Mugen Souls Z release date set, limited edition announced
posted on 03.07.14 at 01:57 PM EDT by (@salromano)
$69 gets you an art book, poster, and keychain.

Mugen Souls Z will launch for PlayStation 3 in North America on May 20 and Europe on May 23, NIS America has confirmed to Gematsu.

A $69.99 limited edition will be available at the NIS America online store, which includes a copy of the game, full color hardcover art book, 16″x26″ tear-resistant poster, collector’s box, and 1.5″ wide Zodiac Keychain item.

View some shots at the gallery.

If you missed the latest trailer, catch it here.

(Editor’s Note: Looks like it’s going blue, Zackasaur!)

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  • flandre


    • Budgiecat


      • flandre

        Yup, I sure did. I’m not ashamed to say I peodrdered something I like.

  • Unretributed

    Does anyone know if part 2 will have that “moe kill” system from the first one?

    That and the frame rate is what kept me from the first one and I trust that they fixed the frame rate issues.

    • flandre

      They have a better system called “Fetish Pose”. It’s like “Moe Kill” except for that you no longer have to remember a chart, the emotion bar displays on the bottom and will give an insight on what will increase depending on the pose.

      This game is much faster than the original game in every single way. Loading is instant and everything.

      After you completing the story once, it becomes a speedrun RPG. You can skip every single animation, event and push the R1 button to skip encounters. This game is a lot less stressful than the original.

    • Guest

      There is a new system called Fetish pose. It’s not as random and there’s no need to memorize a chart to charm foes as the emotion gauge is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

      Most importantly, this game has instant loading and responses.

  • MrFinalgamer

    Is sony’s color blue for all systems now? More, and more PS3 games are getting blue cases…

    • Cygdor

      I was wondering the same thing. Drakengard 3 has the blue as well.

      • Unretributed

        Deception 4 too.

    • Rezar

      Yes. Looking at upcoming PS3 games on Amazon most of them have the blue cover.

      • tokyobassist

        Ugh that sucks. I already hate the fact that I don’t have uniformity on my shelf because of the old “Spiderman” era PS3 boxes sticking out from the rest of the current black fade ones.

        Is anybody good with photoshop around here to possibly get some of the older boxes uniformed?

  • Wolf Star

    I like the blue cover :D

  • MitsukiIX

    lol they try to censor her boobies on the cover…
    the orginal jp cover looks better

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Well, they just pulled her top up to hide some cleavage, but it’s the same top :p

      Still, pretty funny though.

      • flandre

        Never noticed that. Also they took out Ryuto (the guy) on the NA cover. That’s pretty awesome, no one wants to see him!

    • flandre

      I don’t think they were trying to block anything because lots of other NIS America games have their titles around around that area like Demon Gaze, Guided Fate, Disgaea D2 and some other stuff.

      The NIS America logo is huge compared to the Compile Heart one so maybe that’s why it looks that way.

      Edit: How do I delete the first image?

    • MrKappa

      NISA showing their censorship right out the door is not surprising.

      • Guest

        The only thing I see blocked out on the U.S. boxart is her clothes. =P

    • karmacoma

      It doesn’t look like censorship to me at all, they just raised the logo to give it a more uniform look. Her rack is still showing in the US version. The logo is *under* her cleavage, not covering it.

      • mikanko

        There is less cleavage in the US picture shown. They didn’t cover it up with a logo, but actually edited her outfit to cover more.

        It’s like an extra inch of fabric, but isn’t super noticeable.

      • Sevyne

        The uniform is definitely edited (pulled up) to cover more and it’s really obvious. It’s another one of those really pointless edits too, because the original art was already harmless enough. It’s not a huge deal, but whenever I see this kind of change I can’t help but think how stupid it is.

        • karmacoma

          Well, I don’t know how obvious it is since I didn’t notice it until you guys pointed it out, but yes, I see what you’re all saying now. My mistake.

          • Sevyne

            I mean obvious in a side by side comparison. It’s subtle when not actually comparing both. Games like Muramasa Rebirth have this type of editing, as does the more recent Deception 4. I just can’t wrap my brain around why anybody would go through the effort of making that kind of change. It such a little thing that it didn’t need to be done at all.

            • mikanko

              Censorship to things like promotional materials and game covers are usually to comply with guidelines from the esrb and not something publishers go out of their way to do on their own.

              • Sevyne

                Oh I know that, but when it’s such a small thing I find it a little hard to believe that that is the case for game covers like these. I mean, the examples above and this game really aren’t covering much of anything. Instead of getting an inch of skin you are getting half an inch of skin (and neither cover has anything obscene to cover up). Not saying I’m ticked about it of course, it’s just kind of weird. It confuses the hell out of me.

                Also let’s be real here for a moment. Games like these aren’t getting standees or promo stuff hanging up in game stores here anyway. The games are just tucked away in the shelves if they even get any additional non-preorder copies at all.

                • mikanko

                  Yeah, just saying it’s not like NISA wants to do it. Just that there is a certain limit on exposed skin you can have on a game cover to be allowed on the store shelves at gamestop or wherever.

                  It’s not just small publishers or regulated to game covers either. Reminds me of how the English Capcom website/trailers/facebook for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had severely cropped images for Morrigan and Felicia because their original character art had too much skin.

        • Elvick

          The editing is stupid, but it’s so minimal that it’s just as stupid to complain about it imo.

          • Sevyne

            Well in the response I gave him, I was really correcting him because he was looking in the wrong place (logo). Then just adding that I think it’s stupid because it is. Of course you and I are in agreement on that last part.

            Like I said, not a huge deal that it’s there. Still, if there is a discussion/post about this stuff I’m going to give my opinion on it. I’ll agree with ya that it would be kind of stupid to make a huge stink about it though.

  • MrKappa

    I still can’t believe they are doing this and even a LE? The first game is the only game NISA has done that STILL hasn’t sold out of the LE.

    • flandre

      Well, it’s just LE sales and most people buy LEs as a collection anyways. I honestly would’ve been fine with no LEs.

      Gives people one less reason to make fun of the series.

  • Vayne

    I’m confused, NIS America belongs to Nippon Icchi, now see a CH game published by NIS is bizarre.

    • Anime10121

      What, NIS has published MANY of CH’s games :/

    • Sevyne

      They publish plenty of CH games.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      umm have you ignored alot of games they bring over lool

  • Zukato

    Picking this up!

  • Elvick

    Gotta order this later.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Time for them low sales again

  • Learii

    I hope this one don’t have ship battle like the first one

  • makenocent

    Nope, not going to support censorship. Give them a inch and they’ll take a mile. It was only bath scenes in the first game… now it’s tits. They’re just straight up catering to feminists, who don’t even play or buy these games.

    • kurbstar2

      as mikanko said earlier, the ESRB also rates boxart, and they’re generally more restrictive because of the visibility on store shelve

      If it was just the boxart, I wouldn’t really care, considering how easy it is to print out your own boxart. But it’s also the bathing scenes they cut out, too….just like the last game they acknowledged did terrible because of censorship.

      so…another used 2nd hand eBay purchase for me

    • stromwind

      im not planning on getting this game but jesus christ. some of you guys are so damn irrational and annoying. you say they censor tits when you can clearly see an uncensored vjj on the poster.

      if they wanted to cater this game to feminists, they probably should’ve censored more because whatever they have now is lewd enough.