3 playback. Shame, that’s disappointing. Hope it shows up before Driveclub comes out.

    USB exporting is nice though, means there’s finally an option besides Facebook to upload videos with. I may actually start recording videos instead of just taking screenshots now.

    • Auragar

      It is a shame… they are working on it though so that is nice.

      If only the built-in recording wasn’t ass.

    • NeoTechni

      Agreed. Id give up all the functionality of this update to have custom soundtracks like vita

  • Martian Wong

    I also want to change the background. That is one of the feature that I missed from PS3.

    • DXVII

      Themes as well.

  • Akari Akaza

    Little by little PS4 is getting better soon it will transform to a PS3. ^_^

    • Skerj

      That’s true and a little sad, I expected it to have all of the PS3 (hell even the Vita) features and then some. At least they’re getting there.

  • ayb_91

    Dumby Japanese devs !! Why don’t they just fix that stupid issue when a friend of you disappears from friend list if he plays in his ps vita !! :/

  • Marco Matteucci

    Some news about Skype on PS4 ?

  • Guest

    Still no youtube app, Seriously? What’s the hold up with that?

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      Ask Google.

    • Elvick

      Why would that have anything to do with a firmware update?

      Go to on your PS4 until they add an app, that’s the PS3 UI which sucks. I hope that the PS4 gets a better one in the time they’re taking to develop it.

      • Guest

        Okay sorry I’m not as tech savvy as you are. Christ.

        And I actually liked the Youtube app on PS3. So sue me.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    I just want folders or something, I want apps, games, music and videos all separate. Also I want to get rid of those stupid things that are on my front page….Screw you music unlimited

    • Auragar

      This. This so much.

  • Elvick

    Yay more voice commands.

  • Zackasaur

    Holy shit.

    This is awesome.

  • sunK1D

    Good update but missing one major feature… Where’s the sort option for your games/apps??


    • Elvick

      One does not simply sort your games.

  • Articuno76

    Paypal support?! You mean we will be able to use foreign cards to buy things directly from the Japanese PSN instead of buying cards from Play-Asia? Fuck yeah!

    About time. You can already do that on the 3DS – and Nintendo’s online infrastructure is practically made of bedrock.

    • Articuno76

      Odd, the Paypal option isn’t appearing under Add Funds for me for UK/US/JP accounts. Weird.

    • rurifan

      I thought paypal payment was still region constrained somehow?

      • Articuno76

        For whatever reason the Paypal option isn’t appearing for me on any region account on the PS4.

        Works A-okay on my 3DS LL though.

        • rurifan

          Nintendo doesn’t have to bother checking Paypal account region since the 3DS itself region locks you out of the JP store…

          • 武神水樹

            That’s horrible

            • rurifan

              Region locking is one of the reasons I dislike Nintendo as a company and hope they fail. Region locking is indefensible and anti-consumer, existing only for price fixing greed.

        • 武神水樹

          The US store has it but not the Japanese one

  • Elvick
    • 武神水樹

      Only issue I have is when games have their audio muted

      • Elvick

        That is beyond retarded to me. Why even allow recording/streaming if you’re going to mute the audio?

        I can understand muting the music a little, licensing. But having zero sound is dumb.

        • 武神水樹

          Have you seen any first party game muted?

          • Elvick

            Not yet, but I haven’t watched a ton of stuff. I know inFamous, Killzone, Resogun and Knack aren’t for sure. Since I’ve watched my own recordings before deleting them. :p

            First muted game I encountered was a stream of Dynasty Warriors 8: XL, it’s completely unwatchable with no sound. A really bad advertisement for the game too, because without sound the games look soooooo boring. (and while many would argue they are anyway, it looks even worse without sound)

            • 武神水樹

              I have a feeling Sony doesn’t want to get involved with the third parties and their decision to mute the audio, maybe that’s why they gave us the HDCP off option but the share button is useless 50% of the time depending on the games someone has

  • Pyrofrost

    HOLY SHIT! My PS4 now also automatically detects my keyboard so I don’t have to confirm it when logging in after this update, WOOOOOO!

    • Zackasaur

      I noticed that as well! So happy!

    • Zero

      Do you have any issues with your keyboard dropping keys on PS4? I’ve talked to several people who have a PS4 and using it for games like FFXIV. All of the people I’ve talked to seem to be having this issue.

      Just curious if you are also experiencing this problem?

      • Pyrofrost

        No problem mate, you can ask me anything! ^_^

        But no, I have not had that experience personally on PS4. My keyboard has always worked fine. However, before this update, I had to confirm it every time I logged on my PS4. Now it auto confirms it.

        • Zero

          Hmm, that’s really odd. I wonder why only some people are having this problem. I’ve had a chat with a few people and it’s not something common like we all have the same keyboard or anything like that.

          Very weird. Thanks for the response though.

  • LordKaiser

    Now update the PS3 to fully support DS4 plz.. With all the buttons working and wireless.

    • Zackasaur

      That… Would be quite nice.