Japanese PlayStation 4 sales top 322,000 in first two days
posted on 02.25.14 at 12:48 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation 4 up 234,000 units over its predecessor.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 sold 322,083 units during its first two days on sale in Japan, Famitsu sales numbers reveal.

In comparison, PlayStation 3 sold 88,443 units within its first two days. But PlayStation 2 bested both with an opening of 650,552.

Wii U most recently opened at similar numbers, with 308,570 in its first two days.

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  • Zackasaur

    This means that the PS4 has now surpassed tbe Wii U in global sales.

    That was fast.

    • XXX

      WOW, I am quite surprised.

  • Dragon24680

    Not surprising. Expected numbers.
    Funny how Wii U, Vita and 3DS all had ~300-400k opening, leading to vastly different ltd sales.
    Worth noting though, Wii U released near holidays, while PS4 released in Feb.

    • https://twitter.com/Stealth___ Stealth

      3DS also released in Japan not in the holidays.

      • LustEnvy

        3DS isn’t a home console. 3DS = Gameboy = the god of portable gaming. You can’t compare a Gameboy to a home system.

  • Pekola

    I’m happy it did good, but at the same time it’s no PS2.

    It’s understandable with the shift gaming has taken. The west has thrived in consoles and PC.

    I really hope Japanese devs start working on the PS4, it’s really up to them to make the console a worthwhile product in Japan.

    And worldwide too. Without variety from both east and west, the PS4 may as well be another Xbox.

    • Pyrofrost

      Pretty much. With opening sales being almost 4 times better than ps3, hopefully Japanese devs will be pushed to go to work on it much sooner.

      • rurifan

        The PS4 hardware not being retardedly convoluted will help JP devs more than anything.

  • MrFinalgamer

    nice sales. Japan is in a really rough shape with its console market. it’ll only go up from here =D

  • Elvick

    Curious to see if this will create a bump in sales for PS Vita TV.

    Glad to see Sony do well.

    • Budgiecat

      That lackluster Japanese Sony launch event filmed from Yoshida’s basement certainly didn’t do them any favors…

      • Elvick

        All the jokes about that stuff make me wish I could have seen it.

        • Budgiecat

          The jokes really can’t even match the reality of it

          They fuckin had a prerecorded audience clap track for cryin out loud…

          And BandaiNamco, #1 game producer in Japan, didn’t even bother showing up to lend launch support..

          • Pekola

            That’s really sad. They know what moves consoles in Japan and don’t even try.

            I don’t understand what’s going on in there. In Sony’s position, I’d start getting Japanese devs on board ASAP. Cross-Gen ports, Platinum Games, ect ect.

            ANYTHING that would create a solid ground for future Japanese console gaming.

            Both Nintendo and Microsoft do so well at all that, and yet Sony is so…lame about it in comparison lol.

  • Anime10121

    Bout what I expected, a little higher than Wii U, now to see if things can stay like this, considering there are not really any worthwhile Japanese games coming exclusively to next gen to warrant a purchase.

    Hopefully it’s success will get Japan to get their games out a bit faster…

    • JoshuaManriguez198

      But the way people talk about Wii U sales I was surprised the Wii U sales ACTUALLY were that high

      • Budgiecat

        Brand name push for sure, but the drop off was high due to barely any games.

        This might end up being the same thing for the PS4.

        Japanese devs are slow/very late adopters to move to the next gen even if supposedly its easier to develop for the PS4 than the PS3.

        Most likely this is due to playing it safe on hardware with a higher install base and previously because of the difficulty and expense of shifting to the HD realm.
        Look at how Nintendo themselves is struggling to push out HD games on time.

        I think the West had the upper hand in PC dev experience due to simply having worked on PC games more than the Japanese who were content with home console and handheld development mostly.

        Plus of course, Microsoft had a big hand in allowing more PC games to be ported to home consoles and as such most of those were Western, while Eastern struggled.

        This culminated to the developers shifting more to easier/cheaper to develop for handhelds and now thats shifted even more to cell phone games (despite that market being hugely saturated).

        PS2 games were in full swing in majority up until around early 2010, four years into the PS3 cycle.

