Shuuhou Imai to reveal new 3DS game this week
posted on 03.04.14 at 07:44 AM EDT by (@casudaniele)
From the creator of the Tokyo Majin Gakuen series.

Imai Shuuhou

Tokyo Majin Gakuen series and Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai director Shuuhou Imai will reveal his new 3DS game this week, he said on his blog.

“Even though we finished working on Yuugekitai, what with making Yugekiwalker and following the progress of other projects, it’s like there’s no time to relax,” Shuuhou said. “Rather than thinking about being able to take any holidays during Obon, I was worried about launching it in time.”

He continued, “Also, this week I’ll be able to release information about the new 3DS game that I wrote about previously, the one I wrote and directed.”

Thanks, Game Jouhou.

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  • RyoonZ

    Weren’t they working on PS3/Vita game?

    • JonathanisPrimus

      Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai

  • PrinceHeir

    The new Tokyo Majin Gakuen game was already released right?

  • Budgiecat

    dont really follow this..

  • Auragar

    Don’t know who this is or what those games are (I could look them up), but uh… good luck to him. I guess.

    • ShadowFang

      lol. This was my thought exactly!

      But as soon as I saw the, “I could look them up, but uh….” written out loud I was like, “I sound lazy” :) . You have inspired me to take to Google, so thanks for that!