Freedom Wars media shows new characters, customization
posted on 03.13.14 at 07:44 AM EDT by (@salromano)
New video shows deep character and Accessory customization.

Freedom Wars

The latest set of Freedom Wars screenshots and video introduce new characters Beatrice “Lily” Anastasi and Abel “Strafe” Barth, his Abductor Red Rage, and customization of the player character and Accessory.

First, here are some details on the new characters, via PlayStation Blog Asia:

Beatrice “Lily” Anastasi (CV: Eriko Nakamura)
– The Key to Destiny and Revolution –

“I hope to see you all be a part of a world without war……”

She is a mysterious girl locked up deep within panopticon. She also fights alongside with the protagonist seeking for hope while being manipulated by fate. Having a straight forward character she is skilled with technology as well.

Abel “Strafe” Barth (CV: Junichi Suwabe)
– The Most Sinister Sinner on Earth –

“I will lead all mankind to the malice of war!”

He is one of the most powerful sinners in the world of FREEDOM WARS. He is an ace fighter of the Horai PT which is a rival enemy force to the panopticon that the protagonist belongs to. The fate of both the protagonist and Beatrice are deeply intertwined with him as well.

Red Rage

Abel’s private abductor which is one of the three primordial abductors said to be the origin of the Artificial Abductors. Its existence has long been questioned and now it fights alongside with Abel on the world stage of history. It has an overwhelming attack force and defense mechanism. Although it may be an ancient creation, combined with the linkage function of the sinners it can become the ultimate weapon.

Sony also introduced the game’s lineup of voice actors:

  • ??? (Voice: Marina Inoue)
  • ??? (Voice: Kenji Akabane)
  • Natalia “9” Woo (Voice: Yuu Asakawa)
  • Aries M (Voice: Yumi Hara)
  • Abel “Strafe” Barth (Voice: Junichi Suwabe)
  • Beatrice “Lily” Anastasi (Voice: Eriko Nakamura)
  • Player Character
  • Accessory
  • Mattias “Leo” Bruno (Voice: Akira Ishida)
  • Uwe “Sakamoto” Cabrera (Voice: Jouji Nakata)
  • ??? (Voice: Nao Toyama)
  • ??? (Voice: Keiji Fujiwara)
  • ??? (Voice: Koichi Yamadera)
  • ??? (Voice: Ryotaro Okiayu)

Players will be able to customize their main character, who can be either male or female, as well as their Accessory, androids that act as surveillance and partner for players. In addition to body and facial features, you’ll be able to customize your characters’ clothing, as well. And for Accessories, you can also customize their voice, with changeable parameters such as accent, pitch, volume, intonation, and speed.

See character customization in action below, and screenshots at the gallery.

Freedom Wars is due out in Japan this summer.

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  • Frii

    That body height and arms length customization… Hell yeah! I could spend 1 hour on customizing the characters :v /

  • 武神水樹

    Dam, am I going to buy this

    This is the kind of customization I love in games

    So are we allowed to customize the main character just like in God Eater 2?

    Edit – Looked at the video closer and you have an option to change the players race, not sure if that’s the protag cause the 2nd one says accessory

    Only seiyuu I recognize is Nakamura Eriko, she plays Amami Haruka in Idolm@ster

    • Frii

      Yumi Hara is also in Idolm@ster (Shijou Takane), and Touyama Nao is also in Im@s but in Cinderella Girls series.

      • 武神水樹



        Nisekoi :3

  • MyBodyIsReady

    This game is doin some really cool stuff

  • bloodiOS

    That customization… *drool*

  • Elvick

    Sooooonnnnnyyyyy! Where’s the localization news. Come on you bums!

    This looks so great.

    • yuugi

      Even if there is no localisation, there will still be Asia English Version. More games should be import friendly like this game.

    • DXVII

      Hopefully since its a first party title it will get that deserved treatment.

    • JoJo_718

      They have zero AAA games announced for the Vita overseas this year , hopefully it will be confirmed alongside Gravity Rush 2.

      • Auragar

        Gravity Rush 2 was already announced. Though we have like no news on it. I am excited for it though. I loved the original. Kat is awesome.

        • JoJo_718

          It sure is, but it’s just a teaser and I don’t trust in teasers from Japan Studio, the last time they left me hanging for 5 years and counting!

          • Elvick

            Japan Studio =/= Team ICO

            (well, it does, but you know what I mean)

            • JoJo_718

              mmmm, kinda true, last time I checked they are different teams or something like that, I recall Alan Becker admitted they are kind of a mess.

          • Auragar


          • MrFinalgamer

            TBH, that’s more Team Ico’s fault, Team Gravity has a decent track record in that regard since. they were Team Siren after all!

        • Elvick

          I don’t recall the localization being confirmed.

          • Auragar

            Did he mean localization being announced for it? o.o If so then yah… no it isn’t confirmed… yet.

            • Elvick

              That’s how I read it at least. *shrug*

              • Auragar

                Hmm I guess so… oops. ;p

        • Lelouch Vi Britannia

          That’d be awesome if later On Sony announced Gravity Rush 1 & 2 for PS4. That’d be kickass

          • Auragar

            mmm…. Don’t think they will.

          • MrFinalgamer

            NO! that’s a huge thing that needs to stop! game systems need exclusives for it to sell. if you can get the systems killer apps elsewhere, why get the previous system?

    • Auragar

      E3. That is the biggest event in the US so it will be announced then.

      • tubers

        I agree.

        Sony will definitely save up news for the “big 3” (E3/GC/TGS).

        I don’t think Sony will waste announcing anything relatively big for the VITA outside those conventions.

        • Auragar


  • TheExile285

    Customization looks great. A little disappointed they went with full body costumes instead of costume pieces but it still looks really nice.

  • Zechs

    I NEED this game! :)

  • Altin

    Haven’t seen such a rich character customization since PSO2. Looking forward to spend hours on end on making my perfect character :D

    • Budgiecat

      Over my Dead Body 2

      • tubers


        I watched some videos of it and the facial customization is pretty much Fallout 3/NV in terms of sliders (nose bridge, height, etc.)

        All it needs are height and proportion.

        • Budgiecat

          More than that

          You can put your own face in

          • tubers

            Saw that feature but it looks more like novelty than something that’ll really make the avatar look like the user. (Taipei Convention video)

  • shogunknight

    This is really good

  • Six

    Looks great. Hopefully it’ll fill the gap left buy God Eater 2, since I have zero hope of Bamco bringing that over.

  • Auragar

    Wow… that is awesome. They are really trying to make this the most amazing game in this genre. The thorns concept is awesome, and now customization everywhere. This game will be brilliant.

  • new_tradition

    Character customization is so addictive and easy to get lost in *_*

    It looks like even age can be adjusted. So many partnership possibilities…

  • Aurizen

    Please tell me this is coming to NA?

  • tubers

    I think “Sinners” is supposed to be “Criminals” in the game’s context.

  • Adol Christin

    With all the third party JRPG games getting localized, it would be pretty funny if a first party title didn’t get localized :P

  • SOLOmio

    i so gonna get this if comes to the west!

    • Guest

      It is coming to the west, no “ifs” about that.

  • usagi_san

    OMG! That customisation! A must-have title.

    I’m going to for a playthrough with a old-looking guy in that animal-eared hoodie with a short android girl partner (think Astarte from Strike the Blood).