Persona Q has F.O.E. enemies, dungeon mapping
posted on 03.12.14 at 07:26 PM EDT by (@iiotenki)
More Etrian Odyssey elements for Etrian Odyssey-like Persona.

Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth

The latest issue of Famitsu reveals new details about Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Atlus’ upcoming dungeon crawler for 3DS, indicating that its Etrian Odyssey roots extend as far as the inclusion of Field On Enemy-type (F.O.E.) adversaries, as well as the series’ iconic cartography mechanics.

As in Etrian Odyssey, F.O.E. enemies, which in Japanese is derived from Greek and stands for “Physis Oikein Eidolon,” far outclass the normal Shadows you’ll encounter while traversing dungeons. Although defeating one yields great rewards, it’s said that they’re best left alone until your party can confidently take it on. Unlike conventional Shadows, F.O.E. enemies appear on the dungeon floor as you walk around, making it possible to avoid them with careful planning using the dungeon layouts at hand. That being said, Famitsu notes that the difficulty level in Persona Q can be altered at any time, ensuring that no hurdle is ultimately too great for players.

The map-making, meanwhile, should be familiar to most anybody who’s previously played an Etrian Odyssey game. Using the bottom screen, you can meticulously plot out the layout of dungeon floors as you explore, drawing walls and placing icons down on tiles as you discover relevant landmarks. This enables you to efficiently return to areas for future trips and focus on pure questing. For newcomers intimidated by the feature, rest assured, as Famitsu points out that there are handy tutorials designed to walk players through the ropes, as well as an auto-mapping feature that can be turned on for those who simply don’t want to concern themselves with map-making at all.

Famitsu also announced a 10,590 yen Famitsu DX-branded special edition of Persona Q that can be pre-ordered online at Atlus’ D Shop website. In addition to the game itself, the pack includes:

  • A B2-sized tapestry drawn by the anime cutscene staff
  • A poster drawn by Atlus
  • A five-piece clear paper filer set
  • A mug
  • A papercraft version of Persona newcomer Rei

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is due out for 3DS on June 5 in Japan and this fall in North America.

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  • MrFinalgamer

    damn…looks like i better get used to the gameplay of Etrian Odyssey XD
    TBH, i’m shocked P4 fanboys have not bitched and moaned about how different it is to P4…

    • Pyrofrost

      Just wait till it releases~

      When they see it’s basically Etrian Odyssey in a Persona skin, people will be talking.

      • MrFinalgamer

        man the meltdowns will be something quite interesting!
        also you changed your avatar for…Takaya…i was expecting something more…frosty, like this =3

        • Pyrofrost

          Funny you mention the frosty avatar.
          When I first started using the name Pyrofrost years ago, I used to alternate the Jack Bros for my avatars.

          I’m glad to see another Takaya fan though! I loved him.
          I game him a special nickname when I first met him in P3: Albino Jesus

          • Anime10121

            I thought the same thing when I saw him :P

            I was like awe sheet! Its teen Jesus!

        • $18114340

          F. Ho-Hee! F. Ho-Hee!

  • Pyrofrost

    Well, it’s being developed by the team that makes Etrian Odyssey, so I would hardly call any of this a surprise.

    I am happy to see that they are making this game their project, giving it their identity, by implementing specific elements from their games. Much like how Team Career did for Devil Survivor.

  • Shippoyasha

    Uh oh. Does this mean Death will stalk the maps again?

    • Pyrofrost

      Better haul ass when you hear dem chains~

    • Auragar

      Possibly, that would make sense.

  • Stealth

    This game sounds amazing.

    • Sevyne

      I’m pretty confident it’ll be an excellent game. Huge fan of Etrian Odyssey so that helps a bit!

  • Sevyne
  • new_tradition

    I’m downloading the EO Millennium Girl demo on my 3DS to try this map feature thing. It sounds intimidating, but people are saying it’s not bad, so I’m hopeful ^^;

    • Auragar

      It isn’t that bad really… and in Millennium Girl it has the auto mapping as well, just like PQ will have. No need to worry, New.

    • $18114340

      Millenium Girl automaps floors and walls for you. You do have to fill in the rest of the dungeon features by yourself, but I actually think it’s fairly likely PQ’s mapping won’t be as involved. Maybe it’ll be like Strange Journey, where everything you interact with is auto-mapped for you.

      If PQ includes the convenience features of EOU — like the best automapping in the series and a fast-walk — then it’ll probably be very easy to bear with.

  • Zackasaur

    Eh, I’m hoping they minimise some of the Etrian stuff as much as possible. I’m much more of a Persona fan than an Etrian fan.

    • OverlordZetta

      Amen to that.

    • Auragar

      It is more of an EO game from the looks. But I love me some EO so I am all for it.

  • Nice Boat

    Death! Death everywhere!

    • Auragar

      He better not be everywhere or I will be very upset with the game. That would be so unfair. lol I am usually good at (roleplaying) games but having death EVERYWHERE. Yikes even I can’t do that good. xD

  • echokanon

    I wonder will it be stronger than Reaper

    • Auragar


      • echokanon

        Oh I mean the F.O.E enemies.

        • Auragar

          Well there is more than one type of F.O.E. enemy. And the Reaper is probably one of them.