Media Create Sales: 4/7/14 – 4/13/14
posted on 04.16.14 at 09:08 AM EDT by (@salromano)
3rd Super Robot Wars Z debuts at number one.

3rd Super Robot Wars Z Jigoku Hen

3rd Super Robot Wars Z Jigoku Hen is the top seller in this week’s Japanese sales charts. The sequel, which launched for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita last Thursday, debuted at 142,000 on the former and 128,000 on the later.

It’s followed by Yokai Watch at 34,000 sales. The 3DS ghost capture game has topped over 720,000 total sales.

Other new releases this week include Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai, which didn’t fair well at 14,000 on PS Vita and 8,000 on PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall also opened at 10,000 sales.

On the hardware side, sales dropped from last week, with largely poor performance all around. PS Vita and PlayStation 4 managed to stay closest to last week’s numbers.

Get the full charts below.

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [PS3] 3rd Robot Wars Z: Jigoku Hen (Bandai Namco, 04/10/14) – 142,433 (New)
  2. [PSV] 3rd Robot Wars Z: Jigoku Hen (Bandai Namco, 04/10/14) – 128,236 (New)
  3. [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 33,833 (720,220)
  4. [3DS] Mario Party: Island Tour (Nintendo, 03/20/14) – 28,114 (285,987)
  5. [3DS] Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi wo Yobu Kasukabe Eiga Stars! (Bandai Namco, 04/10/14) – 16,409 (New)
  6. [PSV] Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai (Arc System Works, 04/10/14) – 14,468 (New)
  7. [PS3] Samurai Warriors 4 (Tecmo Koei, 03/20/14) – 13,552 (206,066)
  8. [PS3] Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (Konami, 03/20/14) – 11,005 (190,036)
  9. [360] Titanfall (EA, 04/10/14) – 10,478 (New)
  10. [PS3] Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai (Arc System Works, 04/10/14) – 8,469 (New)
  11. [PS3] J-Stars Victory VS (Bandai Namco, 03/20/14) – 7,461 (164,418)
  12. [Wii U] Just Dance Wii U (Nintendo, 04/03/14) – 7,164 (25,567)
  13. [3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Nintendo, 01/11/14) – 6,987 (547,360)
  14. [PSV] Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd (Sega, 03/27/14) – 6,333 (121,071)
  15. [3DS] Pokemon X and Y (Pokemon, 10/12/13) – 6,020 (4,029,314)
  16. [3DS] Kaseki Horider: Mugen Gear (Nintendo, 02/27/14) – 5,951 (136,033)
  17. [PS3] Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2014 (Konami, 03/20/14) – 5,609 (96,485)
  18. [PSV] Samurai Warriors 4 (Tecmo Koei, 03/20/14) – 5,369 (74,165)
  19. [PSV] J-Stars Victory VS (Bandai Namco, 03/20/14) – 5,353 (139,875)
  20. [PS3] Dark Souls II (From Software, 03/13/14) – 5,286 (325,463)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. PlayStation Vita – 24,078 (25,017)
  2. 3DS LL – 17,291 (22,947)
  3. PlayStation 4 – 13,034 (13,401)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 7,305 (10,871)
  5. 3DS – 6,271 (9,091)
  6. Wii U – 5,512 (7,962)
  7. PSP – 2,027 (2,892)
  8. PlayStation Vita TV – 1,220 (1,371)
  9. Xbox 360 – 229 (276)


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  • Stealth

    Super Robot Wars really helped PS3/Vita. Congrats to Vita on this week.

    • sherimae1324

      i liked your attitude lately, stealth ^_^

      • Stealth

        My attitude has remained the same. Vita did a good job this week. 3DS has strong weeks ahead. When 3DS was ahead, I said Vita did a good job, and would have good weeks ahead.

        • Auragar

          Both are doing fairly well. Which is good for me.

          • jujubee88

            It’s good for me because I hate loyalists and VITA doing well; you rarely see the people banging the VITA drum going nuts over stuff like today.

            I guess the way the utter crap got smacked out of VITA by 3DS humbled these folk. IDK. But it’s good that there’s parody. Means devs don’t have to pick and choose one side only (hopefully). And that both platforms will get synergy (again, hopefully).

            edit: For the record I only own a VITA.