        We’re still seeing an onflux of PS3 games, but then again, we were still seeing an onflux of PSP games well into the Vita cycle which is now 2 years old, while Nintendo cut off DS support as soon as 3DS took off…

        Only now recently has the PSP all but died down to just your standard Otome visual novel game being release one or two each month.

        Time will tell if Japanese devs will adopt to the PS4 as fast as they did to the PS2, since the increased popularity of mobage/iOS, but its too early to make final predictions…

        I’d certainly like the Japanese to move more to consoles this gen and stop pandering to iOS and to try new things on the PS4 taking full advantage of the hardware; as well as less pandering to just the Otaku niche crowd, with its lackluster complacent game design and try to be more inventive and broader in scope, thus appeal more to the general Japanese public which could then also appeal more to overseas market…

      • Anime10121

        Wii U sold well during its launch period, it was just after that when the games never started showing that sales slowed to nearly a halt…

  • Skyer Ist

    As expected, good, but nothing special. Vita sold 324K in 2 days. It would be interesting to see next week drop…

  • MogCakes

    Japan has shifted towards the convenience of being able to play anywhere rather than having a big experience at home, so considering that the PS4 has sold well.

    • Budgiecat

      I don’t think it was just that simple though.
      Often people forget its the industry at times that dictate where the market will shift too even before said item is popular. This is in fashion, music and yes games

      for example: Mom jeans


      These are some of the most unflattering ugly designs known to fashion (dunno for sure but Tetsuya probably wears them but whatever), but if the fashion industry one day decides “lets bring back mom jeans”, then they have the influencial power to do so, and as such, most people follow these trends and the crowds.
      And so it stands that these jeans have suddenly now made a ‘comeback’ despite their ugliness…

      Systematically, the same goes for gaming: if the Japanese at one point said: “Fuck this HD gen is hard and expensive to design for; let’s just make all our games on the NDS and PSP, well then what choice does the Japanese consumer have. It’s not like they can control the publishers and developers actions; they will buy the games that they like on the system that it is on and it is not on an HD system, well so be it.

      And that is what happened. The Japanese industry dictated the movement to handheld predominately, and the consumers naturally adjusted and moved to where the games were.

      Handheld gaming was always popular in Japan due to the gameboy since the late 80’s, but that never stopped the NES, SNES, PS1,PS2, Wii from succeeding with well numbers…

      • Pekola

        Mom Jeans are the best, you take that back!

        (you’re right, tho)

      • MogCakes

        You are right. Luckily that tactic doesn’t always work (Kinect, PS Move….thank god). Let’s hope for the best.

  • JonathanisPrimus
  • Pyrofrost

    Good to see it did so well!
    Many people were expecting those numbers to be around 200k~250k-ish; I’m happy to see that expectations were exceeded.

  • https://twitter.com/Stealth___ Stealth

    It is a modestly good start.

  • badmoogle

    Solid good start.Now lets see if Sony can maintain their momentum (with the help of Japanese 3rd party publishers) by bringing games that are catered to Japanese gamers.Their launch event didn’t give much hope tbh.

  • http://Xcite79.1up.com/ Keegs79

    I would assume than that the XB1 would sale between 50,000 to 80,000 units. Any guesses?

    • Pekola

      maybe like 30,000? Lol.

      Okay, maybe that’s a low estimate, but I thought the PS4 would do more than it did, so I’m low-balling it this time.

      It doesn’t matter what it does in japan anyways lol.

      • Pyrofrost

        I would honestly low ball it a bit further than that. The only reason the 360 was as successful as it was in Japan is because of Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean 4, and arcade gamers (ie: the shmup crowd).

        So I would make my guess at 15,000 units for launch.

        • Daniel Masterson

          and then eventually Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean 4 came out for the PS3 with added stuff, leaving just BD and LO on the 360

          • Pyrofrost

            Yeah, if MS really wanted to establish a foothold in Japan, they should have made much better choices with MistWalker.
            Looking back even further, they had an excellent opportunity with Level 5 as well, and they blew it.

            The reputation that they created for themselves with Japanese studios (aside from Itagaki, who prefers the Western gaming environment), will only cause harm for them.

