Arcana Heart 3: Love Max coming to PS3 and PS Vita
posted on 02.25.14 at 08:54 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Fighting game update due out on May 29 in Japan.

Arcana Heart 3

Arcana Heart 3: Love Max is coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on May 29, this week’s Japanese magazines reveal.

Love Max is an update to the 2011-released Arcana Heart 3, adding new moves, updated backgrounds, rebalanced gameplay, survival and training modes, and more.

In addition to the story mode of Arcana Heart 3, a new “After Story” scenario has also been added. Both modes feature full voice-overs. Network mode will support both ranked and player matches.

In related news, 5pb. also revealed it’s bringing Cross Channel: For All People to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on June 26 in Japan.

Thanks, Game Nyarth and Re: Zaregoto.

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  • Luna Kazemaru

    realllly late

    • icup ✔️

      better than nothing.

  • TetsuyaHikari

    I’ll pre-order it as soon as I can, but it is kind of annoying that they didn’t bother adding any new characters. Maybe they will announce a console exclusive or something.

  • Elvick

    Neat. More games is always nice.

  • $18114340

    Day One

  • uhawww

    Better late than never.

    • TetsuyaHikari

      I’m sticking with my guns and hitting the lab day one with Zenia. I’ll give Dorothy another shot though since I liked her in 2, but she was garbage in 3, for whatever reason. Hopefully she is better now.

      • uhawww

        Nazuna, all day every day.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Well, as long as you didn’t like her simply cause she was top tier in 3, it’s all good, lol. I’m sure her and Scharl was beat with a nerf bat though… At least, I hope so anyway :|

          EDIT: Bullet bitch too. I forget her name off the top of my head, but definitely a pain in the ass to deal with.

  • 武神水樹

    This game is actually really fun

  • TheExile285

    Was actually considering Arcana Heart 3 not too long ago. I’ll wait for this.


    • Anime10121

      If you meant considering… I agree :P

  • Six

    Any chance of this getting localized?

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Don’t see that happening since psn went down hurt sales along with ‘other things’ being said about the game

      • Six

        Other things? Is it no good, or did people say it was sexist?

        • Luna Kazemaru

          the normal this game is for pedos ect ect shit and adding to the fact apparently wiz called the game shit at the time when they where saying they where moving away from 2d fighters.

          Tho I wouldn’t put it past me people where calling the game sexist more or less they will now seeing as how SK was called sexist.

          Edit: tho the game is pretty legit and well balanced

          • Six

            That’s disappointing. It looks pretty tame. It’s definitely no Senran Kagura, and characters for the most part look no more impractically dressed than those in Guilty Gear and BlazBlue.

            • Luna Kazemaru

              Yeah but its all females so it would be an easy target for some lol.

              • buddyluv324

                Dont forget about Skullgirls. That game has gotten really good reception despite it being a all-female fighter that has more fanservice than that of AH3. I like both games but I think AH3 has more going for it as far as gameplay mechanics go.

                • TetsuyaHikari

                  >Dont forget about Skullgirls. That game has gotten really good reception despite it being a all-female fighter that has more fanservice than that of AH3

                  Lol Skullgirls. Anybody who is anybody in the FGC knows the only reason Skullgirls has the reception that it does is because of Mike Z. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have given it a second glance and would have swept it under the rug with AH3.

                  AH3 didn’t get any representation when it hit NA though, so people ignored it since it wasn’t “Mike Z” approved (or any other major player outside of HeartNana who plays AH competitively in Japan).

                  EDIT: Actually, no. I take that back. It did get representation. They actually allowed it at Final Round XIV a few years ago. They even set up a tournament for it, but didn’t even get 36 people to participate in it, lol.

                  Only two people even brought the game. Woof and myself. It was left on free play in the lobby, but hardly anybody wanted to play it because most of them hadn’t had a chance to even try it since PSN had just went back up recently, but they certainly didn’t have time to prepare for the tournament. So, Woof and I were left playing against each other, with the occasional new guy getting stomped.

                  Other than that, it was mostly either me or him playing the game in practice mode, which was sad. I remember plenty of people asking me about the game while I was watching Woof practice and a lot of them felt intimidated by the arcana system itself, and simply passed on trying the game since it looked too “complicated”. Needless to say… It was a sad weekend to be an Arcana Heart fan.

                  EDIT2: To make matters worse, even Andre was there. Andre is a long time Arcana Heart player from the arcades in Chinatown (not sure if he’s played Love Max though) and even he wasn’t playing it when it was in free play. I’m not sure if it’s just because he prefers the arcade version or what, but he seemed to know his stuff at least. He was the one that actually knocked me out of the tournament in a match that went 1-2.

                  At that point, all people cared about was MAHVEL. Not much has really changed either. They mainly just stick with Marvel, Street Fighter, and Tekken.

                  Even though we finally got Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, which is actually a solid 3D fighter, most passed it up… Which is basically what happened when AH3 was introduced into the mix.

                  • buddyluv324

                    Ahh I almost forgotten about MvC. I played some of MvC3 but didnt care for the vanilla version or ultimate when it came out less than a year after MvC3.

