Keiji Inafune announces 3DS eShop side-scroller Gunvolt
posted on 03.07.14 at 12:35 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Inafune teaming up with Inti Creates for summer-due action game.


Keiji Inafune and Inti Creates announced Azure Striker Gunvolt, a 2D side-scrolling action game coming to the 3DS eShop this summer, at the BitSummit indie games festival in Kyoto.

Here’s the story outline:

In the near future, a new type of psychic power has emerged. A powerful conglomerate, the Sumeragi Group, has brought peace and order to the world. But through its cruel subjegation of those possessing these powers.

A psychic boy named Gunvolt has joined a rebel force to strike back. His goal is to free the world from Sumeragi’s control. Gunvolt’s ability is lightning. He can fire lightning rods at his enemies and zap them.

One day, Gunvolt is ordered to kill virtual pop star Lumen. But he learns that Lumen is the avatar of Joule, a psychic girl. He hesitates to kill her, and this changes his destiny.

He faces psychic opponents. Melac creates wormholes for unpredictable attacks. Daytona strikes with explosions and powerful leap attacs. As Gunvolt fights, his true powers slowly begin to awaken.

Watch the announcement trailer below. View the first screenshots at the gallery. Visit the game’s website here.

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  • Sevyne

    This looks really damn good.

  • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

    Looks like Gunstar Heroes rather than Megaman there.^_^ And it feels good.^_^

    • Leon_Tekashi

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that. Looks more like a combination of Gunstar Heroes and Mega Man Zero.

      • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

        High Five with Leon here.^_^ Hope that this game will be as great as Zero series+Gunstar Heroes.^_^

  • Six

    Looks great. The 3DS is far from my platform of choice for digital games, but I’ll definitely support this.

  • Invisbin

    The speed of mega man zero. YESS

  • OverlordZetta

    Doesn’t Inafune have his own company he should be doing stuff with?

    You have to feel bad for comcept. He’s sleeping around with all these other devs but he can’t go back home to his own.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Except that Comcept Is working on videogames as well, mainly Yaiba and Mighty no. 9.

      • OverlordZetta

        And neither of those are JUST comcept. Mighty is, like this, Inti Creates, and Yaiba is more Inafune working with Team Ninja.

    • Sal Romano

      I could be wrong, but I don’t think Comcept itself actually develops games. I think they’re just the visionaries behind each game. Case in point, every game from them is partnered with another studio.

      Bugs vs. Tanks (Guild 02) – with Level-5
      Kaio: King of Pirates – with Marvelous AQL
      Mighty No. 9 – with Inti Creates
      Soul Sacrifice and Delta – with SCEJ and Marvelous AQL
      Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – with Team Ninja and Spark Unlimited

      • OverlordZetta

        Maybe. The fact is, a lot of the stuff recently isn’t “comcept and developer,” it’s “Inafune and developer.”

        This and Yaiba, for example. I haven’t seen much, if any, mention of comcept at all, but Inafune and Inafune alone is a big deal for it.

        • Sal Romano

          I’d imagine Comcept is very much involved. Inafune’s just the big name face of it all.

      • z_merquise

        As what I remember, there’s 2 studios. One is Comcept, where it’s like just a planning studio creating concepts for games and stuff then there’s Intercept which is more on game development.

        I guess his studio is still starting so they can’t develop their own games for now.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      The real question should be what in the world Intercept is up to.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Inafune in February 2013:

    “The reason that real software isn’t coming out for Vita is because
    business men are making all the decisions. If you are a creator, there
    is no question you would choose to make games for Vita. Because that is
    where the real interesting stuff is. If the games are interesting, the
    hardware will sell.”

    I see his shade.

    Oh, and Soul Sacrifice Delta launched yesterday in Japan.

    • Sal Romano

      “Oh, and Soul Sacrifice Delta launched yesterday in Japan.”

      So he’s making games for Vita. Might No. 9 is coming, too.

      His saying what you quoted doesn’t mean he can’t make games for other platforms, too.

      • JonathanisPrimus

        Sony is funding Soul Sacrifice, and the internet is funding Mighty No. 9. This is his first self-published work (which is as game creator vs. businessman as you can get) and well …

        • Rockman

          This game will be published by Inti Creates and they own the IP, not Inafune. I’m not sure how can you blame Inafune, his job is coming up with ideas, his company is not developing, funding or chosing the platform, ultimately, that’s the publisher job.