            The only thing MS has really done right in Japan is their treatment of arcade developers and their market.

            • Six

              I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s the Itagakis, the Kamiyas and the Swerys that Microsoft should be after, not JRPGs.

              Fans of JRPGs can’t be pulled from their Playstation consoles, but fans of action games and horror games are much more willing, and those kind of games appeal to a world-wide audience.

              Also, the cost of a single AAA JRPG could probably fund three mid-tier titles.

              • Pyrofrost

                Pretty much, and while they will generate “some” numbers in Japan; it’s more of the world-wide numbers that games from them will achieve.

                There really isn’t noteworthy advantage to MS courting JRPG devs, outside of maybe SE who can generate mass numbers in the West as well as Japan.

                • Six

                  Square Enix’s stuff is already multiplatform for the most part, so short of maybe trying to get those KH collections, I can’t think of MS really needing to do anything. Even then, JRPG gamers just want nothing to do with Microsoft.

                  Which, in the big scheme of things doesn’t really matter. JRPGs aren’t the behemoth they used to be.

                  They’d be better off making… Dance Central: Hatsune Miku Edition.

                  • Pyrofrost

                    True; and it’s kinda funny because it’s Sony’s fault that SE decided to go multiplatform.

                    • Six

                      Sony has better things to do than butter up SE, who’s games will always sell the best on Playstation platforms.

                      They’d be better off cutting a deal with Zenimax to get TES and Fallout fans away from Xbox.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      I’d say Sony isn’t really capable of buttering up SE. Not after Sony caused SE too lose millions after they brought out the PS2 slim and discontinued the fatty; making FFXI unplayable on new Sony consoles after October 2004.

                      Especially after all the work SE did with making the PS2 the primary development platform.

                      If Sony attempted to butter them up, it would most definitely cost them.

                    • Six

                      I had heard that FFXV and KH3 went multiplatform because Sony wouldn’t pay up. I don’t think I’ve heard about that issue before.

                      However, even if that hadn’t happened, SE would have had to go multiplatform sooner or later. AAA development is just too expensive these days. That’s why SE keeps talking about PC releases too. They need the money.

                      Unless you are an indie dev or a niche/mid-tier JP developer, you can’t afford to not be on everything these days.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      Yeah, after their contract with Sony ran out, they release FFXI on 360 with Zilart, Chains, and Treasures included.
                      After that, they definitely had no inspiration for a renewal.

                      I’m guessing console exclusivity holds no baring on PC releases though; as FFVII, VIII, XI were released to PC while the contract was alive and well.

                    • Six

                      Console makers like to treat PC like a non-issue. Probably not the smartest thing to do anymore.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      Yeah, especially with what Steam has done for PC gaming.

              • Elvick

                PS4 already has a handful of horror titles in the way of indies. Not sure if they’ll release in Japan (or are already) or not. Not sure how indies deal with the language barrier.

        • kiri25

          Idolmaster was also a major reason for 360’s being sold in Japan as well. In fact the Idolmaster DLC would constantly be the top selling item on the xbox market place.

          • Pyrofrost

            Aye, I forgot about that one after im@s started hitting Playstation like crazy.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Not sure they should even bother launching in Japan.

  • Six

    Those are good numbers, given that there is nothing worth playing and that it launched after the holidays.

    Now I just need more to be excited for besides Lily Bergamo, the new Guilty Gear and the vague promise of more Miku.

    • jujubee88

      You’re not a fan of Falcom?

      • Six

        I’m not a fan of JRPGs in general.

        • jujubee88

          So, you do like some Japanese developed games.

      • Budgiecat

        Falcom? We’re like 10 years behind the localization of those games…

        • Pyrofrost

          Pretty much. Sure, we will get Ys, and probably some other stuff they develop; but it’s safe to say that Legend of Heroes is done here once they get TiTS 2 out the door.

          • Anime10121

            Sad but true :(

            • Pyrofrost

              It’s unfortunate, because it’s one of the best JRPG franchises out there. I rank it with the likes of Grandia 1 and 2.

              Unfortunately, the lack of staffers at XSeed; as well as the lack of a marketing budget to give this the push it needs to build a solid consumer base isn’t there.

