Dead Nation PS4 and more free on PlayStation Plus in March
posted on 02.27.14 at 09:42 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Watch the debut trailer for the Apocalypse Edition.

Dead Nation

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 4 version of Dead NationDead Nation: Apocalypse Edtion.

The game will be available free for PlayStation Plus members in March. The PlayStation 4 version is enhanced with full high-definition graphics, and includes the ‘Road to Devastation’ add-on, which adds Arcade and Endless modes.

Also free on PlayStation Plus next month are:

  • Tomb Raider (PS3)
  • Thomas Was Alone (PS3, PS Vita)
  • Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (PS3, PS Vita)
  • Unit 13 (PS Vita)
  • Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite (PSP)

Watch the debut trailer for Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition below.

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  • Unretributed

    The Vita get’s the short-end yet again.

    • Zackasaur

      I don’t know about that. I mean, it’s obviously going to have a harder time than the PS3, since the PS3 is older and has more games to offer.

      At the same time, they probably don’t have the same opportunities to offer brand -new- games free on Vita like they do on PS4, for a few reasons, most of them financial.

      Plus, when they offer PSP games, I tend to see that as a Vita addition… So I’m getting Unit 13 and Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite this month. That’s not bad.

      I wish we were getting the Vita version of Thomas Was Alone, though!

      • darkchaser

        “Bonus! Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut are Cross-Buy titles, so you’ll get both the PS3 and PS Vita versions of those games.” Right from Sony US blog

        • Zackasaur

          Score! Thanks. c:

        • Sevyne

          Exactly! So, technically we’re getting 4 games playable on Vita in March.

          Of course I already own like everything listed for March, but still not a bad lineup.

  • bloodiOS

    Hmm… This would be a good chance for me to try out The Lone Survivor

    • Keegs79

      I once was going to buy it. Happy I can’t without shelling out any money for it :)

  • Elvick

    Isn’t Unit 13 a recycled game? Shove out Resistance: Burning Skies at least. I know it’s crappy, but it’s still pretty fun despite it’s issues and an easy platinum. (probably not the online one now… though with PS+ probably easy… not that it was easy at launch either, connection issues ahoy)

    • Zackasaur

      Don’t they only offer games that Metacritic 70 or above?

      I had thought that was a way they assured people that they won’t get bad games through PS+.

      (Even though I have considerable issues with Metacritic.)

      • Elvick

        Maybe, but they do new releases and some of those don’t score above 70. Like Zombie Tycoon 2. It’s a 63 on PS3.

        • Zackasaur

          New releases are an exception by their nature.

          “Meta” quality is less assured… But you get a brand new release.

          Burning Skies is neither.

    • Sevyne

      Unit 13 is a much more enjoyable game than Resistance though. Well, for me at least.

      • Elvick

        I have both and yes, but I’m pretty sure it was one of the original games on PS+ for Vita and it was up for many months before being removed. Having it back again is lame.

        • Sevyne

          Unit 13 was never a PS+ freebie (in NA, but it was in Europe iirc). Although is has been on sale numerous times, just like most of March’s games have been on sale numerous times. That’s still one of my biggest gripes with how they handle PS+. They put some games on sale and then very shortly after, they become free.

          The original vita lineup on PS+ was Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Wipeout, JSR, Mutant Blobs Attack, and FF Tactics.

          Of course I do remember a few times pre-vita when they’d do repeats of PS1 classics and minis. I agree that repeats are definitely lame.

  • shogunknight

    If you guys are complaining about Vitas March titles in US, UK is having:
    Pixeljunk Monsters
    Smart As
    So….Yeah (well i have plans on buying some titles so ill manage )

    • Elvick

      PJ Monsters is awesome.
      In NA, we got Smart As this month. And it’s a good game.

      • shogunknight

        Oh, i see. Alright, ill try them out

  • Anime10121

    Pretty meh month next month :(

    Oh well, there’s PLENTY new releases to tide me over until April…

    • KingNigma

      Yeah the only one I’d see myself get is TR if I didn’t already have it..

      • Anime10121

        Yep Tomb Raider’s AWESOME! Oh GOD how I love that game!!! But I already have it :/

  • Karl Josef

    free for PlayStation Plus members…
    what region?

    • ExTrooperBrenTurner

      Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will be free for both US and Europe PS+ members.

  • XXX

    Really liked Dead Nation on PS3, will pick it up for sure :)

  • Wolf Star

    dead nation looks sick!! :O I can’t wait to play it :3

  • MasterSensei

    Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite (PSP)

    I am ready.

  • Blaz

    What about Europe?

    • artemisthemp

      EU will be getting Dead Nation, Tomb Raider, Smart As and some other games