Evolve ‘Happy Hunting’ trailer, gameplay
posted on 02.11.14 at 08:52 AM EDT by (@salromano)
First look at Left 4 Dead creator's new multiplayer shooter.


2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have released the first trailer and gameplay for Evolve, its fall-due four-versus-one multiplayer shooter.

The trailer, created “entirely in-engine,” sets the stage for the conflict of four hunters against Goliath, the first monster announced to appear in Evolve.

In addition to the media, several outlets have gone up with new previews of the game. Here’s PlayStation Blog‘s. The internet will help you find the rest.

Watch the footage below. View the screenshots at the gallery.


Gameplay (via PlayStation Access)

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  • Alkhan

    I’m not watching an 11 minute video for this. I just want to know, does it have a single player campaign?

  • Gariya

    Brown grey dudebro shootbang #32749822.

    • MrRobbyM

      You sure do like to throw around the word “dudebro” in a negative way a lot.

      • Invisbin

        Its not negative, its just a “gamers” way of saying its mainstream. I’m not the kinda guy that caters to mainstream, dudebro games, but if that’s negative to you then so be it.

        • MrRobbyM

          If you’ve seen Gariya’s other, very similar comments, you’ll see he or she is speaking of these types of games negatively simply because they do not cater to his or hers taste.

          • Invisbin

            Oh i don’t doubt you.

          • Gariya

            Actually, it’s because they’re killing the diversity in console gaming library.

            • MrRobbyM

              Do us all a favor and take Zero’s advice.

      • gekitsu

        isnt dudebro used exclusively in a derogatory fashion, though? at least, ive never heard someone honestly refer to himself as a dudebro.

        i have always taken the term as making fun of a kind of über-masculinity ideal, but english isnt my first language, so i might be wrong.

        • MrRobbyM

          Just about, yeah. Some people use it as a classification and not so much in a derogatory sense. But, you’re right. It’s mostly used negatively.

          It’s no better than a “dudebro” going in an article about JRPGs and saying ‘another weeaboo game with underage girls, unnaturally colored hair and feminine boys. Japan sux.’

          • gekitsu

            i agree. i mean, there is venting ones dismay at any kind of situation in games (dont get me started on how there are too many zombie games and too many multiplayer games and no real FPSes anymore), but one should do this knowing that it is an invitation to debate, and to take the ensuing debate seriously. not everyone is going to agree with my POV, and all i have going for mine is that i dont enjoy whatever derives from what i see as bad. so i have to allow everyone elses POV the same weight.

            any other than that, its just rude/nonconstructive.

    • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

      Please stop posting this crap all the time. Seriously, this is getting old. It’s gone far beyond trying to share an opinion, it’s rant like and borderline troll behavior. In fact, I can’t help but think you are trolling these days.

      It’s just as bad as someone posting – lol this sucks – in every single article about RPGs.(It’s just as bad as port begging all the time.) etc.

      I wouldn’t sound so annoyed with this post if this was the first, second, or even third time I’ve asked you to stop.

      Please. Give it a rest already. I know you can post replies that are relevant and worthwhile, I’ve seen and read many of them. Please…Stick to those.

      All of this goes hand it hand with the guidelines. http://gematsu.com/commenting-guidelines

  • krokounleashed

    best part of the trailer: using a remix of danzig – mother

  • Crossbones (Prodigy-X)

    Looks Boring

  • Solomon_Kano

    “The internet will help you find the rest.”


  • MrRobbyM

    It seems pretty fun even with the boring, generic characters.

  • bloodiOS

    Hmm… the gameplay doesn’t look very interesting to me.

  • True Gamer

    In my opinion this game has some potential. I just need to see more gameplay because if its just the main monster and other minor creatures you have to battle, in how many different ways will the gameplay be different in every match. Damn, I still hope they are at least building a foundation for left for dead 3.

  • DesmaX

    Oh, so it’s like the Versus mode in L4D

    Pretty cool, I’m interessed

  • Budgiecat

    lol at the stereotyped characters