Titanfall Xbox One bundle announced
posted on 02.24.14 at 09:12 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Get an Xbox One and digital Titanfall for $499.

Titanfall Xbox One bundle

Microsoft will launch an official Titanfall Xbox One bundle alongside the game on March 11 for $499 at select retailers, the company announced.

Available for pre-order now, the bundle includes a download code for a digital version of Titanfall, a standard Xbox One console and Kinect sensor, a wireless controller, a chat headset, and one month of Xbox LIVE Gold.

Visit the bundle’s official website here. View images of the bundle at the gallery.

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  • SuperLuigi

    This is a good deal to those who want it but don’t have a console yet. Sucks I paid 500 for the system alone but I didn’t haft to wait and dead rising 3 is the best launch title I have played since GameCube days. Believe the hype!

  • Karysonson

    I wanted an actual limited edition…..

  • Anime10121

    So…looks like they scrapped the leaked ACTUAL LE for a standard One bundle with a downloadable game :(

    Still, not a bad bargain though, makes the deal almost appealing as a PS4…almost

  • DarthNemesis

    Expected. It needs all the help it can get, but won’t make much of a difference.

  • shogunknight

    At $500, so early. This is a price cut

    • Karysonson

      …..How so?

    • Bob Obb

      It’s a price cut if you were planning on buying Titanfall I guess. Although by xmas I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find it for $400 new

      • shogunknight

        Yeah, its a good move for anyone who hasnt bought the console

  • Budgiecat


    hate bundles with digital code game versions

    My friend got the Wii U Zelda bundle and when he found out it was like that he returned it for the Mario bundle..

    • Zackasaur

      Yeah, that always pisses me off.

    • Elvick

      Same. I hope by the time I get a Wii U they have a bundle with a physical copy.

    • Wolf Star

      I’m not getting Wii U until they make some kind of Xenoblade 2 bundle(with a physical copy) That would be awesome :D

  • http://Xcite79.1up.com/ Keegs79

    This will give the Xbox One a boost just because its a deal with the game included. I am getting the Titanfall Collector’s edition. As great s the beta was for the game and better the game will be, I see a huge hill for Microsoft to still climb.

  • Wolf Star

    X1 gets a price cut in UK but Not in US… lol but we get X1 Titan fall bundle (digital game included) (I prefer physical copy) and still the price is to damn high. at least they could’ve made $399 as well in the US that would sell well.

    • mirumu

      Yep, although even with the cut the UK price works out around US$664. Was around US$714 before. They need to cut the price everywhere, but the UK isn’t a bad place to start. Hope Brazil gets some too with the crazy prices they’re paying over there.

      • MrFinalgamer

        jesus $714 for a console!? im shocked it even managed to sell

        • mirumu

          In Brazil it’s around US$1000. Not really too surprising the sales numbers in some of these places are lower.

          • Elvick

            Economics. How does it work?

            Certainly not as simple as converting currency and calling it good.

            Tired of that shit.

            • mirumu

              For sure. The price is those countries stems more from political controls than economics anyway.

      • Wolf Star

        Woah :O $700 that’s a lot of money..

  • Zackasaur

    De facto price cut already. Yikes.

  • DarthBrian

    So they did do a Titanfall bundle.

    I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.

  • AdamBoy64

    Good idea for a console bundle.

    Hope it sells well. I think it will.

  • AdamBoy64

    I really think Nintendo would have benefited for doing one of these for Super Mario 3D World.

    I don’t understand it.

  • Elvick

    That box is hideous.

    Not surprising they did this. Seems like the only game people ever talk about for the Bone.

    • AdamBoy64

      What games are people talking about for the PS4?
      I know this’ll probably be interpreted as a troll comment, but I’m just wondering.

      It seems like the reason Titanfall is being talked about is because it’s being advertised pretty heavily. I was wondering what Sony’s equivalent hype-up was at the moment.

      • Pekola

        I think overall, they have games like Infamous, The Order and Killzone. I think there’s….Driveclub, I guess?

        To be honest, they should start announcing a strong beginner line-up for the PS4. They shouldn’t just wait and see what Titanfall does/doesn’t do.

        Just strike at the jugular with lots of games. They already have the value point and free games with PS plus.

        Oh, also Japan support pls.

      • Elvick

        Doesn’t matter.

        This is on 360 and PC as well. Yet, it’s all I hear about (elsewhere) about Xbone.

        What games people talk about or don’t talk about for PS4 doesn’t change what I see about Xbone.

        But to answer your question, nothing is as hyped up on PS4 to “the masses”, but Titanfall isn’t only on the Xbone.

        • AdamBoy64

          That’s okay, I wasn’t trying to change what you thought about the X1.

          Just wondering what was happening in the Sony circle. Thanks.

          I think Microsoft leverage a lot of advertising power in my region. As, they, well, are very good at doing.

          I might take a trip down and see what’s being promoted for the PS4 in my local area.

      • DeadnBuried

        For me it’s Infamous Second Son. That game looks phenomenal, and then there’s DriveClub likely not too far behind it as well. Then add that for very multi-platform game so far, the PS4 has had the better version, and that Titanfall is on the 360 and PC as well and the PS4 is definitely the more exciting prospect at the moment.

        It’s also nice to have The Order: 1886 on the horizon. Once they start showing off Uncharted 4 that’ll be it, they’ll be set for the next twelve months.

        • AdamBoy64

          Thanks. That’s all sounding pretty good.

          I guess it’s going to come down to what you’re interested in.

          There’s not a great deal that interests me on either PS4 or X1.

          Driveclub interests me on the PS4, whereas the X1 I’m interested in Crimson Dragon, and the game Sakaguchi’s working on.

          Pretty even ledger for me at the moment, but not enough for me to buy a console either way.

          I’m thinking now that the PS4 is released in Japan, there’ll be some great titles coming out in the next 9 – 12 months. Here’s hoping.

          • DeadnBuried

            I’m really hoping the DriveClub delay has paid off in terms of performance or content, I’m really keen for that, but inFamous is definitely ky most wanted PS4 game.

            Sadly even if the Xbox One DOES get a Sakaguchi game, I won’t be able to justify buying it. Last gen, Microsoft suckered people in with JRPGs only to totally abandon them as soon as they realised that Japan didn’t give a shit anyway and that shooters sold better, so I wouldn’t dare make that mistake twice.

            And the Japanese market is a tough one to depend on anyway, as they’re always slow to adapt; we have Persona 5 and Tales of Zestiria coming out very late this year/early next year on the PS3, for example. Western developers are always quicker to adapt and move on, so you may be waiting a while for full-blown Japanese support! At least there’s. FFXV. :)

  • tokyobassist

    This is why you don’t knee jerk buy electronics on day one. It hasn’t even been a half a year and we are already seeing bundles and price cuts for these new friggin’ systems lol.

    Good god man. By the time July rolls around, I’m sure I’ll be able to scoop up some kind of deal for my birthday on a PS4. Most of my game purchases will probably be made on Amazon’s Black Friday when they are already dirt cheap (Watch Dogs, The Evil Within, Destiny, Guilty Gear Xrd, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes)