inFAMOUS: Second Son sales top one million in nine days
posted on 04.10.14 at 07:58 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation 4 inFAMOUS the fastest-selling in the series to date.

inFAMOUS: Second Son

inFAMOUS: Second Son is the fastest-selling inFAMOUS game to date, with global sales exceeding one million units in its first nine days of release, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia announced.

The game launched for PlayStation 4 on March 21. It features new protagonist Delsin Rowe, who after gaining the power to control smoke, goes to Seattle to battle an anti-Conduit government military to save his people.

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  • Budgiecat

    dat troy baker face

  • nyobzoo

    Congrats to sucker punch

  • Bobby Jennings

    Congrats SP. The game is great albeit short.

    But great.

  • badmoogle

    Not surprised. PS4 players are desperate to play pretty much anything right now.

    • EX+

      That’s why I decided not to rush into the next-generation. I’m definitely going to get the PS4, but the simple fact is that right now, the game library is as dry as the Grand Canyon.

      The PS3 is still getting Tales Of Xillia 2, Tales Of Zestiria, Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix and friggin’ Persona 5 coming out for it. No point for me until FF15 (hopefully Mirror’s Edge 2 comes out in 2015, 2016 is too long) comes out.

      • badmoogle

        Yeap same for me.The only PS4 game that interests me right now is FFXIV but that is not enough to make me buy the system and on top of that paying a monthly subscription when i still have many PS3 games that i haven’t played isn’t a very wise decision.Also as you said there are more great games coming for PS3 so it will be a while until i feel the need to jump to PS4.
        And not only that but i’ve recently bought a Vita as well so my gaming plate is more than full right now.

      • Elvick

        To you. Learn how opinions work.

        And, why does it feel like people try far too hard to justify waiting to buy a console. Just don’t buy it, no one gives a fuck if there isn’t enough for you yet. Move on with life.

        • badmoogle

          “To you. Learn how opinions work.”

          The irony…it’s too much in this one. :p

        • EX+

          Sorry? I intended to make that my opinion. Hence the ‘No point for ME…’ part of the last paragraph.
          I’m just saying why I don’t feel like buying the PS4 yet. And this is not intended hate for the PS4. In fact, to me, this ‘dryness’ was actually expected. I have a PS3 and love the hell out of it and in the near future, you’ll see the same words coming out of my comments in regards to the PS4.
          I know that it’ll get better and I know a lot of people, the majority of the over 6 million people who do own a PS4, don’t agree.

          • LordKaiser

            “but the simple fact is that right now,” She’s going by that part of the sentence.

    • ymcmb61

      What does that have to do with how much the game made? It’s a good ass game ps4 lover or not…

      • Jormangund

        I think he’s referring to the fact that the current library of games is pretty small. While yes the hype for this game in particular helped, a big portion was probably PS4 owners looking for more games to play on their PS4.

      • badmoogle

        I didn’t say that the game wasn’t good (especially since i haven’t played it).But the very few AAA games available for the system right now also played a big role to its sales IMO.

    • Zackasaur

      Er, no. I have a PS4 backlog.

      Amd Second Son is jaw-dropping.

      • badmoogle

        Having a PS4 backlog right now means only three things:

        1)PS4 is not your primary system and therefore you are not spending enough time with it.

        2)You are including indie games when the point i was making was about AAA games.

        3)You have a very broad range of gaming tastes that allows you to enjoy every game that is being released regardless of genre or quality.

        I don’t think the millions of PS4 users are in the same as you though so my point still stands.
        And SS being “jaw-dropping” is irrelevant to what i said.

        • Invisbin

          I have a backlog. Paper Trail, Merc Kings, Outlast, Knack, Killzone, that one shadow game…and Resogun.

          Reason 4) I still have a life and other games on other consoles.

        • seyEliveD

          It’s really too bad people can’t be downvoted…

          • badmoogle

            I agree.

    • rurifan

      Your tone sounds like you’re trying to spin the game’s success as a negative thing, which is silly. Popular system, popular game, the only people unhappy are platform trolls.

      • badmoogle

        Slowdown warrior.I’ve been a Sony fan since 1997 and i own every system they’ve ever released (except PS4 but i’ll be getting one in the future) while on the other hand i never had any interest to buy a MS console.
        My comment had nothing to do with console wars.I love Sony but i’m not blinded by my love to not see how the PS4 doesn’t have many AAA games for now.Which is reasonable.

    • kiri25

      Same is true for the XB1 when it comes to AAA titles.

      infamous is PS4’s Deadrising
      Killzone PS4’s Titanfall
      only thing XB1 has atm over PS4 is a racing game.
      other than that PS4 has your family friendly game Knack and nxt week your MMO FFXIV.

      i might have missed a XB1 title idk but atm both systems have around rhe same # of AAA title exclusives atm and both rather dry.

      • badmoogle

        Oh i agree 100%.XB1 certainly isn’t any better right now.

  • blank059

    Not surprising to be honest.

  • Impressionnant

    I enjoyed the game. Best gameplay in the series. However, the story and characters were a step down from 2, and even 1. Also, the ending was very unsatisfactory. 1 and 2 had really big endings. Second Son’s was just plain and, well, mediocre. Maybe, that’s what Sucker Punch were going for; a more “realistic” take. It should have been realistic AND exciting; instead, it was just realistic and plain.

  • DarthBrian

    Awesome news. Glad Sony came out with this info now instead of making us wait till next week for NPDs. :p

  • LordKaiser

    inFamous never was a AAA series, stop saying that this game is a AAA game. But because it sold so well so far it may become one really soon. This is AA game or how people call it.

    This sales number is surprising and very impressive for this game.