Borderlands 2 off-screen PS Vita footage
posted on 03.19.14 at 10:36 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Media preview describes game as running sluggish.

Borderland 2

First footage of Borderlands 2 running on PS Vita has surfaced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The game is currently playable at Sony’s booth. The four-minute video shows the player running through the Southern Shelf Bay area.

An IGN preview describes the game as running “somewhat sluggishly” and with a “subpar framerate.” The framerate apparently froze in place a couple of times for a second or two.

Watch the footage below.

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  • MrFinalgamer

    Don’t forget about those loading times O_O.
    game looks really good graphically, and frame rate seems quite decent, hopefully they can iron this stuff out before release

  • Six

    Dat loading.

    I hope Iron Galaxy is able to polish this up some more before it ships.

  • Elvick

    I think it looks fine.

    The loading is a lot, but I seem to remember the first having hefty loading anyway. So I’m sure B2 on other platforms has some hefty loading too. (I haven’t played it so wouldn’t know first hand)

    Be nice if they can improve it. I’d take lesser textures for better loading and performance.

    Though I know many don’t, based on all the bitching about Mortal Kombat on Vita.

    • DXVII

      It does look fine, mostly graphics whores are complaining. Also the fact that PS Vita doesn’t have L2 or R2. T_T We know this, don’t point it out like its your first time seeing the damn thing…I mean really.

  • 罪罰

    lol those explosions are shit

  • Sevyne

    Looks fine in the preview video here, but dear god those loading times…Hope they can speed those up a little bit before release. Still pretty excited though.

  • Budgiecat

    If it were in third person with a cinematic narrative with a vocal MC then I’d be interested maybe

    • 罪罰

      go back to uncharted

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Meh. The loading doesn’t bother me. I lived with it for years and I’ve come to grips with it long ago. I’m more surprised Borderlands 2 is still being released on Vita. The game itself is 2 years old. I don’t follow this genre of game but is there any thing new added to the game that makes it worthwhile?

  • Zackasaur

    It looks great to me.

  • Kayseur

    I’ll wait the final release and more footage, but so far, I don’t think I’m buying it and I’ll stick with the PC version.

    • jujubee88

      Huh? If there’s any reason this is neat you’d think it would be because you can take it with you, otherwise yeah ppl should only play it on a non-mobile rig or console set-up.

      • Kayseur

        Sure, but I don’t know, I may be used to the PC’s smoothness for this game so I’m a bit worried about the framerate. It already looks like it’s struggling to run, so when it goes all up and lots of things go boom, it might just freeze/lag even more.
        That’s why I want to wait more footage for now. I love playing on my Vita more than any other hardware, but sometimes it does have some framerate problems on a couple of game (I’d rather have played NG2 on a home console rather than the Vita).

        • jujubee88


          • Kayseur

            Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2+.
            It was pretty laggy on the Vita (while the first one was almost flawless). It killed my enjoyment a little bit.

            • Elvick

              It was fine the first few stages for me, but once you get into the city with the flying demons it started to get some hefty drops and I stopped playing. ):

              • Kayseur

                Exactly. It’s good at first, then more ennemies start popping up and the framerate goes down, aliasing appears and so on. That’s really a shame as the game itself (that I still finished) is good, with lots of improvement over the first. I do think they should’ve simply added more loading points as in the previous game.

                Anyway, that’s pretty much off-topic with the news, but well.

  • Damonx

    When will it be released ?

    • Sal Romano

      This spring. No concrete date yet.