Uncut gameplay from Monolith Soft’s new Wii U game
posted on 02.13.14 at 05:44 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, a fresh set of gameplay screenshots.

Monolith Soft's X

Nintendo shared over two minutes of uncut gameplay footage from Monolith Soft’s upcoming Wii U game, currently code-named X, during tonight’s Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed the game’s battle system is based on the one that of Xenoblade Chronicles‘, but is “even more polished.”

The game is due out in Japan this year. A western release frame is unannounced.

Watch the video below. View some new screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Zackasaur

    I would have preferred something a little more cool to be shown… But this still stole the show with ease for me.

  • Blaz

    Did they give a release date?

    • Reda1234


    • http://www.cubiz.tk/ Auragar


  • Claude

    I am officially adopting Huge Succeeded into my lexicon.

  • PrinceHeir

    X and Bayonetta 2 are definitely the reason to buy a Wii U ^^

    and i can’t believe no one has really implemented a proper playable mech in an JRPG since Xenosaga(even then your still limited to moves per turn)

    maybe The Legend of Heroes series as well? but i don’t see controllable mechs there? probably only few moves per turn like Xenosaga.

    this is definitely gonna be amazing!! i’m definitely more hype for this than Final Fantasy XV.

    though i was hoping the cutscenes would be anime like Xenogears or Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

    i also hope the story would be just as dark as Xenosaga or even Evangelion levels of theme ^^

    • badmoogle

      I don’t care for Bayonetta much (although i’ll get at some point when i get a WiiU) but X and the next Legend of Zelda will be my reasons to get the system.Especially X (since we don’t know anything about ZeldaU)

      And i agree i’m also definitely more hyped for X than FFXV! XD

    • ddsfan2

      I don’t think it is going to be like Evangelion or Xenosaga, at least if Takahashi still maintains his position on game stories that he expressed in interviews somewhat recently.

      I guess he was bummed out by poor sales of Xenosaga and negative feedback from some fans, but it would be awesome to see something like Zone of the Enders from Monolith Soft.

  • crimsonidol

    The battles look different from “normal” battles in JRPGs but somehow it seemed kinda “slow”.

    • 罪罰

      It’s a real time/ turn based hybrid, it looks slow but sometimes you’re on the edge of your sit. (Based on Xenoblade experience)

      • crimsonidol

        I guess this hybrid is it what actually kills the game for me (at the moment). I more expected a “real” action-based real-time system like in the many western RPGs or Ys. :|

  • SatsukiYumizuka

    was hoping they wouldn’t use xenoblades battesystem and use a turn base one instead, oh well

    • Solomon_Kano

      The original reveal trailer showed it wouldn’t be turn-based though.

    • http://gamewise.co/ Nick Pantazis

      Xenoblade and X really do have a type of turn-based battle system. It’s a free roam movement style, but still with an active time battle system, which is a form of turn-based.

  • Raiyu

    Kinda disappointed with the battle system, was hoping it wouldn’t be like Xenoblade :(

    The way it was hyped up I thought it would be more like an action RPG.

    • 罪罰

      technically it is?

      • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

        Where is the RPG part?

        • Blaz

          Are you pretending to be stupid?

          • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

            No, I asking where is the RPG part in X.

            • Claude

              So you weren’t pretending.

            • Blaz

              Well, from what you got from their last games every character has different classes thus you have the Role part of a Role Playing Game,
              Just in case you don’t know what RPG stands for.

      • Raiyu

        Yeah, technically it is but it certainly doesn’t feel like one :/

        • Claude

          Xenoblade definitely felt like an ARPG to me. There was so much you had to manage in realtime – status, party morale, enemy states, arts cooldown, and of course…RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE from those lv70+ monsters placed in inconspicuous areas.

  • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

    Sadly, this game will not be story driven like previous Takahashi projects till Monado,,, I hate this degeneration of Monolith Soft…

    • Claude

      Can I borrow your time machine? I really want to play this now, but apparently you already have since you already know about the “degeneration” and no storyline. If you can’t give us your time machine, can you at least tell us a release date and title so we know that you’re not full of yourself? Thanks.

      • 罪罰

        You can pull magical shit out of his ass that can make you see the future. Truly it works.

        • Tetsu


        • TheBlackRabbit

          sounds wonderful corn….wonderful…

      • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

        What are you trying to say?

  • Dark_N11

    It looks way more like an MMO than JRPG.

    • Anime10121

      I hope not :(

    • http://gamewise.co/ Nick Pantazis

      It looks like an evolution of Xenoblade, which you should definitely play before judging it. It’s a different sort of JRPG combat but it’s still JRPG combat (not that there is a single definition to that anyway).

