New Deep Down footage shown on PS4 Lab

Only four weapons available initially, Capcom says.

February 16, 2014 / 12:38 AM EDT / (@casudaniele)

Deep Down

Deep Down, Capcom’s upcoming PlayStation 4 free-to-play RPG, was featured on the latest episode of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia’s PS4 Lab web series.

Gamekana recorded the stream, as well as some notable bullet points:

  • Capcom currently can’t comment on the status of the beta test.
  • You will be able to evade with triangle (though this was not clear by the person who was explaining it).
  • Players can only be male, for story purposes.
  • They’re thinking about supporting the PlayStation 4 Share function.
  • Multiplayer supports four players.
  • You will have four weapons available initially (more will be added via updates).
  • PS Vita remote play is supported.

Watch the videos below.

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