Eight minutes of IA/VT Colorful gameplay
posted on 04.26.14 at 10:01 AM EDT by (@salromano)
New footage from Niconico Chokaigi 3 in Chiba.

IA/VT Colorful

Nearly eight minutes of IA/VT Colorful gameplay has come out of Niconico Super Conference 3 in Chiba.

The clips shows “Nihonbashi Koukaka R Keikaku” by Jin, “Nokoru Natsu ni Hanataba wo” by Nadoka, and the in-game menu. You’ll see the game’s “sound catching” genre at work. Various button prompts will flow in towards a big circle on screen. Using the analog stick, you must move a small circle attached to the edge of the big circle and press the corresponding face buttons to “catch” the incoming sounds.

Watch the footage below. The game is due out for PS Vita in Japan on July 31.

“Nihonbashi Koukaka R Keikaku” by Jin

“Nokoru Natsu ni Hanataba wo” by Nadoka

In-Game Menu

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  • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

    Seems a little lacking compared to Project Diva, but it should still be fun overall.

    • OverlordZetta

      Completely different developers.

      • Dede Ogbe

        Still doesn’t change the fact that compared to Project Diva, this is lacking. Who is behind the game has nothing to due with that fact.

        • STiger

          I don’t see how it’s lacking… if these videos are of attendees playing, then the attendees either were limited to easy songs or chose easy songs so they could get a feel for the game and have fun with it.

          It doesn’t seem all too different from Gitarooman or DJMAX in terms of “intensity” though. Just would need to play more songs.

          • Dede Ogbe

            true, i hadn’t considered that. Hopefully it’s the case, and we’ll see some better footage later

            • Perona

              If you look before the songs those were 3-star songs on Normal. So yeah, easy.

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

        Yeah, I get that. That still doesn’t mean it can’t be lacking as a rhythm game though. The visuals for the PV are nice and it’s innovative with the button presses at times, but I can’t quite put my finger on it… Something is missing.

        It doesn’t have enough intensity behind it, I guess? It’s hard to explain, sorry, haha.

  • Anime10121

    Know this is off topic… but did something happen in the Open Forum again? Why’s it closed :(

    • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

      I forgot to post the new one last night when I closed the old one. No worries, Sal took care of it. xD

      • Anime10121

        Oh its cool, I didnt know what was up, I was like OH NOES no OF D:

        But it happens, you guys aint robots and dont live on the site so its all good :D

  • JonathanisPrimus
  • TheExile285

    Looks interesting

  • almostautumn

    Absolutely love it. Already have my pre-order in <3

  • Budgiecat

    why that annoying tamborine sound in this and Miku games?

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

      You can turn it off. No biggie.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/playstationunity DXVII

    Uh wait what?

  • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

    Oh cool. The Sound-catching thing actually looks like a neat little rhythm mechanic :) I’m glad all these vocaloids & idols are bringing back rhythm games like Gitaroo Man, Space Channel and Elite Beat Agents, where just hitting buttons needed to be made engaging and they didn’t foist plastic toy instruments on us all the time.

    Don’t have a Vita. But I hope someone takes a chance on localizing this here. If Project Diva did well enough for Sega that they confirmed they’re bringing over the sequel AND Atlus is bringing over that Persona 4 Diva-like game (“All Night Long” or something), hopefully XSeed or NIS America will see value in grabbing this one for their lineup.

    And then we can get a console version in the future, or one of it’s sequels.

  • Victor Wesker

    Hatsune Miku PDF2 in 10 times better than IA/VT Colorful. IA/VT Colorful is so terrible game so I have no plan to buy it.

    • HassanJamal

      Did you play it? Im interested to see how it plays in terms of difficulty and rhythm.

  • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

    umm those songs were putting me to sleep

    I guess not every music rhythm game can be awesome, I need Love Live gameplay videos

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    Has some nice gameplay concepts, but I don’t like IA, so the songs really aren’t doing it for me.