Gone Home coming to consoles in 2014
posted on 03.10.14 at 01:16 PM EDT by (@salromano)
The Fullbright Company partnering with Midnight City.

Gone Home

Gone Home, The Fullbright Company’s critically acclaimed PC game, is coming to consoles this year, publisher Midnight City announced.

The game, winner of a number of 2013 PC game of the year awrds, invites players into an ordinary family’s mysterious past as a young woman who discovers an empty house that is much more than it seems.

“Ever since we released Gone Home on PC, we’ve had people asking us– ‘When’s it coming to console?,” said The Fullbright Company writer, designer, and co-founder Steve Gaynor. “We’ve been looking and looking for the right partner to help us, and finally after much searching, Midnight City fit the bill. They have a great understanding of what an indie needs, how to get the word out about the game, and help us get the best versions of the game possible to all those players that have been waiting patiently to experience Gone Home in their living rooms. Viva la Midnight City!”

Specific platforms were not announced. Watch the debut trailer below.

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  • TheFoolArcana


  • Rezar

    This game was okay. I wouldn’t have called it a GOTY contender in 2013. I would like to know how much they plan on charging for this on consoles. I feel the $19.99 on Steam is asking way too much for this game.

  • kurbstar2

    Hooray. Now I can check my privilege from a comfy couch.

    • Guest


  • ragingmerifes

    Yay. 20 bucks for 5 minutes of “gameplay” again. Can’t wait.

  • Elvick

    I’d be curious to play it. Not for $20. Got burned with Proteus. Didn’t like that one at all. $5 sale or PS+. (assuming “consoles” includes PS, which it usually does)

    • http://www.hush404.com hush404

      $5 is honestly where it should be. I really enjoyed the experience, but at $20, it’s not worth it. It maxes out at 2 hours. Which is fine, but $20 is too much to ask.

    • http://Xcite79.1up.com/ Keegs79

      My guess is that it would be 14.99 and 11.99 with PS+

  • kurbstar2

    Could someone explain to me why with all the biased hate that the western media dishes out to the Japanese game industry on a daily basis, that a Japanese-centric publication is giving press to the western industry’s laughable excuse for “GOTY”?

    • http://Xcite79.1up.com/ Keegs79

      I hardly call it bias when the Japanese industry has been shrinking. It has been and nobody is going out of their way to diss the Japanese gaming industry every single day.

      • kurbstar2

        Clearly you don’t read kotaku or polygon.

        Actually, don’t start

        • http://Xcite79.1up.com/ Keegs79

          Im on Kotaku every single day as a matter of fact and those that talk negatively toward the Japanese industry isn’t just the West its Japanese developer themselves.

          You don’t need to get all defensively. I love Japanese games too. I am saying it as it is.

          • kurbstar2

            >Im on Kotaku every single day

            ew. How can you stomach such Gawker-tier drivel?

      • Shippoyasha

        I wouldn’t say it’s shrinking by that much. More like it has migrated to handhelds where it’s much more lucrative. Despite the catastrophic recession in Japan, they are holding off fairly well. Though it’d be nice if more devs take a chance with console releases.

        • http://Xcite79.1up.com/ Keegs79

          The whole thing started because of the popularity of shooters and the systems more powerful that what Japanese developers are used to developing for with the PS3/360. I say that because developers in the West are used to making graphically extensive games on PCs.

          It is many things. Development of handheld games increased not just because of the popularity of handhelds but because its also less risk when consoles now take so much to develop Japanese most favored genre (JRPGs).

          Another major reason is Japanese lack of interest in multiplayer compared to the West and preferring more of the same than something completely original. This is a huge reason why they are less relevant than they used to be. Demon Souls/Dark Souls is the best thing they came out with and its very Western. There is and always will be a market for JRPGs (like me) but it isn’t as huge as it used to be. You can see by looking at Square Enix is a prime example.

  • http://Xcite79.1up.com/ Keegs79

    Awesome! I been wanting to play this. Now if they give me DayZ than I won’t have anything to envy about on PC.

  • Leon Keyv

    it’s a good game, but not $19.99 kinda good IMO. But hey, more games is always good for the platform.

  • https://twitter.com/Stealth___ Stealth

    Wii U please

  • http://www.hush404.com hush404

    I was surprised and rather liked GH on the pc, but think they should re-think their pricing. It shouldn’t be more than $4.99.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Ah Gone Home, the “game” made by people so outraged about a joke that condemned rape they withdrew their game from a convention… then wrote a girl getting fingered in her sleep and said it’s OK, and had her go off and run away with her rapist.

  • 9li8

    Oh shit, Danganronpa just got a tough competition in the console adventure game category.

    • Dick Mountainjoy

      Man, the adventure game genre must be in the shitter if the only competition for a VN is… whatever you’d call Gone Home.

      • kurbstar2

        Armikrog will kick this crap out of the water, but of course the progressives that run the industry now won’t even look at it because the creator is a staunch conservative