  • bloodiOS

    Dark Souls II should have more sales than that… and those long legs… seriously, how many other titles in Japan have legs as long Yokai Watch?

    • Stealth

      Pokemon……Mario……..Yokai Watch’s legs are insane.

  • uran10

    a 360 game charted….. wow….

    • Luna Kazemaru


    • TetsuyaHikari

      Considering the other sales numbers it had to compete against for this week, it isn’t all that surprising. All of the new games for this week sold like shit except for SRW. Barely breaking 15k to reach the #5 spot isn’t really worth bragging about, so obviously the ones to follow beneath that aren’t pulling many numbers either (only referring to new games though, not the old ones selling low units this week).

      • jujubee88

        Still has to have Sony thinking. I mean, they are the ones that want to market CoD in Japan and they obv have their JP target software, but a MS game is charting.

        It’s something SCEJA are probably keeping an eye on.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Yeah, I mean… God forbid a game on a Microsoft console gets in the top 20 in sales in a Sony and Nintendo dominated demographic. Sony should be shaking in their boots from the competition Microsoft presents to them in Japan.

          *rolls eyes*

          • jujubee88


  • shogunknight

    Vita takes the week, seems like this really may be the year for Vita. Good opening for 3rd RW on PS3/Vita….PS4 is quite stable, WiiU is tanking, needs mario kart asap…..Titanfail?

    • Stealth

      More like TitanIhadnoideayouwouldsellthiswellinJapanFall

      • shogunknight

        Microsoft have some work to do if it was going to be their selling point for xbox one. Really big work to do

        • Stealth

          X1 has no chance in Japan if PS4 is doing 10k a week AND Wii U is doing 5k……….

          • shogunknight

            Yeah, possibility of them doing great in japan feels so slim now. Only if lots of japanese exclusives are announced and are to be released on its launch in japan which seems unlikely

          • Sevyne

            Consoles really are just totally fucked in Japan.

      • Sevyne

        Ummm, it really didn’t sell well at all. 10.7k is pretty damn terrible for release week (yes, I am considering the lower install base for the 360 in Japan). All sales for the week are pretty bad aside from SRW.

        • Stealth

          I am shocked it sold that in japan.

          • Sevyne

            Well they do love their Mechs. I was expecting a bit higher than this, honestly.

  • TetsuyaHikari

    Nice to actually see SRW do well. It’s been in a bit of a slump lately, so I certainly wasn’t expecting to see these kind of sales in the first week. Well done.

    • 永次

      SRTZ3 already sold more than OGs2 PS3 in his lifetime (2 years) lol

      • TetsuyaHikari

        Z has always done better than OG titles though, so that’s not really surprising :p

        • 永次

          That’s not true my friend, OGs (around 450k) from PS2 sold better than Z2.1, Z2.2 and Z3 (well, this is a new release, is soon to say xd).
          But it’s true in general terms, main Super Robots sold and will sell better than OG.

          • TetsuyaHikari

            Well, I suppose “always” wasn’t exactly the best term to use, lol. I guess I just meant it more as like a common thing since OG games haven’t been selling that well lately. Masou Kishin III’s numbers were awful too, but then again… That was for different reasons.

            A. The game was far too difficult according to reviews and I can attest to this after beating the main campaign and all of the DLC missions myself. Then again, that’s not surprising since Winkysoft games have always been brutal for as long as I can remember.

            B. Many people felt as though the story was finished in Masou Kishin II, so a third entry seemed a bit weird.

            C. Masou Kishin has never sold well, even in the beginning, if I remember correctly.

            Still, I guess it’s not too surprising that people will pick a crossover title with multiple mecha series over something with original units though, even though some of the original units are nice.

    • OverlordZetta

      Just wish they could do more with the rosters.

      Don’t get me wrong, this one’s was awesome looking, but I wish they would start branching out and including more recent things – not more recent things in older franchises, and not if it means cutting out any big franchises.

      • TetsuyaHikari

        Well, you have to figure… These new franchises you’re talking about couldn’t be worked into the roster anyway since they aired after development started, so it’s a little unfair to expect them to put something that new in.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    titanfall….really wow

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Considering everything from #11 downward are old titles, it’s not too terribly surprising that it managed to squeeze into the top 10, especially with these numbers as the competition, lol.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        pretty much how i am like wow man i am going to hate to see when the taxes go up to 10% there

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Taxes will not keep people away from giant robots.