          • JonathanisPrimus

            Inafune is apparently more involved with this game than any other previous Comcept project. You really don’t think he could convince Inti-Creates to release this game on PSN?

            • Rockman

              I don’t think so, this game is probably done with very limited budget, making it for PSN means more money is needed because they need more people and time to working on it, and probably do it in HD if they want to appeal to everyone.

              • JonathanisPrimus

                Vita’s screen isn’t HD, and Japanese third parties have had no problem releasing 3DS ports on it.

    • OverlordZetta

      Blame Inti Creates.

      Or don’t. comcept’s first title announced was a 3DS exclusive series (Kaio).

      • JonathanisPrimus

        MAQL is publishing Kaio, and as they’re a publicly traded company, they’re definitely businessmen. Releasing kids software on anything other than 3DS (or iOS) is suicide in Japan.

        • Budgiecat

          its obviously a businessman move because its not like the PSP wasn’t popular in Japan and it’s still selling too despite barely any games coming out for it…

  • Solomon_Kano

    Do want.

  • LastBoss

    Creator of my favorite character?


  • Elvick

    If this comes out before the Penguin game… :

    • Auragar

      Penguin game. xD It is called Kaio.

      • Elvick

        Been waiting for that game since announcement.

        Penguin pirate? Yes.

        Only thing that would be better is a Penguin ninja.

        • Auragar

          Right, it looked good, wonder why it isn’t being talked about (or likely even worked on).

  • Raiyu



  • RyoonZ

    What about Kaio King of Pirates?

  • British_Otaku

    Looks like a Day 1 Download to me, the 3DS needs more good 2D action games.

  • Vayne

    I never imagined such an indie game be as AAA.

  • PrinceHeir

    Why can’t the newer 2D games be this fast in terms of gameplay?

    The New Strider should have this speed in the first place.

    • 罪罰

      strider 2014 wasn’t mde by glorious nihon

    • ShadowFang

      The original Strider was never a speed-demon, though. Double Helix’s (pretty great, by the way) new version is at least as fast as he was in Strider 2… which was a HUGE step up from the sluggish ninja in the original Arcade/Genesis game.

      Even if you’re not happy with Double Helix’s game, the creator of Strider released his own Strider-style game 2 years ago on PSN. Moon Jumper, or something (edit: Moon Diver). And it’s slightly slower than the new Strider anyway.

      I agree that we DO need faster paced games like this again though. Let’s hope that Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Astro Boy Omega Factor, Silhouette Mirage, Mischief Makers) decides to make another fast paced platformer or run-n-gun game soon :)

      • MasterSensei

        If SOMEONE out there made a new Gunster Heroes I would flip my shit! That game was Awesome back in the day and it still is. I made sure to but that on PSN the first time I saw it

  • Teh_Akod

    This game has Megaman X written all over its face. Day one purchase.

  • LastBoss

    Inafune, is putting the proverbial boot to Capcom scrotum.

  • MrKappa

    Tired of the Vita getting overlooked again.

    • OlimacFTW

      And tired of the begging again….

    • 罪罰

      vita is tired of not selling
      well bam there it is

      • MrKappa

        It can’t very well sell if there is nothing to play on it though.

  • karmacoma

    Hah, I love that both this and Mighty No. 9, two completely unrelated video games, are just MegaMan with new skins. Anyway, looks awesome. The movement looked exactly as I remember MegaMan X controlling.

  • ShadowFang

    Man, Capcom is so stupid.

    I’m super glad that Inti-Create didn’t just sit around waiting for them to call. They’re clearly great at Mega Man-style action games, and they’ll keep making that type of action game regardless! Mighty No.9, helping Wayforward with Shantae Pirate’s Curse, and now this? Thank God for this team!

    Now, if only I could get another Pulseman or Drill Dozer from Game Freak (a man can dream!)

  • Anime10121

    Well hot diggity damn that looks AMAZING :D


    Look pretty awesome, great for 3DS users. This reminds me of the GBA days of MegaMan Zero.

  • Raoni Marques

    Gotta love the character design

  • LordKaiser

    So It’s digital only… Oh well, I better get a bigger SD card. If the 3DS could support SDXC.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Darn why not Vita? This would’ve been perfect.

    I don’t like Nintendo’s digital distribution.

    regardless game looks friggin great.