First look at Toukiden Kiwami
posted on 04.03.14 at 07:01 AM EDT by (@casudaniele)
Upgrade adds additional story, more.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine confirmed the development of Toukiden Kiwami, an upgraded version of the original Toukiden for PS Vita and PSP adding more story volume, new demons, new weapons and armor, and other bonuses. A preview today offers more details and first images.

Toukiden Kiwami Toukiden Kiwami

The new story segment is a sequel set three months after the events of the original game. After the calamity that overwhelmed Utakata village, called the “Awakening,” the people living there finally seemed to have overcome and started living in peace. However, an unknown demon appeared in the northern land and a new battle began.

An elite squad of warriors, the “Hyakukitai,” was dispatched to the village, and the Shiranui village maintains its independence. Also, the secret organization “Onmyoukata” are working behind the scenes. Once all these elements assemble in the village, the wheels of fate will start turning in a big way.

Toukiden Kiwami is due out this year in Japan. Visit its official website here.

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  • Elvick

    I can’t decide on how I feel about it still being on PSP. I mean, the original looks great on Vita. So I can’t see how it could be better if they ditched PSP. But if it could… I’d like that. :p

    Either way, I hope this is brought over. Because I wants it. I like what I see of it already. And yay more story.

    • Budgiecat

      Japan just refuses to give up on the PSP… 10 years running. It’s going to beat PS2’s life cycle…

    • michel

      I love PSP, was an amazing device, but it’s time to say STOP, in my opinion.

    • desponent

      The first game sells like half of it total on PSP so it’s understandable why Koei still try.

      However recent MC create indicate that those PSP people are likely migrated to Vita already so I hope this game’s sales will reflect that.

      • Elvick

        Yeah, but not having it on PSP would push people to upgrade to PS Vita.

        Dern catch 22s.

        • desponent

          Well I’ll be happy if they just add some kind of AF (like 2x) and more stable framerate during a very hectic fight. AF is the most important thing, Toukiden looks good if not for the damn blurry floor texture 1 foot away from your character

  • SuperLuigi

    I need to stop buying any game in the hunting genre till the upgraded version comes out. I love Toukiden but I don’t like buying it twice.

    • desponent

      The game won’t come out til 2015 at least, it also most likely won’t contain the first game’s story. This game’s story reportedly is the same length as the first and twice the Oni.

      More importantly how many hours have you played Toukiden? Is it not already worth the admission price? It certainly is for me.

      • Sevyne

        Actually it DOES contain the first game’s story plus the additional story. It’s not a sequel. It’s an upgraded version of the original game.

  • desponent

    It’s called Toukiden Kiwami

    • Sal Romano

      Thanks. Updated!

  • Zechs

    What are the chances of Freedom Wars having an upgraded version? That’s the only hunting game I’m interested in. :|

    • desponent

      The less successful the game, the less the chance it’ll get an upgrade.

      Utter bomba will grant your wish.

    • Elvick

      If it sells well 100%.

  • artemisthemp

    I can’t decided if, I want to play this Toukiden

  • z_merquise

    Kiwami? I thought it was Kyoku?

    Whatever, I’m still not done with the first game. Here’s hoping you can load your previous data in the new game.

    • kurosan9712

      It was…until the official site opened, and it’s called Toukiden Kiwami there.
      You can read kanji in different ways, thus such things happen, when people try to translate a difficult kanji through google translate(yes, google translate DOESN’T know any reading of the symbol “極” except “Kyoku”. However, it still can be read as “kiwami”)

  • desponent

    By the way, they also made Toukiden’s quiz (card?) battle for android/ios

    As I expected with the game’s abundant Mitama screaming to be exploited for cheap mobile game.

  • 武神水樹

    Man I still need to finish the first game, but nice to see they’re supporting the series with new content like Soul Sacrifice Delta

  • miyamoto


  • Kobracon

    ….CRAP. Now I have to wait…I wanted to get Toukiden…

  • SOLOmio

    that Oni is THE BIGGEST TENKO i seen so far!
    And they should work on the NPC ad MC relationship, cause in the first game relationships give nothing beside mitama! I don’t see affection between them feels like a cold friendship and after seeing the same test over and over u start avoiding the NPCs!