                    But you do have a point about AH3 being passed over. Even with just a small vocal word of mouth on the game there were also a number of people who just labled it as a pedo game while people where dick ridding Skullgirls with Mike Z all over it ( again fun game on its own but i still preffer AH3).

                    Hell, DoA5 was also getting backlash because of the fanservice similar what Skullgirls has, but I think that was about the time when more of these fucking social justice warriors started crawling out of in the open doing witch hunts on such games like DoA5, which I think partially what kept AH3 from getting any sort of spotlight.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          AH3 itself was actually one of the more balanced fighters we had available at the time in NA, but hardly anybody gave it a chance because PSN was hacked and brought down for a good month or so, iirc, and since it only had a digital release in NA, a lot of people simply missed out on it. By the time PSN was restored, people had forgotten about it and/or they just didn’t have any interest to begin with.

          I played the JP version on disc for a while and it was pretty good, but yeah… I tried playing with some NA players, since they allowed the JP version to work with the NA version in the netcode, and the online play was dead within a week after PSN was finally back up. The only guys that stuck around were the ones that had been playing for months already, so it failed pretty hard in NA. I seriously doubt we’ll see this one.

          EDIT: But yeah, a lot of people, even in the FGC, blew the game off as being just a KAWAII UGUU DESU game because of its all female cast, so a lot of them didn’t even bother to give it a chance, which is a shame.

          • Six

            Sounds like a good game that got dealt a bad hand. Damn. :/

            I see that Aksys was the publisher of the original AH3, so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic for a localization. I’ll be there day one on Vita if so.

    • z_merquise

      Aksys did localized the first Arcana Heart 3. Let’s hope they’ll do the same here.

      • DarkLegacy

        I am hoping for that too

  • Duc PC-QB

    All cute girls there.
    No dating system available ?

    • TetsuyaHikari

      There’s not a dating system per se, but the portrait of the girl will change as you use her more in battle, increasing the level with her. Some of them start out looking rather annoyed at you, but after using them for a good period of time, they will eventually turn into a blushing mess whenever you pick them, lol.

      • TheExile285

        Seriously? Lol! 10/10 ASW xD

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Yeah, it took me forever to get Zenia to blush hard like waifu material since she’s an androgynous independent kind of woman. Imagine trying to make Lightning blush, lol.

          I had to play over 3,000 matches with her before she finally opened up to me ;w;

  • z_merquise

    Arcana Heart is pretty fun but underrated. I guess them players aren’t manly enough to handle the kawaiiness.

    Still, I hope Aksys localize this.

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Vanguard Princess gets the same kind of reputation. A lot of people will blow it off thinking it’s terrible because of all the females, lol. It’s actually pretty fun though.

      • z_merquise

        Oh yeah, I sure like to try Vanguard Princess too once it’s available in Steam.

        It’s kind of impressive that Vanguard Princess is done by just one guy (who use to work as a sprite artist at Capcom).

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Ah. I wasn’t even aware it was coming to Steam. It has been out for years XD

      • MrKappa

        VP not being easily accessible is what hurts it the most, not the all female cast.

        • TetsuyaHikari


          It’s been easily accessible for years. Did something change in recent years I was unaware of? I know they updated it, but when I played it years ago, all you had to do was download it and it was easy as ABC.

          • MrKappa

            Maybe accessible is not quite the right word but the game not being in arcades or on a console completely kills it.
            That is why it is perceived as underrated.

            • TetsuyaHikari

              Because it’s a PC doujin fighter? Melty Blood started that way too. Granted, it is in arcades, but yeah… They have Street Fighter and BlazBlue on PC (as well as Skullgirls too), so I doubt that’s really an issue.

              Fighters are just more popular in arcades (in Japan) and on consoles (North America).

  • Niyari

    Arcane Heart for evo confirmed

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Lol no

      This will never be popular in NA because it screams JAPAN ONRY. If it does come to EVO, it will be pushed to the side as free play like AH3 was.

      • 罪罰

        but BraBrue and Gurity Gear were in EVO, they are Nipon Onry

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Those games will always have a bigger following than AH >.>

          Not sure what you’re getting at here, but BB was taken out of the lineup last year for another game anyway, iirc :p

  • Eclipse

    Day. One. Buy.

    I can’t wait to start practicing combos with Scharlachrot <3

  • TheBlackRabbit

    I am waiting for this….

  • jujubee88

    The VITAGODS have delivered yet again.

    I am not worthy! I am not worthy! I am not worthy!

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Cool. Hope I like the nerfs.

  • Kayseur

    I was waiting for this, super happy right now. I never got around playing the PS3 version of the original AH3 so much, as I was expecting a Vita port of LM. Now it’s here. Day one import.

    I wonder if we’ll get a localization though, I’m reading comments saying it was digital-only in NA? Since we got it in disk in EU, maybe there’s a chance for us.

  • Six

    Arc System Works is involved in the game’s development as well, which makes me wonder.

    ArcSys has a US branch now that has published a few digital games here and there. What if they localize this as a PSN release? Arcana Heart 3 can’t be much more difficult to localize than Chaos Code, can it?

  • DarkLegacy

    I will buy it day one

  • 罪罰

    I always enjoy over the top animay fighting games, wondering when they’ll bring Under Night in Birth to PS3.