Samurai Warriors 4 character footage: Kunoichi, more
posted on 02.12.14 at 10:26 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Takeda Shingen, Hojo Ujiyasu, and others also shown.

Samurai Warriors 4

Tecmo Koei has released five new character gameplay videos for Samurai Warriors 4, this time showing Kunoichi, Kaihime, and other warriors.

If you missed last week’s footage, it showed Takakage, Lady Hayakawa, and other characters.

The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita sequel is due out in Japan on March 20.

Watch the footage below.

Takeda Shingen

Hojo Ujiyasu

Fuma Kotaro



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  • 武神水樹

    I loved using kunoichi in Musou Orochi 3

  • HighBrowDrifter

    Oh Kotaro Fuma….me love you long time!

  • fyi1191

    Hojo turned badass. It’s no wonder that he gets most of the ladies.

  • Aleksandrina

    As usual, I like Kunoichi’s moveset.

    (But I still don’t like the fact that she’s named “Kunoichi”. Give her a proper name for Christ’s sake).

    • Gojira Twit

      You do understand that unlike the other characters in this game she’s not based on any real historic figure, right? None of the names in the series are made-up. She shouldn’t even be in the game, and the only reason she’s even allowed to be in is because she has no name and no identity.