Bound by Flame release date set
posted on 03.14.14 at 08:06 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Spiders' latest RPG arrives on May 9.

Bound by Flame

Bound by Flame will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on May 9, Spiders Studios announced.

New screenshots released tday offer a look at the game’s varied monsters, each which has its own specific attacks, special skills, and individual behavior that will “force the player to adapt his tactics and combat style depending on the composition of the groups of enemies he encounters.”

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • TetsuyaHikari

    Should I feel bad for not being familiar with Spiders Games or this game at all? I feel like both of these things just sort of came out of nowhere.

    • Budgiecat

      Probably about as bad as you feel about not getting me that new Gundam game….

      • TetsuyaHikari

        Don’t drag stuff from Open Forum into here .-.


    • 武神水樹

      Never heard of them either

  • Vayne

    I will not buy their games until they get back to selling their games in retail with cover and disc, if only continue digital, so I hope she goes bankrupt. Both the developer as to the publisher Focus Home Interactive.

    • Unretributed

      This game is digital only?

      • Vayne

        Sure it will for the following reasons:

        1 ° Not found the Pre-orders of the game on Amazon or Gamestop.

        2 ° His last game was published only digitally.

        What leads me to believe that this game will be not different from Mars: War Logs which was digital only.

      • Kith

        The game will also be available as retail Amazon germany lists it already.

    • ragingmerifes

      It’s not really their fault. It’s expensive, and they probably don’t sell that much.

    • Sal Romano

      Kind of bad reason not to buy a game you’re interested in.

      • TetsuyaHikari

        Well, I definitely prefer having a disc for my games as opposed to digital (mainly because if my HDD dies, I’ll have to reinstall them all over again later instead of simply popping the disc in to pick up where I left off). However, I realize that we’re moving into a digital age too, so if digital was my only choice… I guess I’d just suck it up and buy the digital version.

        If I really liked the looks of the game, buying the digital version would sure beat the alternative of not playing it at all.

  • Unretributed

    PC screenshots.

  • Learii

    what kinda game is this?