  • https://twitter.com/Stealth___ Stealth

    Amazing looking

  • PrinceHeir

    i also hope nintendo keeps the dual audio if they plan on bring this on the west ^^

    • Tetsu

      It’s already confirmed for western release :)

      • PrinceHeir

        that was fast!

        i hope they do a simltaneous world wide release!

        • Blaz

          Keep hoping, that’s something nintendo rarely does…

        • Ereek


          Yeah, right.

          I wish I had your optimism.

        • TalesOfBS

          The game attracted more views and comments than Bayonetta 2 on their Youtube channel. They know they have something big on their hands.
          I could say this short gameplay was released only because people were bitching all over their channel asking for more footage. It was way too small in content when compared to the past year January and E3 Trailers.

  • badmoogle

    God damn NOW you’re talking Nintendo!!I’m buying a WiiU the same day this gets released!
    Looks great although the animations need more work i think (the strafing movement in particular looks unatural).

  • pekot

    Can’t wait for this game

  • LastBoss

    Good battle pacing, and world detail.

  • MrFinalgamer

    *sigh* goddamit! why isn´t this doing it for me!? it has the battle system strangely close to FFXII (which alot of people like here, but hated on XII…YEAH OKAY), an open world to explore, and freaking mechs! why can´t i get into this game?!?!?

    • Claude

      You should try Xenoblade. If you can get into that, you’ll like this.

      • MrFinalgamer

        i don´t know, that´s like over $60 dollars just for that XD, is xenogears a good comparison to this? (it´s a hell of a lot cheaper than Xenoblade)

        • Ereek

          Xenogears is much more heavily story-focused than Xenoblade. This does look similar to Xenogears in that it has two separate styles of battle system, on foot and gear battles, but other than that it does not appear to share a ton of similarities. Beyond the obvious visual references (X logo being copies straight from Xenogears, Weltall-Id, so on), that is.

          It also plays very, very differently. TT is a very ambitious director and in the end he didn’t have enough funding for the game, so the second half plays like a VN, with 3-4 dungeons.

          It’s my favorite game of all time, but it’s not really for everyone.

          • AdamBoy64

            Sorry, what’s VN mean?

            • MrFinalgamer

              Visual Novel i suppose

            • Ereek

              Visual Novel.

              Meaning that it’s almost entirely text in the second half. It does have some gameplay, namely timely major boss battles, and a few dungeons, but most of the time you’re reading and watching the events unfold. If you played Xenosaga Episode 1, that’s probably the best comparison.

              The first part (really, it’s about 3/4 through) of the game is a pretty standard RPG gameplay-wise, though. Towns, dungeons, world maps, so on.

              • AdamBoy64

                Thank you. I appreciate the explanation.

                I’ve heard a bit about Xenoblade and Xenogears, but I’ve never played one of them.

                Xenoblade Chronicles is one I see from time to time. It looks like it’s a good game.

                • Lelouch Vi Britannia

                  I’d like to add “Xenogears” is Awesome an one ofthe bEst Squaresoft games ever released. Its so underappreciated compared to FFVII.

                  Dont get me wrong but i like xenogears far more than FFVII. Besides my #2 favorite FF title will always be FFVI. Kefka tower FTW.

          • MrFinalgamer

            i´ve been meaning to get into the VN genre so this should help too. i´ve heard so many awesome things about it (mainly how dark the plot can get) so i´ll definitely give it a go, thanks!

  • Kattaro

    Wow it looks quite nice and DAT Sawano Hiroyuki soundtrack :D very good combination

  • Ereek

    Even though Xenogears is my favorite game, and I’m tolerant and can enjoy of slower gameplay, this doesn’t do an amazing job of selling the title to me.

    But if it retains TT’s style of being heavily story-based, then I’ll no doubt enjoy it.

  • Anime10121
  • http://gamewise.co/ Nick Pantazis

    Looks like a natural evolution of Xenoblade’s battle system, which was an excellent balance of strategy and action. Very excited!

  • Anime10121

    Stuff like this is the reason my Wii U will one day be pulled outta the closet :D

  • KingNigma

    Sooo prettyy.

  • TheExile285

    The time for me to get a Wii U has come.

  • $61526767

    *Continues to replay the video * I NEEEEEEED THIS!! Sucks not having a wii u. :

    • 罪罰

      eventually dood, eventually.

  • Aiddon

    why did he choose to get out of the mech? If I was against a giant, mutant monkey…thing I’d like to be in the assault robot obviously designed for making wildlife completely FUBAR. Still, neat stuff

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Maybe i’m being super Optimistic but Jrpg’s are coming back.

