Hamatora for 3DS has adventure and battle parts
posted on 03.19.14 at 10:23 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Run around a 3D Kobe and battle with your Minimum.

Hamatora: Look at Smoking World

FuRyu has officially dated Hamatora: Look at Smoking World for a July 17 launch on 3DS in Japan, following game lead Shuuhou Imai’s pre-reveal earlier this month.

The game is based on the cross-media Hamatora franchise, which includes a TV anime and manga, and follows an original story not represented in the anime. Players are tasked with solving a number of cases in Kobe as game-original characters with supernatural abilities called Minimums.

During Adventure Parts, players can run around a 3D recreation of Kobe, and head to places like Chinatown and the shopping district to solve cases. And during Battle Parts, players can use their Minimum abilities in a turn-based battle system. Through command input, players can perform various attacks.

Pre-orders include a “Honey IC Card Sticker.” And depending on where you purchase the game, you’ll also get an additional bonus:

  • Custom-drawn Jacket for Yuika and Hajime (Amazon Japan)
  • Custom-drawn Telephone Card with Souken and Nice (Animate)
  • Custom-drawn Telephone Card with Yuika and Honey (Sofmap)
  • Custom-drawn Clear File with Sally and Nekoko (Geo)

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • TheExile285

    Sounds cool

  • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

    Hope it comes here, but doubtful. Really digging the anime series, and I’d rather not have to buy a Japanese 3DS.

    Are there region unlock mods for 3DS yet?

    • Budgiecat


      • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano


        I wanna play Yokai Watch, too.

        • Budgiecat

          Didn’t Level 5 at one point ask people if they wanted Yokai Watch localized? Its still a possibility

          Now toriko: Gourmet Battle and Beyond the Labrynth……yeah those aren’t happening

    • almostautumn

      It IS possible actually, but there’s a whole lot to it. The hack runs on flashcard, your 3DS firmware can’t be above 4.5, and, with that firmware being “behind the times,” you can’t play games online. Also, from what I understand, the “Launcher” you need for this may just, randomly, brick your 3DS…

      But! if you’re interested, this link has some solid info on whether or not you want to shoot for it:


    • Renaldi Saputra

      As long as it’s an animeanga based game, not much chance

  • nougard

    This game looks like crap even for 3DS, I guess it’s budget issue since the anime is plagued by it too.