Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment: dates, pseudo multiplayer, Original Sword Skill system, and more detailed
posted on 03.22.14 at 01:14 PM EDT by (@salromano)
PS Vita action RPG due out on April 24.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

The latest update on Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, coming to PS Vita on April 24 in Japan, offers details on the game’s area management, pseudo multiplayer, Original Sword Skill System, attack types, and dating.

Find the lot of information below.

Area Management

A mysterious sphere area for managing the “Hollow Area.” There is a console in the center of the room that seems to have access to some kind of data. From here, player can move between various areas. Various systems useful to adventurers have been installed on the center console. There are many hidden special areas, and you can access multiplayer from here, too.

Pseudo Multiplayer

Through multiplayer, up to four people plus four partner characters (for a total of eight characters) can play together, but there is also a single-player multiplayer mode, as well. By selecting partners you’ve become friends with in the game, they can participate in a pseudo-like multiplayer. It might also help your partner and other characters level up. You’ll be able to adventure with anyone you make friends with in-game, including Klein, Kibanou, Aaron, Brahams, and others. You can bring along up to three additional “players.”

Original Sword Skill System

By fulfilling specific conditions within administrative areas, Kirito can pull off techniques that are known as “Original Sword Skills.” Doing so entails stringing Sword Skills together that in turn enable him to remember attack patterns that make these Original Sword Skills possible. As cool-downs can occur after using Sword Skills, good timing is required in order to string Sword Skills together and avoid limitations. But since the timing is designed to be strict, it’s a system primarily designed for advanced players.

The timing for stringing Sword Skills together is indicated by a purple light that appears around Kirito’s body. Triggering a Sword Skill within that window of time enables you to proceed to the next skill without any cool-downs and the only limit on how long you can keep going is your SP gauge; so long as you still have SP, you can continue attacking in this manner.

Just Attack

Burst attacks can provide new openings and opportunities. If you time your Burst Attack well, you’ll activate the effects of a Just Attack. If you succeed, you’ll see a special spherical effect. Individual attacks made during the Just Attack state hit at their maximum power and can trigger other special effects.

Just Side-Step

During battle, if you time your step right and avoid contact with the enemy, a Just Side Step will occur. During the effect, you’ll be invincible and not take any damage. Additionally, it’ll fill up your Burst Gauge.

Just Back-Step

Like the Just Side-Step, if you time your back-step right during battle and avoid enemy contact, a Just Back-Step will occur. During this effect, you’ll also be invincible and recover your Burst Gauge.

Community Attack

During battle, you’ll get various proposals from partners in the form of a message at the top left corner of the screen. Other than Sword Skills, you can perform switches and stun enemies through partner cooperation. Taking up Sword Skill proposals from your partners and executing them will enable the both of you to team up and perform Sword Skills together, among other things. Abiding by their suggestions will also strengthen your bond with your partners.

Communication: Dates

During dates, you can deepen your relationship with a partner character through conversation. When you see a yellow bubble pop up over your date’s head, the chance for a date conversation opens. During conversation, an effectiveness gauge will gradually increase, and when it reaches the maximum level, your Ambiance Level will rise, which will give you access to holding your partner’s hand and carrying them. Sitting in certain areas will also trigger special intimate conversations.

Communication: Sleeping Together

By meeting certain conditions during dates, Kirito can bring a partner character to his room and lay with them. Here, the two characters will lay together and engage in further date conversation. If you stir up the mood, you might be able to see some heart-pounding events.

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  • nougard

    16.5 confirmed ingame


    • Altin

      Since it’s a console release…


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        It’s obviously a joke. And it won’t ever get official 16.5 even if it’s on PC or any platform.

        • Altin

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      What about 16.5?

      *EDIT okay i get it now :P

      • The Ash

        2 years worth of glopping :D

        • Ultimasamune

          To be fair, the glopping debacle was the fault of the translator.

          But I still laughed my ass off at your comment.

          • The Ash

            Glad someone understood the not-so-inside joke.

            Whoever translated it at Baka-tsuki (or somewhere else?) deserves a glopping medal.
            I still cannot wrap my head around the 2 year thing. Reki-san wrote a fine lemon till that part :D

        • Ultimasamune

          I think it was a substitute for the どくん、どくん in the original Japanese, which is the sound effect of a heart beating, or, in this case, of Kirito’s member pulsing with… glop.

  • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹



  • TheExile285

    Hey Sal, I’ve been told that this link says the Taiwonesse version of the game has an English subtitle and menu option but I can’t actually read it. Can you confirm that I didn’t read a mistranslation.


    • Renaldi Saputra

      for the menu option, the original Japanese had had it first…

      yes, it’s written chinese/eng subtitle

      but not sure about the dialogue

    • ArmoredBoar

      Yes, it is confirmed in that link that the Asia version will contain Chinese and English menu text and subtitles.

      Seems people have no reason to not import it now.

      • PrinceHeir

        Fucking awesome!

      • Sevyne

        Oh really? Guess I may have to import it then.

    • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

      Well, the link is in Chinese. Google Translate shows “The game will adopt Traditional Chinese / English subtitles and menus.” I used a dictionary to look up each word, just to be sure.

      Sure enough, the bottom of the page has specs, which says:

      Language: Voiceovers: Japanese
      Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, English

      I think it’s safe to take it then that the game will have English subtitles.

      I’ll make a post.

      • TheExile285

        Thanks! ^__^

  • Six

    “Communication: Sleeping Together”

    Step your game up, Persona.

    • Miyako Arima

      R.I.P. localization

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        Considering games like Conception II, Valhalla Knights 3 and Catherine made it over here, I doubt that would be a reason for lack of localization.

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      yes this! Persona needs to be more sexually explicit

      dat scene with Elizabeth in P3FES was such a tease

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        Well theres Catherine….

        So maybe that’s a precursor to some of their new ideas…

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      You spent a long time with Asuna.

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    >Just attack

    What I think: PSO2

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/playstationunity DXVII

    OMG This is a game I am geting, she’s in bed…T_T Oh hell yes..it is time

  • Ultimasamune

    You can only bring one person to bed? What kind of simultaneous yuri-BL-moe-incest-harem fulfillment is that!?

    • Khrno

      You have to complete everyone’s route first to unlock the harem route and have them all in the bed at the same time.

  • Bobby Jennings

    This is nice. Might import.

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    Is that Kirito’s chopped off hand?

  • LordKaiser

    I hope that the anime don’t turn SAO into harem crap. I noticed some deviations on the anime like the blacksmith girl crush on Kirito and the cut up a whole ark.

    I hope this stuff stays with this game only.