    • TalesOfBS

      What are you talking about? They never left.

  • LordKaiser

    I wonder how this game would look if the Wii U had 8GB of RAM but this still looks great and I know it will play great.

  • Budgiecat

    Doesn’t look like the mechs will be going Zone of Enders 2 crazy but still looks good..

    • DriftSlave

      it doesn’t look like that or Gundam Extreme VS, but idk…it’s in alpha, maybe it’ll change but im underwhelmed.

  • Zuhri69

    Release this in the U.S and I will consume it faster than desert melts ice.

  • bloodiOS

    Looks fucking good! As far as graphics goes, it blows every single JRPG released for 7th-gen consoles out of the water.

  • Heisst

    This was a BAAAAD demonstration, they picked a monster that didn’t do anything but scratch forward every 10 seconds and stood there still the whole time taking damage like a sponge, made combat look really boring.

    Should have shown a fight against a huge monster like it was shown in the previous trailers since they actually do something other than the aforementioned.

  • HarryHodd

    If this is an epic single player RPG then I will buy a wii-u the day it comes out.

  • Kobracon

    Well…thats straight up Xenoblade combat but with Mechs. I’m down with that. But yeah the demo was just noting but numbers and ppl shouting the same thing over and over XD

    Some understanding of the skills would’ve helped. Not sure why the dude got off the mech at the end.

  • HanPaul

    Nice! Hopefully we won’t need another Operation Rainfall for this.

    • http://www.cubiz.tk/ Auragar

      Uh this is kind of… a US video… so… no we won’t.

    • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

      Nintendo wll need OpRainfall to promote X just like Monado.

  • ShinGundam

    Lost Planet 2 MMO?
    Mechs looks really small from footage, almost felt like a sidekick.

  • Elvick

    I hope they balance the mechs well. Otherwise getting in the mechs will be like turning the game to easy. WKC had that issue.

    Odd. I was looking forward to this more than Bayonetta 2. But they’ve now switched and I’m ‘meh’ about this and hyped for Bayonetta 2.

    Hopefully the next time they show this, they show something better.

  • tokyobassist

    I know I’m going to get a ton of thumbs down but I wasn’t a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles much. This looked really interesting to me because of the mech combat but honestly after watching this, it looks to be more of the same game but better which is friggin’ awesome for you guys that are fans.

    Bad for Nintendo because this is supposed to be another system seller and while I don’t speak for anybody, this isn’t the game that’s going to make me buy the Wii U either.

    Weird because it’s not like Nintendo doesn’t have good games to play on the Wii U. I just don’t care to buy the system to play any of them apart from when I go to my friend’s house and none of them makes me want to get throw money at the screen.

  • Bob Obb

    Looks like a generic UE3 game. Xenoblade had better graphics IMO.. And what’s with character names?

    • Heisst

      Xenoblade had better graphics? What the hell are you smoking?

      Maybe ”color” is the word you’re looking for, Xenoblade was a jaggy mess.

  • karmacoma

    Looks great. Can’t wait.

    I actually skipped out on Xenoblade. I really, *really* disliked Xenosaga, coming off the incredible Xenogears. Something about Xenosaga’s feel and characters that I just didn’t mesh well with. Left a bad taste in my mouth as far as Monolith was concerned, so I gave Xenoblade a pass thinking it might be more of the same, writing-wise (if not setting-wise).

    I kind of regret it now, not because of all the hype it’s gotten, but because the combat looked fantastic, and it was silly of me hold a previous game’s folly against a new IP.

    Having said that, I’m psyched for this game, regardless of my feelings (or lack thereof) of Monolith’s previous games. Since the first trailer, the game reminded me more of Xenogears than their previous titles, with a bit of Xenoblade’s landscapes and its obvious combat system. This is the game I’m most looking forward to from the Wii U’s lineup, and up there with The Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XV as my most anticipated games overall.

    • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

      If you don’t like cool and mature story and characters (i.e. Xenosaga), then Monado is for you. There is no such things.

      • karmacoma

        Actually, it’s the opposite. I thought Xenogears was a lot more mature than Xenosaga. Xenosaga seemed like a tropey anime storyline with annoying characters.

        • http://insanechronos.tumblr.com/ InsaneChronos

          You are wrong.

  • MasterSensei

    I’m not trying to offend any fan of the series but I honestly though that this was Phantasy Star Online 2. I was like “OH.MY.GOD. IS NINTENDO LOCALIZING PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2?” But then I realized that it was X… It looks pretty interesting. Can anyone out there tell me if there are certain things I need to know before I play this or are all the “Xeno” games stand alone?