Natural Doctrine video shows Niel Riverside battle
posted on 03.18.14 at 06:22 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, a look at the world map and character detail screens.

Natural Doctrine has published a new Natural Doctrine gameplay introduction video, separate from yesterday’s “Game Guide” video.

This 13-minute video guides viewers through the world map, character details, and a full-length battle on the Niel Riverside.

Originally planned for launch on February 22, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita simulation RPG is due out in Japan on April 3.

Watch the footage below. View some new screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Unretributed

    2 complaints-

    – The music that played in the first 45 seconds of the trailer was some of the worst music I’ve ever heard in a video game ever.

    – The blood effect is kind of pointless and looks stupid in a game like this. I hope it can be turned off.

    • DrForbidden

      Watch this video:

      It’s not even close to being some of the worst.

      I’d say ‘you’re welcome’, but I doubt you’d thank me for subjecting your ears to those monstrosities.

      • Unretributed

        I actually liked the DK 64 rap intro, when I first played it. I know it’s corny but It was the first game I ever played with actual voiced audio in it unless you count the “SEGA” that came on before certain Sega games.

        • Anime10121

          Man, I’m glad I reread that, as I thought you initially said that it was the first game with full voiced audio and I was like WUT, Megaman Legends (or Megaman 64) and Metal Gear Solid would like to have a word with you…

      • Anime10121

        1. I’d make love to that Rad Gravity song!
        2. Donkey Kong, Leanin and Rockin wit it since before it was a “thing”
        3. I actually think the Daytona USA song is a classic :/ (and I’m for real when I say that)
        4.Hyldlide doesnt really sound that bad
        5.1942 sounds like a kid pounding on a Xylophone that I want to smack
        6. Sounds rike Chinese musics
        7. Terminator…please chop off my ears
        8. Winter games? Ears starting to bleed
        9. Crazy Bus? SOMEONE KILL ME!!!!

        Seems like I missed one…

      • Lalum

        I hope you’re not really dissing DK and Daytona, or we’re going to have a problem.

        • DrForbidden

          You’re going to have to take it up with the creator of the video, I’m afraid…

    • Mar Mar

      Too much blood. XD

    • Elvick

      I don’t know, the first half wasn’t too great, but the second half was better. So overall, “meh” from me on that music.

      • Unretributed

        The actual gameplay music during the battle was what I expect from games like this, it reminded me of FF:T, Valkyria Chronicles, Fire Emblem, etc.

        But yeah that first part with the CG was just bad(music AND animation)

  • DrForbidden

    Doesn’t look half-bad at all, but going to need someone to translate the instructions. Looks really complicated at first glance.
    My only real complaint is the text window that pops up on the left of the screen during combat. This isn’t a MMORPG. I hope it can be turned off.