  • Vayne

    Happy to see 3rd SRW to have higher sales than Titanfall.

  • Stealth

    This is what Famitsu had to say who had Vita as the top a few weeks back.

    Things are close

  • DarthBrian

    Congrats to Titanfall!

  • Ksatmata

    so Titanfall didn’t increase X360 sales

    • Budgiecat

      not a system seller for Japan. Anyone that wanted that game probably already had a 360 naw’ mean?

  • Locksus

    Looking at how home consoles sell in Japan makes me kind of sad.
    Solid week for handhelds, like usual.
    Gotta get that Vita later this year. I’ve planned on buying it for a while now.
    Maybe I’ll buy a Wii U first, but I dunno.

    • Elvick

      Do you have PS+? Get a PS Vita for dem games.

      • Locksus

        I don’t even have a PS3/4 of my own.
        I would get it if I bought a Vita though.

        • Elvick

          You should if you plan to get a PS3/4 at some point.

          Then you can head on over to the PS Store and get PS3 and PS4 games for free while you wait to get the system. By the time you do you’ll have tons of games for it!

    • OverlordZetta

      I get the same feeling looking at handhelds in the West.

      Japan has the right idea.

    • Shippoyasha

      Vita is extremely solid if you want in on the Japanese gaming. I am sure it will get a pricedrop when the LCD Vita is released later this year.

      • Locksus

        True. I’ll wait for E3 and see what happens.

  • Eder García

    [3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Nintendo, 01/11/14) – 6,987 (547,360)
    wow those Kirby legs!
    EDIT: WiiU is back to 5k numbers, took a long time. waiting for MK8
    Vitas doing very well, i don’t think the 2DS (when launched) will help the 3DS family, still good numbers for both 3DS models

    • Stealth

      Why would a cheaper 3DS not help a system already first place most weeks out of the year?

  • yuina

    Dream Club mega bomba. Not surprising, no one wants a bunch of second rate waifus.

    • jujubee88

      lolwut? :P

  • PrinceHeir

    Wow i just rewatching some Full Metal Panic goodness a day or two ago(slept like 5am)

    I think this also marks the return of FMP to SRW??

    Kirby!!! Buying it day 1! It looks like the best Kirby game yet :)

    Dark Souls II Hang on!!

    Pokemon X and Y still on top O___O

    Ground Zeroes hanging on!

    Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai!

    Vita lives on!

  • 武神水樹

    Jigoku Hen just set a record

    Didn’t expect the Vita version of F 2nd to do better than the PS3 one

    • Elvick

      Why? It’s a primarily handheld series, and the genre lends better to the freedom of portability. And Japan, of course, loves handhelds.

      • 武神水樹

        Yeah that’s true

  • Safeer Humayoon

    Good Vita numbers,sadly Soul Sacrifice Delta has not been selling well,the first one did above 200k in Japan while this expansion I think didn’t even cross the 100k mark yet :(.

    • xytherion

      it’s because of the digital upgrade option

  • ShadowFang

    You’re gonna make me Google, “Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai” myself, aren’t you? Alright, I’ll play your game, Gematsu.

    I always feel lazy when I decide that selecting something, right-clicking it, and clicking ‘Search Google For…’ option is too much work, anyway. ;)

  • jujubee88

    The VITA should get a price cut (sometime in the first half of the year).

  • Kurisu Makise

    Wow, interesting to see Vita and PS4 holding ground. Though a victory in single SKU isn’t really much when you’re still #2 in the combine SKU, Vita TV is really letting the family down. Maybe they should release VitaTAB instead, y’know a bigger screen tablet, Xperia Z2 style. I’d double dip, especially with TV out. I’m sad that Titanfall had to debut on 360 and not Xbox One but if Microsoft’s taking their time to do a proper Japanese launch then that’s for the best I guess.

    Then there’s PS3 and PSP, I’m finally ready to give them both a Big Boss salute. Even though I wanted to see PSP hit 20mill and PS3 hit 10, they’re falling off now, which I guess for PS4/PS Vita sake, is for the best.