Undead Labs extends agreement with Microsoft
posted on 01.10.14 at 02:30 PM EDT by (@salromano)
State of Decay dev to share more details "later this year."

State of Decay

State of Decay developer Undead Labs has signed an agreement to extend its development relationship with Microsoft Studios, the company announced.

“We’ll be able to share details later this year, but as with State of Decay, we think it’s best if we just keep our heads down and build some prototypes before we talk too much,” Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain said. “For now, suffice it to say there are big things going on with State of Decay.

“Thanks to the hard work of a lot of people, and your ongoing support and encouragement, the dream is alive. We know how far we’d have gotten if it hadn’t been for your spreading the word, and it definitely wouldn’t be here. Thank you for making it happen.”

State of Decay launched for Xbox LIVE Arcade on June 5.

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    If they’re working on that multiplayer State of Decay style game they mentioned originally then I’ll be really pleased. SoD was fantastic, a mp version would be cool to try.

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    State of decay had such incredible potential. I hope they build on that in a sequel.

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    While im not really an Xbox fan ill admit deep down im happy that Microsoft is officially obtaining more First party franchises. They could use more and this agreement is a benefit to both parties.

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    Just great,, State of Decay MMO will be exclusive to Xbox one then. >_>