The Girl and the Robot coming to PlayStation 4
posted on 04.24.14 at 09:35 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Unravel the mysteries behind a lifeless castle.

The Girl and the Robot

Flying Carpets Games is bringing The Girl and the Robot, its Kickstarted aventure game about a girl and a robot, to PlayStation 4.

Previously confirmed for Wii U, PC, Mac, and Linux, the game follows a young girl, trapped in a castle built upon ancient arcane technology, who one day escapes and encounters a malfunctioning robot knight with whom she works together to unravel the castle’s mystery and escape alive. It is inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Ico, as well as the animated movies of Studio Ghibli.

The game is due out this December. Watch a trailer below.

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  • TheExile285

    Ah, this looks interesting. I’m glad they showed gameplay because video in the beginning looked ridiculous.

  • Vayne

    This more to sarcasm of the inspired games.

  • DarthBrian

    Looks like a fun game. There was some alpha footage someone posted somewhere too. Looks great.

  • Rafael Martines

    I want to play Heart & Slash :P

  • Kurisu Makise

    This looks really nice. It definitely seems more Ico than Zelda with the dual mechanic. Graphics seem fine but in terms of Art direction, I’d have loved to see more of that Ghibli influence on the character models but well I guess that’s to be expected if you mention Ghibli’s name in something heh.

  • Sieghardt

    The robot looks too much like bender for me to take it seriously

    • DrForbidden

      “Hey, Sieghardt, kiss my shiny metal ass! WOOOOO!”


      • xXDGFXx


  • pekot

    The idea is great
    But it’s an indie game
    so I’m not interested

    • Sevyne

      If you hate indie games so much, then stay the hell out of the articles for them. How hard is that? You always seem to shit on them for seemingly no reason at all. Like what was your purpose here? To shitpost, that’s what.

    • Aaron Lee

      I might regret asking this, but oh well:

      Why aren’t you interested in indie games? Looking at your post history, it’s marred with all sorts of comments about how indie games aren’t real games and how they should be culled. Why were you seemingly interested in Child of Light when – if you hadn’t told me it was Ubisoft – I’d probably have surmised that it’s an indie game?

      I bet you have no good reason, do you? Thought so. I second what Sevyne has said. If you’ve no interest or anything to contribute, don’t say anything.

      On the obvious other note, this looks lovely, alpha footage considered. Girl’s running animation looks a little odd though. Happy to see it expand its platform bases.

      • pekot

        I’m interested in some Indie games
        But I think it’s overrated
        Lot of developers wasting time on their stupid uninspired games instead of working with big companies to make great games

        • Budgiecat

          like Resident Evil 6 lol

        • Aaron Lee

          This gen will see the number of triple-A games drop in quantity, but probably three times the budget of last gen. The “big companies” and triple-A approach doesn’t look sustainable, and casualties will continue to mount, or maybe become a total bloodbath in the next few years.

          In light of this, it is good that so many indie or smaller developers AREN’T shackled to these big companies that could well be a few hundred knots away from the nearest iceberg.

          And how can you make a qualified claim that many indies are making “stupid uninspired” games? Surely it’s the opposite. The big budget Hollywood-like triple-A industry cranks out the same homogenous thing after another because they know they make instant cash. Surely indies are the ones propping up innovation and inspiration, no? Or at least they’re the ones keeping the spirit of old game types alive, like the ol’ survival horror genre.

          Besides, “indie” is horrendously broad a term. It’s so broad it obfuscates more than it informs, because so many games of different styles and genres are just brushed under this arbitrary label. Therefore it baffles me when I see indie games simply dismissed.

          • pekot

            I don’t want them to make AAA games with big companies
            They can do better than this
            I mean look at this game
            It could be a lot better with more resources

        • ddsfan2

          I used to think that way, but recently I had a change of heart about indie games. It seems like the only way to get new blood involved in making games, and in particular making new IPs.

          Don’t get me wrong, I prefer games from experienced small developers over indie generally, but the variety of indie games has really improved over the past. It’s not just a few limited genres of games, (eg. more than just puzzle platformers) and it’s a better survival strategy towards getting new games or even spiritual successors to storied defunct franchises. Not to mention the potential for something exceptional if one of the console holders backs one of their releases after they gain some development experience and prove that they have talent.

