Nichibutsu arcade classics coming to PlayStation 4
posted on 04.15.14 at 09:09 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Hamster Corporation bringing several titles over this spring.


Hamster Corporation is bringing several of Nichibutsu’s classic arcade titles to PlayStation 4 this spring, the developer reveals in this week’s Famitsu.

The spring lot includes Crazy Climber, Ninja-kun’s Demon Castle Adventure, and Rygar. More games are set to cross over in the winter.

Hamster bought the rights to these titles–actually, over 400 titles–some time last month.

Thanks, Sokuho@Hokanko.

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  • Budgiecat


  • DarthBrian

    Crazy Climber, yay!

    And U.S. PSN is getting Hyper Climber as a PS1 Classic Import today as well.

  • almostautumn

    Is this a disc collection of classics, or PSN titles? If PSN, why no Vita/PS3 love?

    • Elvick

      Probably PSN.

      As for Vita/PS3… I’m sure the reason for PS3 is the cell. Not sure why they wouldn’t put them on Vita. It’s doing well in Japan, so you’d think they’d do both.

  • ECM

    So, when did Rygar become a Nichibutsu arcade classic??

    • Thomas James

      We also noticed this too when we were drafting up the article and have been trying to figure out the paper trail on this issue as well. The source we rely on to get Famitsu news before we get our own weekly copies is super trustworthy, so we figure the information is legit. Research into the matter using Japanese sources is interestingly murky; Japanese readers have also been caught by surprise over this issue as well, indicating that if Rygar rights had been transferred from Tecmo to Nichibutsu at some point, it either wasn’t made public or at least wasn’t widely known. Hamster has apparently previously done emulation work for Rygar before on another compilation project years and years ago, so they’ve had some sort of ongoing connection with it, but the specifics are ambiguous beyond that.