              Word of mouth over the internet just wasn’t enough, but at least it’s also playable on Vita. I’m really hoping that the push to Steam will help pick up some slack on it though.

  • jujubee88

    It has launched better than PS VITA at a higher price and with even less Japanese software at launch/window. This is good because the install base is so high. ^_^

    • jujubee88

      Although, duh, it’s a Playstation console.

      • miyamoto

        Its a PlayStation flagship battleship.

        • jujubee88

          Word to ya motha

  • artemisthemp

    Good to see PS4 does well in Japan

  • karmacoma

    300k. I totally called it. :p

    Anyway, they need to announce and release more games if they want to keep that momentum. As the article says, Wii U launched with similar numbers.

  • Gariya

    I’m relieved. Those numbers are actually what I would expect within the first week, not 2 days.

    Thank goodness.

  • bloodiOS

    Way better than what I expected for the first week. Let’s see how it goes from here.

  • shogunknight

    Thats good, hopefully 3rd party japanese devs can sieze the opportunity to make games on the platform.

  • rurifan

    Honestly having seen the JP PS4 launch lineup I’m surprised anybody bought one. Maybe all the western game players got it, but I anticipate a long drop in sales until something more interesting comes out

    • MrRobbyM

      The launch lineup in every region is similar. They’re all selling on hype.

  • LordKaiser

    You guys can ignore the huge elephant in the room all you want but the PS2 launch titles in JP where also lackluster. The PS2 sold more because it has full offline and physical backward compatibility with all PS1 games so it was easier to part away with the outdated console and get the PS2 and still play new and old titles while waiting for new games.

    With PS4 many around the world are waiting till titles that they really want to play arrive before buying one.

    But anyways those numbers are still great.

    • Pekola

      I don’t know. I keep hearing people say that it sold like it did because it was the cheapest DVD player around.

      Of course this logic falls apart when you factor in the PS3 and its Blu-Ray capabilities.

      What we have to understand is that the times have changed. All the big hype migrated to the west in these past years. It’s not just about BC or game libraries (though those would be great)

      • LordKaiser

        Being DVD player or Blue ray player was only one of the selling points but BC was also another selling point and helped people to get it ealier instead of eventually.

        The WiiU is a exeption to this because BC alone can’t save it and for $100 more you can get a PS4 and people see it like last gen. But I’m sure that BC with Wii games helped the Wii U to survive it’s struggles.

    • Dragon24680

      PS3 launch model was fully BC with PS2, and yet it sold 80k first week.
      There goes your logic…

      • Samsara09

        However,the PS3 was fucking expensive,so people would rather stay with their PS2,even though the first models could read it too…you know,people are too focuses on the immediate…

        • Dragon24680

          And what makes you think PS4 wouldn’t have been fucking expensive if it included BC?
          BC is a luxury that hardly anyone uses or cares about. Want proof? PS4 is the fastest selling console ever.

          And really, no one sane expected PS4 to sell more than this. Home console gaming is steep decline in Japan and that has absolutely nothing to do with BC and everything to do with portable gaming (handhelds, mobiles etc.)

          • LordKaiser

            Handhelds has always existed and where always preferred to consoles.

            BTW we understand that the Cell is expensive but if the PS3 was better built with a easier CPU architecture and didn’t had so many bottlenecks the maybe PS4 would be backward compatible.

            We understand that it’s not possible, I’m not complaining that it’s not there. I’m merely pointing out that it sold less units because of it regardless if it’s possible or not.

            If the PS4 where too have BC (that it will never have then the units sold would be around 340k instead.

            BC is not a luxury that no one cares, It was a selling feature many cared about. About the hardly uses it’s just people talking over the internet because I’m certain it was used.

            BTW it’s funny to see those “I bought my PS4 for playing PS4 games” port begging about games currently released on the PS3.

      • LordKaiser

        With a price tag of $600 there was no BC to save it. BTW The 1rst MGS4 bundle (not the gun metal colored) din’t sold only because MGS4 but it also it sold more because it was the last BC model. My logic still stands.

  • Samsara09

    lol,I was expecting hal a milion.And even jokingly said a million.Well,guess things aren’t easy for the Japanese either.