          I also think that the idea of independent development is closer to the sprit of the NES and early gaming than the Wii was, at least in the sense of getting new developers involved in making games that could potentially become the storied franchises of the future. Maybe their games won’t be that great, but there will always be a few indie developers out there that could become the next great gaming company.

          I could even see Japanese developers getting more into indie gaming as the generation progresses. I like what Japanese indie games that I’ve played so far, but there need to be far more. Especially to protect ultra niche genres that are not financially sustainable in a large company, like Cave’s games.

  • adhesive

    That is the most uninspiring trailer ever.

  • César H. Sandoval

    It may be godd if they polish it a little more, the alpha footage on the trailer seems too clunky.

  • bloodiOS

    Good news! Been hoping for this to also be released on the PS4 =)

  • ayb_91

    What !? Sorry but my money is worth more than this.

    • 罪罰


    • DrForbidden

      Technically, the worth of your money is decided not by you, but by financial markets and the economy…

  • Bob Obb

    This looks way more interesting than any current PS4 game. Indie is the future for me.

  • almostautumn

    Name reminds me of cute lil’ Children’s books <3
    Footage caught me off guard; I was expecting something like Ico, for whatever reason. But puzzle-platformer/action title is cool too, although this definitely seems like an art-direction that would benefit with less action and more aesthetic/adventure.
    Either way; cool stuff!

  • Budgiecat

    Why can’t DreadOut come to PS3/PS4?

    • Hidayat246

      why???? because that imposibble, at leats for now
      not a single studios in Indonesia capable to handle PS3

    • new_tradition

      There was a Indonesian kickstarter I was interested in, and they said they couldn’t get their game for Sony/Nintendo devices due to Indonesia not being a supported country or something, so I guess that applies to DreadOut as well?

      • Budgiecat

        DreadOut didn’t use Kickstarter, they used something else so maybe

        • new_tradition

          Wiki says Indiegogo, but I think the problem is the same. Sony doesn’t support Indonesia…For whatever reason :/

          • Budgiecat

            It shouldn’t matter where the developers live or if where they live does not sell Playstations. I’m sure the developers don’t care too much about that, and more about global recogniction…

    • ShadowFang

      Hmm… it would be nice to see it come over, huh? But Sony’s Asia region divisions still have a lot of growing to do before they can go help out indie studios publish on their consoles like the SCEA or SCEE branches do currently.

      They have Hong Kong and Thailand offices, I think, but it’s not like they own local studios there. Unlike how SCEA owns Santa Monica studio, Naughty Dog, Sony Bend and a bunch others.

      Come to think of it, I think the only Sony Asia game published to date has been…. uh, Page Chronica? That disappointing, ugly, confusingly designed platformer on the PSN? They’re probably not quite “there yet” to tackle helping indie devs onto the PSN just yet.

  • 罪罰

    The main visual makes me think of a more meticulous and mellow adventure with meaning then it’s all pew pew swooshh robot zelda.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    The girl runs like a ninja from Naruto.

  • DrForbidden
  • Elvick

    Most relevant song evar. Robyn <3

    Game looks alright, I'll check it out. Glad it's coming to PS4.

    • ShadowFang

      Oh man… this song is why Googling this game is so difficult, I’ll tell ya. DAMN YOU ROYKSOPP FOR MAKING SUCH AWESOME MUSIC! lol :D

      • Elvick

        They do make awesome music, I love Robyn. She always works with insanely talented people like Royksopp. Her work with other artists is how I find a lot of great ones.

        • ShadowFang

          That’s cool; that’s always a good idea.

          I find out about a lot of Japanese artists because I listen to m-flo, who collaborates with a ton of people.

          Gotta love collaborations when they’re so awesome.

  • Hinataharem

    Looks neat. It does need more polish though, which I’m sure it’s getting

  • Keegs79

    A lot of potential. I like games about unraveling mysteries,

  • ShadowFang

    This is a lovely, beautiful, interesting game. I supported it in alpha and have played early builds and it’s a great game. Mechanically, it reminds me of something like Tokobot more than Ico, but aesthetically, it sure has that “Japanese Anime Fairy Tale” thing DOWN. Very “Castle in the Sky”, which is something that will receive NO COMPLAINT from me EVER :D

    I’m glad this is coming to Playstation for sure! Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom… yeah, this will fit right in with the Playstation brand.

  • artemisthemp

    I am so happy that I, will be able to play this game on PS4